white women black men

Sallie was tired of the aggressive hard working career type boyfriends who had little time for her while they climbed the corporate ladder. Then she ran into Puzzo, a happy smiling easy going black man. The man seemed to have no problems and enjoyed life. He was on disability for being “learning disabled” and before that welfare. He received free section 8 housing and had a nice apartment in a upscale white neighborhood. “My old boyfriend was just stressed all the time working sixty hour weeks, but Puzzo has the time to make me happy.” It’s a story being repeated all over America.

For many women who tend to have less representation in the higher IQ range (while both men and women average around 100 men have as much as 20 times more in the 140+ range) the black man is much more of their mental equal. The hard working creative life is something they just can’t relate to, being bombarded with a constant message of shop, image, beauty, and looksism. With affirmative action “free” jobs for blacks, free college education, many black men now lead stress free high pay lifestyles. Even those on welfare programs are doing quite well with free housing and food stamp programs. In Los Angeles the “baby sitter” program brings in 800 a month extra per child and neighboring families simply declare the other person the babysitter. So a welfare or illegal alien family with four children pockets 3,200 extra a month for doing nothing. Is it any wonder LA is going broke? No matter, federal bailouts keep California afloat. And with the deficit so large no one seems to care about another 100 billion.

black baby marriage

In cities all over America local governments are declaring bankruptcy as whites move away and crime rates escalates. No longer is there an outrageous property tax shakedown money to pay huge salary and pensions for policemen. The become dead communities and drug dealing increases. Perfect places for “Puzzo” to find his white mate.

White women often working fake “child” mentality careers simply coasting waiting for their husband to provide have much more freetime. They can’t relate to the heavy office hours and the fear of layoffs. Either as a part time graphics designer, speech therapist, or stripper, women choose careers which cover rent and not much else. And that’s where Puzzo comes in. He also has a lot of free time. And a stress free life. And if the woman doesn’t end up with venereal disease she can look forward to a seeming boy friend, at least until a baby arrives. Some black men will stick around, the lure of the trophy wife too strong, known they conquered what most of their brothers only obtained through gang rapes and violent assault.

In the end, its the mental degeneration that has caused this pairing, as white women become dumber and more degraded in their morality they become a better mental match for the slightly supra-simian IQ of the stalker negro. In tribal days, the white men would have gathered up and beat to a pulp any strangers that came near their women. It’s as if evolution has left women without the mental abilities to take care of themselves yet we have a society that has changed far faster than we can keep up with. In the end, these women will be left behind by their tribe, their black children in tow, and ironically many will seek the same welfare handouts that the black man who got them pregnant was on.

There are no easy solutions in a sea of jewish media culture that promotes miscegenistic shows like the Kardashians which portrays miscegenation as upper class and trendy. Whether its coal-burner Chloe unable to conceive with the racially distant Lamar, or Kim’s newest black bo, the message that dumb white girls should become sexual with black men is crammed down impressionable women’s throats like the eventual phallus of their negro mates.

But there is a tribal response. Its called shunning. And gawdy looks and distance will make it clear, they are no longer part of our flock, no longer welcome socially. While leftist liberal prius driving yak cheese eating trendies might welcome them, the number of communities that will is declining as the great white experiment in handing everything to the negro is coming to an end. Thanked only with endless black violence, the white man’s burden has proven too much. The white mans back is broken and there is simply no extra food to waste on the great mindless hoardes. Were it not for the arm twisting of government enforced with automatic weapons, whites would in no way provide for blacks except for desperate charity, which is more than the black would ever provide for any white. The lesson of South Africa makes clear, given the reigns to any successful society and it will be rendered into hell on earth by black men. But this message is not allowed on jewish run media.

Sadly the same societal brainwashing that makes jonny think that watching football is manly or teaches sally that life is one big party and the loser guy with the cropped mohawk who says duh alot is the best catch out there because hes “a real man” pushes more and more women to reject intelligent hard working mates and go for the “like duh yah” crowd. It’s one more sign that we are deep in a state of collapse and the next generation will be the last to save us.