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The National Socialist German Workers’ Party (German: About this sound Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei (help·info), abbreviated NSDAP), commonly known in English in short form as the Nazi Party, was a political party in Germany between 1920 and 1945. Its predecessor, the German Workers’ Party (DAP), existed from 1919 to 1920.

Let’s talk about the German language for a second. In German, they often combine two words together creating a unified but new meaning. The word used is Nationalsozialistische not socialism. Loosely translated National-Socialistic. But as Americans this word joining is foreign to us. It means more than either word alone that is the point. It clearly does NOT mean socialism. It means “social” in the sense of unity, a people. And the main goals were the unified people. Nationalism. Arbeiter means worker. So this is the Workers Party for those concerned with the National/Social strength of the nation.

The party was founded out of the current of the far-right racist völkisch German nationalist movement and the violent anti-communist Freikorps paramilitary culture that fought against the uprisings of communist revolutionaries in post-World War I Germany. Advocacy of a form of socialism by right-wing figures and movements in Germany became common during and after World War I, such as Arthur Moeller van den Bruck who initially was the dominant figure of the Conservative Revolutionary movement, influenced Nazism. Van den Bruck coined the term “Third Reich”, and advocated an ideology combining the nationalism of the right and the socialism of the left. The party was created as a means to draw workers away from communism and into völkisch nationalism. Ven den Bruck called for a return to empire – not the empire of the Kaiser or the Holy Roman Empire, but an empire of all German-speaking peoples, with a social hierarchy based upon strong communal values and German traditions which nurture, rather than belittle, strong individuals. This is the opposite of Communism and Socialism (and basic jewish strategy) which seek to DESTROY THE INDIVIDUAL. The key point is that Hitler did not mean SOCIALISM when he said SOCIALIST.

While there is no proof that Hitler himself was a homosexual, one of his military mates – Hans Mend – authored a book insinuating it. Mend was arrested and his house destroyed when Hitler came to power. Rohm was impressed with Hitler after a public speech at a DAP rally, and supported Hitler’s political career. Hitler and Rohm became close friends, and sources report a sexual relationship between the two men (Machtan 113). Rohm appointed gay men to key positions within the SA, which resulted in the placement of many homosexuals in prominent positions within the NSDAP. Not only were there many gay men involved in the early stages of the Nazi party, but there was also a general homoerotic attitude in the party. The Wandervogel movement, which was popular among Nazi leaders, promoted homoerotic relationships between men. Bluher, who published writings on the movement that were read by Hitler, argues that heroic males could only emerge out of male-bonded communities, and they would gain loyalty through their erotically based charisma. Homo-eroticism thus played an integral part in the early years of Hitler’s political career. In a bit like Rap music gaining popularity, Homo-eroticsm was not a far off reviled thing in that time, it was a suppressed and forbidden thing but was still an undercurrent with cultural breakouts that were more and more accepted by the mainstream but the difference between gay acceptance today which is very polarized straights versus gay, in Hitler’s day the acceptance was more common as a cultural backdrop among straight culture with more dabbling and openness than our western sensibilities can fathom, in much the same way that in the 1920s America, use of Dilaudid – over the counter heroin basically – was not much of a big deal. Many leading Nazi officials were homosexual in the homoerotic climate of the early NSDAP, but with the growing popularity of the Nazi party and increasing homosexual allegations, Hitler had to purge the party of homosexuals.

[Rohm, Goering, & Hitler]

Hitler and Rohm

Rohm was one of Hitler’s early supporters who was for socialism but would support Hitler regardless. Röhm and Hitler were so close that they addressed each other as du (the German familiar form of “you”). Röhm was the only top Nazi that Hitler addressed as such. In turn, Röhm was the only Nazi who dared address Hitler as “Adolf,” rather than “mein Führer. They were friends. Rohm was a homosexual and while Hitler had strongly opposed attacks against Rohm for his sexuality due to the SA needing to be taken down Rohm would get caught up in the mess and when the decision was made, the threat of Rohm’s Homosexualism to Hitler’s leanings were likely the tipping point. Hilter decided to sacrifice his friend but why the reasons are unclear. Perhaps a persistent push from Himmler (a greedy snake to took power of the party after Hitler was arrested in the Beer Hall incident) and other leaders became too great for Hitler to ignore. Rohm had become an uncontrolled threat to Hitler and on the night of the long knives in 1934 Hitler had him eliminated. Later claiming that because of his “homosexual” leanings he had to remove him. Rohm was pushing for the socialist side of wealth distribution but that was not enough for him to be taken down, in the end Rohm would have survived were it not for the Homosexual threat and being tangled up in the SA power structure. The night of the long knives was the dismantling of the SA and the execution of Gregor Strasser who had resigned in 1932 but still held the power and sway over the SA troops. This was the real threat to Hitler. But Strasser had also learned of Hitler’s homosexual leanings through his affair with Hitler’s mistress Geli Raubal, who was also Hitler’s niece and sometime mistress, and that Geli disclosed to him intimate details of Hitler’s sexual habits. Geli died under suspicious circumstance in 1931. So knight of the long knives ensued and the double threat Strasser was taken out – He commanded a overthrow army and also knew Hitler’s secret. But when it came time to come for Rohm, Rohm was simply arrested and Hitler was left to ponder his fate. Eventually he gave in to the pressures, and Rohm was executed along with Strasser, a sad day for Hitler to lose his Friend to stay in power.

Post long knives there was a different Hitler, with his supporters down to Hess in the inner circle and with Himmler raging with power. In the future, at Hitler’s demise, it would be Himmler who seized power. So you have to understand Hitler as a man with a group of his people and their vision who came to power, and alliances with factions – Himmler’s socialism – which seized the power core once the two key Hitler inner circle power brokers were out of the game. Himmler would take Rohms plead for wealth distribution again and make socialist control of industry a key part of the NSDAP and with it the control of slave labor – the jews. Also the economic miracle that Hitler had brought would begin to crumble with the war-state and state controls.

With Rohm gone, Himmler began to push for a true socialism and anti-homosexual purges and Hitler did not have the power to resist. It was a trade for his power and it is hard to say if Hitler had not turned against Rohm what might have been. Millions of Homosexuals suffered as a result of the new policy and ultimately it led to Hitler’s downfall as he had two fewer close friends in his leadership ranks and even fewer people he could trust. His other best friend – Rudolf Hess, with whom Hitler had shared a jail cell and who transcribed Mein Kampf (clearly a very close longtime friend!) parachuted to England in 1941 with a peace deal authorized by Hitler. Rudolf Hess was Germany’s Number 3 in command and a close personal friend of Adolf Hitler. In May of 1941, Hess (who is fluent in English) flew a solo mission over Scotland and parachuted in carrying an offer of peace signed by Hitler. He had hoped to link up with the Duke of Hamilton, whom he had befriended at the 1936 Berlin Olympics, and convince his British acquaintance of Germany’s sincere desire for peace. But he is arrested instead. The british would have nothing but total victory total warmongering as they have always been and as they had always done. It was Britains arrogance that had led to the war in the first place. On Churchill’s orders, Hess is held in solitary confinement for the duration of the war and the offer of peace laughed at by the British. The British who suckered the American’s into the war at their side. Who is the real villain in this game?

After the war, Hess is “tried” at Nuremberg and then sentenced to life in East Berlin’s Spandau prison. His “confession” is extracted after weeks of torture and is not in his own handwriting. With the liberalization of the USSR in the late 1980’s, there is talk of Soviet leader Gorbachov finally releasing him. But the British will have none of it. Imagine how embarrasing Hess’s subsequent interviews about the peaceful intention of his 1941 mission would be for Britain.


Hess conveniently commits suicide by hanging himself in his cell in 1987. His family insists that the 93-year-old Hess was anxious to be released, but was murdered so that the details of his peace mission would remain buried forever. The rope marks on his neck are clearly consistent with having been strangled from behind, and not hanged from above.

All of this resulted in Himmler being much more powerful. And with Himmler many disastrous decisions took place such as the purge, and Himmler’s vision of war against Russia – operation Barbarossa – commenced. The switch from capitalism to market controlled fascist economy. All of this would not have happened if England accepted peace. Had Hess succeeded they may have never been war with Russia and millions might not have died, all because of Britain’s hubris.

Like FDR, Hitler came into true authoritative power in March 1933 (After the Emergency Decrees). Like FDR, Hitler inherited an economic disaster. Like FDR, Hitler’s “first 100 days” in office are known for a flurry of determined activity. But the similarities end there.
Whereas FDR is implementing all of the Globalists’ economic and foreign policy plans, Hitler is openly defying the architects of The New World Order.

.Hitler implements the following policies:

Pulls Germany out of the League of Nations
Bans the Communist Party and arrests its leaders
Replaces the national Marxist Trade Unions with company unions.
Establishes NSDAP as Germany’s only political Party
Refuses to make any more reparations payments from the Versailles Treaty/Dawes Plan
Takes control of Germany’s Reichsbank away from Warburg/Rothschild and issues debt free currency
Restricts Jewish ownership of radio and newspapers
Cuts taxes and provides tax incentives for mothers to stay home and raise their children
Rebuilds German infrastructure and initiates projects like the Autobahn Highway system, financed by debt free notes paid to the workers.

hitler autobahn

If Obama were Hitler he would immediately throw out the federal reserve and institute a gold back currency. He would begin a million man works program for citizens only with high paying jobs to develop a nationwide ultra high speed rail maglev train that goes 400 miles an hour. We would be left with something GOOD rather than handing billions to General Motors so they can move their plants to Brazil and China.

Unemployment, which had been at 30% a few years ago, is now under 5%. Productivity is way up, as are wages. By freeing Germany from the heavy taxation of the Weimar Republic, the cruel burden of the Versailles Treaty, and the perpetual interest costs of Weimar’s debt-based Central Bank currency, Hitler has unleashed the private economy while using the public sector wisely.

Unlike FDR’s wasteful public works programs, Hitler’s public works are useful investments, such as the national highway system which Hitler started building in 1933 (The Autobahn). Hitler himself, who was a great admirer of Henry Ford, sketched the original prototype for the Volkswagen (The People’s Wagon). He wanted every family to be able to buy a car and take a vacation.

Low taxes, lean government, debt-free currency, and a business friendly environment are the secrets of Hitler’s economic miracle, and of his universal popularity among a grateful German people.

Obama is like a modern day FDR by comparison who has done just the opposite, plunged the nation into debt and meaningless bailout programs while continuing to support the fatcat Rothchild banking system. the only difference between Obama and Romney is that Obama is openly an anti-white communist. Both are in league with the criminal jewish bankers who have enslaved and broken America. America is finished as a nation. It all began with a revisionist history of WWII and the first step to saving this country will be to tell the truth about what happened then, and then the truth about 9-11.

The real story about Hitler is that he was trying to unify a fractured country that was under attack by Jews who represented less than five percent of the population but occupied 95% of the positions in banking, finance, media, law, etc.

On critical part of the Versailles treaty was the separation of Austria and even forbidding unification. After seeing the great economic success of Germany, there was no stopping the Austrians desire to unite with their happy brothers and sisters in Germany. Without a shot being fired, German forces moved in unopposed and are greeted as liberators by the joyous Austrians. This is so different from what we are taught of the Warmonger Hitler attacking all of Europe which is taught in American high schools.

The same scenario happened after the breakup of Czechoslovakia. Rather than invade and simply seize all the territory like a war hungry state that we were told Germany was, in fact what Germany did was establish autonomous protectorates over the two territories – Bohemia and Moravia – without a shot being fired or a drop of blood being shed. The Germans there were welcomed into Germany while non-German ethnic areas were given their own states for their own self rule. Is this the actions of a power mad warmonger? It seems impossible to conjoin these two incompatible views of Hitler.

If you actually read Mein Kampf he goes on to lament the terrible damage done by the WWI reparations (another war caused by Jews) which were enacted by Jewish leadership. The real story of Hitler is a tragic hero who fought to save his people and unify his country, but because he lost two of his right hand men, one in trying for peace the other ostracized for homosexuality, ended up saddled with Himmler who pushed a socialist agenda and endless war and most likely the harsher line on the jews (which was more round ups and brutality not the never proven gas chambers). Is this just a perspective? Just a theory? Hardly. The jewish led Polish attacks on Germany were mounting. Gleiwitz was attacked by Polish Jews intent on driving Hitler out of Polish Danzig. On the 27th of February 1933 a communist set fire to the German Reichstag. The police conducted a thorough search inside the building and found Marinus van der Lubbe, council communist and unemployed bricklayer, who had recently arrived in Germany, ostensibly to carry out political activities. He had just arrived in Germany a few weeks earlier. The fire was to have been the start of a Communist revolution in Germany toppling the crumbling Weimar state before Hitler and NSDAP could establish themselves. American textbooks revised this history claiming it was Hitler himself who organized these attacks. This could be no further from the truth as Hitler despised communists as a jewish political movement. In fact Hitler at this time were fighting for a political solution offering Poland a one mile wide corridor to the sea for port access in exchange for Danzig. When that failed Hitler offered that Danzig be placed under international rule. Again the Polish refused. Local police caught Dutch Communist Marinus Van der Lubbe on the premises. Hitler would not have hired a communist he spent his life fighting against them. When he argued for the Chancellorship it was to prevent the Communists from seizing power. His whole career was a fight against the Communists coming to power. Hitler was Germany’s Ronald Reagan, Not their FDR.

Jewish assassination of German leaders begin to mount. In 1936 Swiss Jew David Frankurter knocked on the door of the NSDAP head Wilhelm Gustloff and shot him five times. Again on Nov 19, 1938 a Polish Jew named Hershel Grynspan entered the German embassy in Paris and gunned down Ernst vom Rath. In response to these assassinations Germans riot against the Jews breaking their shop windows. The Jews refer to it as Kristolnacht. The amazing thing about this event is that when it is taught in high schools across America it is taught as an unprovoked attack against the jews because of racism. How did America ever succumb to such lies? Well the answer is simple if you look at who controls the publishing companies that authorize the history books. Is it any wonder Americans are so confused about WWII?

New evidence that communist FDR suppressed clear evidence that the Russians had massacred 22,000 polish officers in Katyn has been released. This evidence if it were known may have made it clear that siding with the soviets who raped their way across Poland and Germany was a huge mistake.

Documents released Monday and seen in advance by The Associated Press lend weight to the belief that suppression within the highest levels of the U.S. government helped cover up Soviet guilt in the killing of some 22,000 Polish officers and other prisoners in the Katyn forest and other locations in 1940.

The evidence is among about 1,000 pages of newly declassified documents that the United States National Archives released and is putting online. Ohio Rep. Marcy Kaptur, who helped lead a recent push for the release of the documents, called the effort’s success Monday a “momentous occasion”

Lindbergh Implores America to Stay Out of War:

“I have said before and I will say again that I believe it will be a tragedy to the entire world if the British Empire collapses. That is one of the main reasons why I opposed this war before it was declared and why I have constantly advocated a negotiated peace. I did not feel that England and France had a reasonable chance of winning. France has now been defeated; and despite the propaganda and confusion of recent months, it is now obvious that England is losing the war. I believe this is realized even by the British government. But they have one last desperate plan remaining. They hope that they may be able to persuade us to send another American Expeditionary Force to Europe and to share with England militarily as well as financially the fiasco of this war.

I do not blame England for this hope, or for asking for our assistance. But we now know that she declared a war under circumstances which led to the defeat of every nation that sided with her, from Poland to Greece. We know that in the desperation of war England promised to all those nations armed assistance that she could not send. We know that she misinformed them, as she has misinformed us, concerning her state of preparation, her military strength, and the progress of the war.

In time of war, truth is always replaced by propaganda. I do not believe we should be too quick to criticize the actions of a belligerent nation. There is always the question whether we, ourselves, would do better under similar circumstances. But we in this country have a right to think of the welfare of America first, just as the people in England thought first of their own country when they encouraged the smaller nations of Europe to fight against hopeless odds. When England asks us to enter this war she is considering her own future and that of her Empire. In making our reply, I believe we should consider the future of the United States and that of the Western Hemisphere.”

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[side note: Read the Jew Run Wikipedia page on Himmler for great jewish lies like

On Hitler’s behalf, Himmler formed the Einsatzgruppen and built extermination camps. As facilitator and overseer of the concentration camps, Himmler directed the killing of some six million Jews, between 200,000 and 500,000 Romani people, and other victims; the total number of civilians killed by the regime is estimated at eleven to fourteen million people.

Notice they give no references and we are to take this as fact simply because someone wrote it.]

A video on the Death of Hess: