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Their young child, although white appearing now, will darken by age 8 and look mostly negroid by his teens.

This coupled with Kim Kardashians breaking news that she started birth control at 14 so she could screw negroids and her mother helped her shows the new decadence of American society. Let America fall to ruin, this empire deserves to be in last days.

Heidi Klum was the first super model to burn coal and now shes in divorce and ruined and no white man will touch her. They learn slowly the hard way and when they do its too late. Look at her and her children today if you were a white man would you go near her?

In the end she’s another hopelessly brainwashed mad woman. Statistically the odds that she will come down with gonorrhea or be eaten by her spouse are hundreds of times higher than if she dated within her own race. Aids looms rampant as does domestic violence. But for now they are happy. Give them time the next news article you hear may very well paint a different picture.