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ron paul descends on tampa

It was business as usual at the RNC today as the delegates began to arrive. First they had to enter through a sea of secret service, blackhawk helicopters and over one thousand cops. Protestors were kept in check in gulag zones and yes the TSA was there as well! The RNC is simply America writ small. We knew they would cheat we just had no idea how MUCH they would cheat.

Endless cheating at the ballot box, corrupt new laws for their own benefit, throwing away the rules (their constitution) and doing whatever it takes to stay in power, what the RNC is doing is just exactly what their elected people do in Washington DC. Abuse of power? You betcha! Stuffing the Ballot Boxes? It’s down to an art form. Control of the media? In spades. What we are really watching is all the criminality of Washington now made possible in a city state of terror.

Ron Paul successfully submitted his nomination from five states (seven if you counted Mass and Maine which had delegates illegally removed) and one territory meeting the five state requirement to be nominated. The GOP refused to recognize it even though this goes against all rules and precedent.

“It’s hard to get behind someone who’s cheated so hard to win.” said Romney delegate Anna Flatt.

The Main delegates were thrown out while others found themselves on buses being driven in circles and not allowed off by armed guards.

The Preamble
Harrassment of the Paul delegation began from the beginning. Their supporting states were sent off to bleacher seats with no microphones. All their Ron Paul signs were not allowed into the convention even though Romney delegates were able to bring theirs. One couldn’t miss the huge sixteen foot tall Romney/Ryan logo painted on the convention wall as you entered.

The rules committee met and worked out a new rule which would both grant the central committee full power to change any rule they wished at will (previously this required a vote) and also to be the ones who specify who gets to be a delegate. This would overturn the entire will of the people. They insisted this would allow them to ensure that delegates matched the straw poll vote. But the straw poll votes were easily manipulated by the people counting the vote. Only the delegate process was a counter check to cheating. Long time Republican and romney supporter Blackwell leaves to prepare a formal “minority” protest document.

Maine’s newly-elected state committeewoman Ashley Ryan, said that committee members opposed to Romney’s plan drafted two minority reports immediately after the meeting, stating their position against the changes. Republican Party rules stipulate that people have one hour to submit a minority report after a meeting of the Rules Committee, and that it must have the support of at least 25 percent of the committee.

“The rules say that you have an hour after the meeting, but within 15 minutes, we couldn’t find him anywhere,” Ryan, a Ron Paul supporter and member of Maine’s delegation, said. “Finally, we asked an RNC offical if they had seen former New Hampshire Governor John Sununu? He said, ‘John Sununu! Everyone’s looking for him! But he left the building.'”

John Sununu, chairman of the rules committee who pushed through new rules to make it impossible for a delegate fight to occur in the future claimed that by pushing the delegate process Ron Paul had undermined the votes of a million voters. They use that line rather than admit the rampant cheating in the popular vote, and as long as they can hide behind that facade they can have total control of the results. Even beyond rigged electronic voting machines, the popular vote was suppressed many ways with county election chairs reporting incorrect totals, refusing to keep any records, and of course there was Maine where they simply stopped the counting of the popular vote at 85% and left many county totals recorded as zero to get their winner in place. What Sununu is saying in effect, is they demand total right to cheat and have total control of the vote. The delegate process was a check and balance on that, and now it is gone forever.

At the same time the credentialing committee was busy voting to throw away ten of Maine’s duly elected delegates and replace them with romney supporters, tipping the scales to romney.

Meanwhile at morning breakfast meetings Paul supporters were being humiliated into giving up their positions by group think mob strategies. At the Georgia delegate morning meeting, the REFUSNIKS for Paul were required to stand while the whole room shamed them. How dare they believe in the constitution and freedom. How dare they! “Georgia has had a united vote since 1908” she sneered like Emperor Palpatine. One could almost hear “From here, you will witness the final destruction of the Alliance and the end of your insignificant rebellion.”

This might not sound so severe as the bones that the GOP broke to get them to the convention, but in fact coercion in a Federal election for president is strictly forbidden by federal law. At this point the Paul delegates have good evidence to contest the election in federal court. But so far the courts have not been friendly to the grassroots Paul campaign which previously tried to challenge their disenfranchisement by dirty tricks and ballot stuffing before the convention.

Act One: Ron Paul Enters The Convention Floor To Thank His Delegates
Ron Paul arrived at the convention to screams of “President Paul” and “Let Him Speak” but the media simply cut their microphones away after three seconds. And CSPAN didn’t broadcast it at all using only the official microphone feed supplied by the RNC. It reminded one of the CPAC win where they piped in fake boos rather than cheers on the audio. Anything to keep the man down.

[watch cspan hide the cheers for Ron Paul]

“Ron Paul entered the room of the Republican National Convention with a lei given by the Hawaii delegation. The crowd erupted in chants for “President Paul.” Fox News’ Megyn Kelly cut her segment short because she could not be heard over the chants for the presidential contender. They are now chanting “Let Him Speak!” We were marginalized and overlooked and underestimated for too long. We responded by taking over conventions at the state level, organizing the greatest grassroots network since the American Revolution and spreading a message that would change the tone of the GOP. It’s been 15 minutes and the chants have not stopped. I have never been so proud to be a part of something in my life.” – Andrew Dellinger, Ron Paul Delegate

[Note: You can hear 2 seconds of what it really sounded like for ten minutes if you can stomach giving Fox New Ad revenue… here ]

Act Two: The GOP decides to Kidnap Morton Blackwell
You can’t get into the GOP convention without being on the official bus. But they kidnapped the bus carrying Morton Blackwell – a 30 year republican and Romney supporter who was about to submit papers disputing the newly proposed unfair rules – and drove him around for three hours. They claimed the bus driver was “lost” for three hours.

“Morton Blackwell put up the first minority report in 30 years to oppose the rule. He got on his bus [carrying the official protest papers against the Zeigh Heil rule change that granted the central committee total power to change any rule at will and that they would now nominate all delegates] and they drove around the building five six times so that he missed the rules committee [and was unable to formally submit the protest minority report] … Virginia Rhode Island North Carolina all these states were detained their buses were held for an hour there were guys with guns outside… After the vote happened then they were allowed to go into the RNC. I was looking on the floor … those seats were filled with somebody but it wasn’t the delegates that’s for sure.” – ejected Maine Delegate

gop throws away ron paul

Just like the Patriot Act and NDAA which took away all Americans constitutional rights, the GOP proposed a new rule change to grant the committee the right to designate all delegates. To help get it passed they redirected Paul delegation buses in circles. The Virginia and Rhode Island delegates were not surprised by the dirty tricks which seem to be commonplace at this years convention. When the delegates didn’t appear because their buses were driving in circles or under armed arrest, the GOP voted in “alternates”. This was critical because two members of the rules committee which were in the Ron Paul camp were from Virginia. They didn’t make it to the meeting and the rules committee was able to then push forward the rules which let them throw away Maine’s delegates and also grant full power to the committee to make any rule changes without delegate vote. Part of this was new language to rule 16 which was changed to state that if a delegate did not vote according to their bound state or “inconsistent with the delegates obligation under state law” they are to be immediately considered a “resigned delegate” and their vote is to be struck from the record.

“The Virginia and Rhode Island delegations are apparently being blocked from entering the Republican National Convention. They’re keeping us all on a bus and not allowing us in the security perimeter.” -Chris Stearns, Delegate from Virginia on the bus.

What did Blackwell have to say about the proposed rules as a 30 year Republican and romney supporter?

“These rule changes are the most awful I’ve ever seen come before any National Convention. I’m writing you today to urge you to join the growing effort to stop the worst-ever changes in this Rules Committee’s Report and to vote in favor of amendments to Rules 12 and 15. The Minority Reports will restore important rights and protections which state parties and grassroots Republicans would lose under the Rules Committee Report as written. This outrageous change would empower presidential campaigns to disapprove and remove delegates and alternate delegates selected by rules adopted by state Republican parties. Rather than grassroots activists who won delegate and alternate delegate slots by following state party rules, a large majority of positions would be handed to top donors of the winning campaign.” – Morton Blackwell

After finally getting into the convention Blackwell tried to hand off the papers to the RNC and they refused to accept them.

Act Three: The Two Critical Votes For Credentialing of Delegates and For Rules Changes are met with Loud Protest and Ignored

When a voice vote is called and the result is unclear, a formal vote is the required. When the leaders tried to skip this step, the delegates followed procedure and chanted “Point of Order” but this was ignored as well.

Mike Duncan’s credentials speech declaring the Maine delegates thrown away was loudly BOOED but was accepted “without objection.” They did a voice vote with a loud contingent of “NAYs” equally matching the AYEs. “In the opinion of the chair the Ayes have it” claimed Boehner. A loud never ending series of LOUD SCREAMS broke out for several minutes. Disenfranchisement in ten seconds Republican Style. In an orchestrated and planned move sent out over twitter, any time the Paul delegates began to chant “Seat them now!” the traitor delegates screamed over them “USA USA”. Since none of the media microphones were in the Paul delegate states people watching on TV might have wondered why the delegates were suddenly cheering USA. They ended all political process when they turned off the microphones so that all calls for division or motions to reconsider were impossible.

Boehner obviously disregarded a division on the floor and gave the vote to the Ayes when the Nays were clearly more numerous. This was in order to suppress Blackwell’s Minority Report that had enough signatures to be brought up for debate and was now there on the convention floor after Blackwell’s bus finally arrived.

After Bohener announced falsely that it was approved that they were throwing away the Maine delegates, the entire state of Texas stood up and screamed “Point of Order Point of Order” for ten minutes. The GOP ignored them. This was the breaking point in the convention. At this point the GOP ripped itself apart into two groups – the criminals lusting for power and those who believed in following the rules.

“rules changes failed .. the party has destroyed itself … bye bye america” -rftbunny”

“I’ve heard 2 votes with more Nays and Yeas. [and they declared the rule change passed anyways]” – ch4d

During the vote CSPAN referred to the opposing Ron Paul supporters as “Trouble Makers and Refuseniks!” Ok, well they didn’t say refuseniks but they might as well have. Never again will the will of the people be able to manifest because now they have re-designed the process to be top down. The “party” will appoint it’s underlings. Now where have we seen that before and why does the phrase “Mao Tse Dung” keep pouring into my head?

“When that [the credentialing report to strip Maine delegates] came up the Nays were at lest as loud as the Ayes the right thing to do was take a roll vote but they just accepted it … they [the Texas delegation] immediately started chanting really loudly SEAT MAINE NOW. … Once the vote went through Texas began to chant again POINT OF ORDER POINT OF ORDER. At that point they have to recognize them but they didn’t…Immediately after the GOP came up to adopt the rules report which would allow the GOP to do to every delegate what they just did to Maine” – Ginger Taylor

In fact, if you really want the correct model for the RNC think not to China but to North Korea. Romney is their “Feerless Leader” in fact they even officially scheduled him to give his acceptance speech even before the vote? Why? Well of course we all know that the votes don’t matter and it’s all rigged!

“It was a complete and utter railroad on all issues before the convention. No votes were seriously taken–the teleprompter included “the ayes have it” and that’s how it was always read.” – Delegate Jeremy Blosser

gop teleprompter

At this point the appropriate music for the RNC to be playing would be “this is the end” by the Doors. Because democracy and hope has faded from America. Like Hitler storming the Reichstag we have now ceded power to a gang of thugs. Instead they played “I want you to want me”

Every time the Paul convention tried to call them out on Illegality, the GOP blasted loud music. This was especially disgusting after the white washed nomination vote. “They present this whole electoral process – the primaries, the ‘voting’ – to placate the superficial ones, the gullible ones, and put up this dog and pony show pretending that it’s real. But it’s not. It is as fake as a 3 dollar bill, and it blatant, in “in your face” with no apologies at this point.” – Von

Another tactic was to quickly push a new speaker up on stage like the terrified speaker from Puerto Rico who was placed at the pulpit in midst of screaming protests.

Romney has passed his Enabling Act. This is the same tactic Hitler used to seize power – “In 1942, the Reichstag passed a law giving Hitler power of life and death over every citizen, effectively extending the provisions of the Enabling Act for the duration of the war.” With the NDAA granting the right of life and death over citizens and the new laws allowing the party insiders to decide who gets elected, in essence America has arrived to the same point that Nazi Germany did in 1933.

Act Four: A Sham Nomination Process is Held Without Allowing Ron Paul to Participate
Ron Paul’s delegates successfully prepared notarized nomination documents from five states and one territory meeting the GOP rules to be placed in nomination and be given a fifteen minute supporting speech. So when the GOP skipped over his speech and immediately began to ask for votes many Ron Paul supporters were shocked.

Following the rules by the book at 2:30 p.m. the delegation submitted the slates, complete with delegates’ signatures, directly to the Convention Chair, Iowa’s Lt. Governor Kim Reynolds. These signatures included even Romney delegates, who wanted to ensure fair play and looked forward to the Paul nomination. The delegates handed the slates proving the plurality directly to Reynolds in front of at least four media cameras, including VOA News.

For instance, the Iowa slate was signed (and notarized) by 22 delegates, including Iowa GOP Chair, Drew Ivers. These were carefully crafted and legitimate documents.

So, it was in Reynold’s hands by 3:00. The roll call wasn’t until 5:00. They fought hard and correctly to finish it with style and get Dr. Paul in nomination, get him his 15 minutes before the entire world.

After this our dedicated delegates had a phenomenal feeling, a kind of high. One of them, Iowa’s Roger Leahy, actually encountered Ron Paul on the floor, saying, “Are you ready to be nominated?” when the always-wise doctor responded, “I don’t think it will be possible.”

So, it was true. Reynold’s refused to bring the doctor into nomination. A Romney cohort, she responded to the delegates, who questioned her repeatedly, “Uh, we weren’t able to contact any people or many people,” as if she needed approval from the media or some other irrelevant group before performing her required role. One delegate responded, “Then, I’ll go get the people and help you contact people.” She responded, “There’s not any time to contact anyone,” even though some two hours remained before the roll call.

When the delegates pressed her on the issue, she responded even more inanely, saying, “I’m NOT going to deal with this.” In other words, the decision had been made, and there was no way, rules or not, that Paul would be nominated.

Nevada’s speaker during the vote made it clear that Ron Paul had five states and one territory nominating him, yet they skipped the Ron Paul nomination speeches illegally.
“six states have voted for Ron Paul’s nomination – iowa minnesota alaska virgin islands oregon and nevada” By rights Ron Paul should have had fifteen minutes of supporting speeches before the votes. But the GOP doesn’t care about that.

gop evil

During the official state vote they cut the microphone on the state of Georgia when they had to announce that 3 of their voters defected for Ron Paul. On TV they listed the vote as for “Romney” and “Other” refusing to show Ron Paul’s name and when the chair repeated the vote count they only announced the votes for Romney. “The Republican Party is so afraid of Ron Paul that they won’t repeat his name” said delegate Jim Ayala. When Iowa declared they had voted 22 for Ron Paul and only six for Romney she repeated “Iowa six Romney”. The horror continued as Maine officially announced fourteen votes for Romney and only 10 for Ron Paul. But since they had thrown away 10 delegates for Paul the true vote would have been a win for Ron Paul in Maine. Finally it became apparent WHY she was announcing only votes for Romney – they had rejected Ron Pauls notarized nomination papers out of spite.

Why was no one saying Ron Paul’s Name? Apparently Rand Paul mentioned that the GOP had set a strict rule that absolutely NO ONE was to mention NOT EVEN ONCE Ron Paul’s Name on the stage for any reason. Presenters had been briefed on this over and over and NO ONE got near that stage microphone who didn’t agree to this.

The outraged Maine delegation immediately began to give press conferences making it clear that any semblance of due process was a sham. The blogosphere went wild. The GOP Party had forever shamed themselves by their antics. As more and more of the story came out it just kept looking worse and worse. Ron Paul described how his supporters were treated by the GOP with one word on Tuesday – “Atrocious.”

It is a scary time in America where simply by controlling the media they can put any candidate through even a warmonger candidate who believes in the murder of American citizens without trial and the destruction of the constitution. One Daily Paul commenter sums it up

“The ties are finally severed. The lies, the cheating, the corruption, the belittling, the absolute dismantling of democratic procedure, have succeeded. But, as a little well known band in my country said back in the 90s to their rivals who eclipsed them in the charts, “You may have won the battle, but you have NOT won the war.”

“Ron Paul attracted independents, traditional conservatives and turned activists out to the GOP en mass. The pushed conservative values and turned many democrats into the party. They gave the GOP all the leverage they need to defeat Obama.

Yet when these supporters showed up, they isolated them, mocked them, marginalized them, and disenfranchised them of their hard won votes within the GOP primaries. Then they have the audacity to tell Ron Paul supporters that now they want our votes?”- Hayek

As Ron Paul left Tampa, he and his wife Carol were met by TSA Thugs who insisted on grope downs and molestation. One last reminder of the new police state. He would not be there to watch the tribute video the RNC had prepared for him – Retirement not the presidency that he would have won if they played fair. Finally around 8PM the Ron Paul Delegates stormed out in protest screaming “As Maine Goes So Does The Nation”

[Ron Paul Delegates Storm Out of Convention in Disgust]

With so many of the state GOP parties controlled by Ron Paul supporters, the fallout of this is going to be huge all throughout romney’s campaign – “His [Ron Paul’s] folks have taken over half of our party, as a result of which we are split down the middle, totally ineffective, screwed up … we’ve got two or three independent expenditure efforts going by business leaders. We were split down the middle and had constant civil war within the party — nobody would be doing the basic get-out-the-vote.” -former Rep. Vin Weber (R-Minn.)

“We had superior numbers we won everything that wasn’t nailed down and they couldn’t handle that so they brought the contest and they got the result they wanted today … if it had gone for a vote we would have won but they brought the gavel down.. they tried deal after deal and we never waivered, we never waivered on our principals and our integrity.” – Marc Willis Maine Delegate

The amazing thing is that the GOP had already cheated enough to easily grant romney the nomination. They could have run a completely legal convention and let it take its course. It would have resulted in everyone being happy and Romney being elected in a landslide. But the one in a million chance that Ron Paul might pull a rabbit out of his hat was just too much for them. Maybe he just didn’t have the guts to stand toe to toe against one other candidate, and if that’s true how will he possibly stand against Obama? Like that old adage about the scorpion who stings the frog who has been ferrying him across the river, the frog asks “How could you do this now both of us will die” and the scorpion responds “I can’t help it, it’s in my nature”

When asked “What Now?” Brent Tweed chairman of the Maine delegation replied “We’re going to grab a beer with Texas. God Bless Texas!” [Texas was the state that screamed and demanded for a point of order]

The problem the Republican party faces with a septuagenarian constituency that will soon die off and who are easily controlled and out of touch with reality, is that it will take a new message to ignite the next generation. Worse than that their numbers are dwindling in a nation overrun with illegal immigration and the horrors of multi-culutralism and welfare-ism. The GOP should be desperate to increase their base but they are acting instead like they are all powerful. If they have played this wrong it could result in a string of losses not just for 2012 but for decades. Romney will be remembered not as the man who won the convention but instead, as the man who single-handedly killed the Republican party.

Can liberty and freedom and everything we fought for in 1776 be squashed like a bug simply by stuffing the ballot boxes, controlling the central committee, and the media? I guess it can! But the rebel attack will begin after his coronation, and there is no way that he will win. Evil never does. How do you defeat an enemy when your votes and the ballot box has been corrupted, when the media lies daily and everything it seems is controlled by the fatcat bankers and federal reserve? Liberty is an idea that is not so easily extinguished. Our founding fathers proved that in 1776. On the streets of Tampa outside the convention, thousands of Ron Paul supporters cheered for him with signs everywhere. There was not one Mitt romney sign to be found.

romney tampa convention

[The ousted Maine delegation nominates Ron Paul outside the convention]

[In this video you can clearly hear the NAYS are at least as loud if not louder than the Ayes. At this point a standing count was in order but the GOP simply lied and then ignored objections]

=========== Romney’s Sordid Path to the Nomination =======

Iowa: Days before the caucuses, Paul held a commanding lead in the polls and all the momentum, with every other candidate having peaked from favorable media coverage and then collapsed under the ensuing scrutiny. Establishment Republicans, like Iowa’s Representative Steve King (R), attempted to sabotage Paul’s campaign by spreading rumors he would lose to Obama if nominated. Even though the Iowa GOP platform reads like a Ron Paul speech, shortly before the caucuses, Iowa Governor Terry Barnstad told Politico , “[If Paul wins] people are going to look at who comes in second and who comes in third. If Romney comes in a strong second, it definitely helps him going into New Hampshire”. The message from the Governor to voters of his state was: a vote for Ron Paul was a wasted vote.

Huffington Post reported that Paul was ahead by one point over Romney and Rick Santorum in entrance polls conducted by Edison Media Research for the AP before the caucuses. For the first time ever, the Iowa GOP changed the final vote count to a secret location . After the caucus, results from 8 precincts (including those with colleges, in a state where Paul won 48% of the youth vote) went missing. Interestingly, these were all precincts Romney lost in 2008. In addition, GOP officials discovered inaccuracies in 131 precincts. Though polling in a comfortable first place, Paul finished third in this non-binding straw poll, behind Romney and Santorum.

Iowa originally reported Romney in first, Santorum in a close second, and Paul third. After the recount, Santorum was named the winner with Romney in second. No mention was given to how the recount affected Paul’s vote count. Iowa GOP chairman, Matt Strawn, later resigned and was replaced by Paul supporter, A.J. Spiker and Paul went on to win the majority of delegates.

Florida: The Florida GOP broke party rules by switching to a winner-take-all state before the date allowed, which favors the candidate with the most money for advertising and attack ads. Senior Advisor to the Ron Paul campaign, Doug Wead, claims this was done specifically to favor Romney.

Nevada: There is bad blood between Paul’s supporters and establishment Republicans in Nevada. This dates back to 2008, when Convention Chair, Sue Lowden and her enlisted delegates got up and walked out of the convention when it became apparent Paul’s supporters would claim a majority of the delegates. She claimed she would reconvene at a later time, but instead approved the McCain slate of delegates. This year, Paul supporters expected shenanigans; so his State Chairman, Carl Bunce, planned to win by outworking Romney. Just before the caucuses, he claimed to have “more IDs than Romney had votes in ’08″. This means through canvassing door-to-door and phoning voters, he had identified about 25,000 voters committed to show up and vote for Paul.

On caucus day, the media was denied access to most caucus sites and the few that were permitted were not allowed to take photos. Others were even ejected from sites. This CNN clip shows GOP staff preventing a Paul supporter from entering the premises to vote at a special caucus that was set up at the last minute for Newt Gingrich backer, Sheldon Adelson. Here, participants were asked to sign an affidavit (under penalty of perjury) stating they were Jewish and couldn’t vote earlier in the day due to “religious reasons”. CNN showed live coverage of votes being counted at this event, with Paul amassing nearly 60% of the votes. In some precincts in Clark County, the largest in Nevada, the number of ballots did not match the number of voters signed in at the caucus. Though votes were to be counted publicly, they were largely counted in private. The vote count was also inexplicably dragged out for several days, leading to a victory for Romney. Nevada State GOP Chairwoman, Amy Tarkanian resigned the day after the caucuses.

Another interesting note is that Paul’s 2012 votes had doubled, tripled, and more than quadrupled his 2008 votes in every state leading up to the Nevada caucuses, yet Paul received only 88 more votes there. Of all the places for this to occur, Nevada, the country’s most libertarian state; is the last in which anyone would expect this.

In spite of these irregularities , Paul won 22 of 25 state delegates and replaced state party officials with Paul supporters. Romney supporters then formed their own state party, called “Team Nevada”. The RNC then bypassed the official state party in order to organize for Romney and send all funds to Team Nevada.

Colorado: Romney supporters were caught passing out fake Ron Paul slates at the state convention. The RNC has not investigated or even commented on the matter.

Minnesota: Doug Wead, claims the state party instructed members not to vote for any delegates under age fifty because most young delegates support Paul.

Missouri: WXIX Cincinnati’s Ben Swann covered the fiasco in Clay County, Missouri’s largest county. Temporary Chairman, Eugene Dokes, started the meeting by banning video recording devices, a first for this event. Robert’s Rules of Order require the temporary chairman to accept nominations and elect a convention chairman to run the event. Instead, he appointed a chair of his choice. The crowd immediately erupted with booing. Shortly after, Dokes adjourned the meeting without the required two-thirds majority, called the police on attendees, and left. In adherence to state rules, Paul supporter, Brent Stafford, along with one of the top parliamentarians in the state, reconvened in the parking lot and attempted to resume the event. Shortly after, the SWAT team arrived and arrested Stafford, who was following state party rules. Dokes later admitted on talk radio that he and other state party officials deliberately broke the rules to prevent Paul from winning.

Maine: Ben Swann reported on shenanigans in Maine . Even though only 84% of votes had been counted; State GOP Chairman, Charlie Webster, declared Romney the winner over Paul by less than 200 votes. Hancock and Washington Counties hadn’t voted yet because Webster cancelled the caucuses due to an impending snowstorm, promising they could vote later and their votes would be counted. The snowstorm never occurred and he later reneged on his promise, telling voters in those counties their votes would not be counted after all. Washington County was Paul’s strongest in the state in 2008. Though other states with close outcomes held recounts, this was never a consideration for Maine.

At least one of the counties that did vote claims the state party recorded its tallies incorrectly. Matt McDonald, pastor of a small community church in Belfast, was nominated as the chairman of his caucus. He says the state instructed the caucus chairmen not to read any of the vote totals aloud, but rather to send the results straight to Augusta without a public reading. McDonald made a motion to change this rule, and it was approved unanimously. McDonald says 22 voters showed up, resulting in 8 votes for Paul, 7 for Santorum, 5 for Romney, and 2 undecided. When he called the votes into Augusta, he was told they already had the results and the totals read 9 for Romney, 5 or Santorum, and 2 for Paul. When McDonald told her the tally had been counted publicly, he says “her voice changed and she said…we’ll record this”. Doug Wead claims, “On every occasion, the votes that were lost were Ron Paul votes and the person responsible for reporting them were Mitt Romney supporters…in one case the votes were actually transferred from paper to…a computer and the lady doing the transfer was a Mitt Romney person”. To date, these tallies have not been corrected and Romney is still credited with the straw vote win while the media continues to report that Paul never won a state contest.

Arizona: The Examiner’s Kevin Kervick reports “ballot stuffing, rule violations, and improper vote counting that occurred behind closed doors” at the convention. In addition, Paul supporters allege threats of physical violence from Romney supporters.

Michigan: Doug Wead reports, ” Michigan, unlike any other state…had a special party rule forbidding any precinct delegate vacancies from being filled at county conventions until after the state delegates and alternates were chosen. In other words, countless Ron Paul supporters attending county convention were forcibly blocked…because they weren’t elected precinct delegates in 2010-long before the Ron Paul 2012 campaign began”. Wead also claims “documented instances in multiple counties where county party officials “edited” the state delegation lists after the county conventions adjourned”.

Wyoming: A commenter on Paul supporter website, DailyPaul.com, explains how members of the Republican Executive Committee (all Romney supporters) illegally cast votes in the delegate selection vote.

Washington: At the state convention , a Ron Paul delegate claimed bubble ballot sheets were withheld in King County’s district 36. He also claims the 37 th district caucus was forced to conduct the meeting outside because Chairwoman, Lori Sotelo, was irritated when a Ron Paul supporter was elected to run the caucus, instead of her choice.

Ben Swann interviewed a voter in Pierce County, Washington; who claims the local Republican leadership passed out what they called a “unity slate” to voters and said it represented an equal distribution of delegates committed to Romney, Santorum, and Gingrich. The plan was to organize to block Ron Paul supporters, who outnumbered the other candidates’ supporters, from receiving the lion’s share of the delegates. The Republican leadership prevailed.

Alaska: In spite of last-minute rule changes and violations of party rules, Paul supporters ousted longtime state chairman, Randy Ruedrich, and voted-in Paul supporter, Russ Millette. Ruedrich then tried to sabotage the state convention and transferred all of the state party’s $100,000 to the local Capital City Republicans in Juneau, effectively bankrupting the party now controlled by Paul supporters.

Georgia: This video shows GOP Chairwoman, Sue Everhart, at the Athens Clarke County GOP meeting admitting “shoddy treatment of the Ron Paul people at that [2008] convention” and publicly apologizing. She presents the rule book that she helped to write and claims it won’t happen again. The video then shows the actual convention and party leaders breaking those rules to force their pre-selected slate of delegates and prevent Paul’s supporters from electing their own. Party leaders then adjourned the meeting illegally and ran out of the meeting.

Massachusetts: Paul won 16 of the 27 delegates selected so far in Romney’s home state. In addition, he swept all 6 from Romney’s home county. As a result (for the first time ever in the state), delegates were asked to sign an affidavit stating ” I certify under the pain and penalty of perjury, that on the first ballot at the 2012 Republican National Convention, I will affirmatively Vote for Mitt Romney, the winner of the 2012 Massachusetts Presidential Primary.” The state GOP then covered up Romney’s embarrassing loss by invalidating ballots and ousting the Paul delegates.

North Dakota: Ben Swann reports the selection of delegates was unfair: the GOP handed out pre-printed ballots with a slate of delegates with 60% of them being Mitt Romney supporters in a state where he won only 26% of the vote.

Oklahoma: Kevin Kervick of The Examiner reports that the Oklahoma convention had to be moved to the parking lot because Robert’s Rules were ignored, delegate credentials were not verified, a convention chair was never appointed, motions made from the floor were ignored, the Chairman illegally elected a slate of Romney delegates, and the convention was closed without a two-thirds majority vote. Consistent with Robert’s Rules, Paul supporters reconvened in the parking lot to elect delegates. Paul supporters have now filed a law suit to ensure their delegates will be seated.

Virginia: Doug Wead claims “at a district convention, they coaxed the Ron Paul delegation outside and then locked the door. The pastor of the church that was hosting the event was, himself, locked out”.

U.S. Virgin Islands: Ron Paul won his first caucus, only to have the GOP take down the straw vote results from their website showing Paul the victor with 29% over Romney’s 26% and replaced with a note from the party claiming Romney won because he won more delegates. Paul’s Official Campaign Blogger, Jack Hunter, explains how every other contest determined the victor by the straw vote, except the one straw vote Paul won.

Alabama: An inexplicable gap exists between Paul’s popular vote count and his delegate vote count. This is odd because voters choose both on the same day and on the same ballot. Alabama Republican Party rules state that voters can only vote for one candidate and then must choose between his delegates. Statewide, Paul received only about one-third as many votes as his delegates. This means voters chose another candidate, but selected Paul’s delegates. No other candidate’s totals showed a similar pattern.

Louisiana: Ben Swann reports a clash between the old Louisiana State GOP leadership and newly-elected leaders who support Paul. Old Chairman, Roger Villere, angered attendees with last-minute rule changes the night before the convention. At the start of the convention, Villere attempted to recognize the former Chair of the Rules Committee, who had been voted out the night before. When new Chair, Alex Helwig, rose to address the delegation; Villere instructed security (comprised of off-duty Shreveport Police) to remove him . They arrested him for trespassing and broke several of his fingers. Next, an overwhelming majority elected a new Convention Chair, Paul supporter Alex Helwig. Members then turned their chairs to face Helwig, with their backs to Villere. In desperation, Villere instructed the police officers to remove the duly-elected Herford. They did so and dislocated his hip in the process, sending him to the emergency room. The reconvened group followed state party rules and went on to elect a majority of Paul delegates, which the state party later replaced with its own slate of Romney delegates. The Paul campaign has appealed to the RNC, but it is unlikely that the RNC will reinstate the Paul delegates.

Oregon: This YouTube video shows establishment Republicans in Congressional District 4 attempting to steal the ballot box and leave the premises when it became apparent the Ron Paul supporters were in the majority. A Paul supporter is chased away from the ballots and claims he was accosted by an establishment party member.

Wisconsin: MSNBC’s Lawrence O’Donnell reports Romney violated state campaign laws by bribing voters with free subs.

In other states, Paul supporters claim vote-flipping occurred with electronic voting machines. Once about 40% of votes are reported, there is typically little variation in the final numbers. However on several occasions, at about 40% Romney’s trajectory “flipped” with the leader, which was often Paul. Austin Election Judge, Anne Beckett, has come forth publicly to claim she witnessed this firsthand.