After watching the entire race for the GOP nomination from start to finish all that is left to do is cry. weep for a nation that has succumbed to jackboots and the horrors of those who salivate for total power and the sheep who want them to have it. It took a tidal wave of cheating to stop Ron Paul from having a legitimate vote count at the GOP convention in Tampa. One can only wonder what is left for these murderous thugs who broke bones, canceled caucuses when things didn’t go their way, and who in the end simply threw out legally elected delegates to make it appear they had unity for Romney. They didn’t.

The spoils of victory – millions of dollars in bribes and kickbacks from banks and corporations – is worth too much to play fair or by the rules. When they scream “Romney!” I hear instead “Money!.” There is a great video of a Paul delegate trying to give a speech and a fat dazed eyed psycho is hopping up and down screaming “Romney Romney Romney” really he is screaming “money money money” and lost in his greed trance. They will all be rewarded indeed.

Soon the jack booted jackals – it matters not which party – will plunge the nation into total financial collapse. This event will occur May 1st 2013 when they realize they have no tax receipts from a bankrupt nation and that they have to print more than two trillion fake dollars to cover the gap. They will pretend they have created jobs and print statistic that everything is fine but those hard dollars are what matters, the middle class engine of the hate mongers, and come this April they won’t be there. Shalom Bernak will announce QE4 but he’ll call it “spontaneous air adjustment to the currency base” or something like that. But it will be QE4. And it will be huge. Inflation will start gulping on its path 20% or 30% a year and they will say it has risen to six percent. We will have 100 million people out of work and 80% of those employed paid by the taxes of the very few private workers left and we will call that a recovery. Hell every year of Obama was the Recovery. But the labor force participation rate will dip ever lower.

But the very worst thing the Republicans did by cheating was make it clear that there would be no political process to march us back to a constitutional republic. It won’t be allowed. The money in fascism is simply too good the gravy too rich. In the end people will reach for their guns and go pidgeon shooting and one has to ask what targets they will choose when the leaders don’t show their heads to the light of day for years. I’m reminded of the video of castro walking freely among his people shaking hands. “Aren’t you scared” the correspondent asked? “No my people love me” One has to ask the reverse question of a president who hides in a bunker. He is indeed, scared of the people.

The bigger harder question is what to do at this point other than pack for Chile. What should have Germans done as Hitler seized power? We scolded them and asked how it was possible. We are seeing that it is in fact very possible. And the great Irony – the jews and neocons who have pushed a pro war anti liberty pro illegal immigration flood agenda – will be the ones who might themselves again be targeted by the jack boots. So far the Napolitano has made it clear that the real enemy of the state are those who love freedom and the constitution. In police raid drills they practice taking down white Americans with john deer caps. Not muslims strapped with bombs.

We have witnessed twenty of our major cities go majority non-europanic and descend into absolute hell hole of filth, crime, and murder. Is it any wonder America struggles to pay it’s bills? But that’s what the plan is. It is quite odd that the jews would be driven with such hate to destroy the nation that took them in when they were expulsed from Europe. But they like an infection destroy every nation they inhabit by controlling first the banks, then the media, then using that the government. It’s a winning formula they have used time and time again. Hitler rose up and said enough and ordered them removed from positions as bankers, teachers, and legal professions. They were free to pursue any other profession and stay in Germany. But that was too much an outrage and they rose up against it to the point that Hitler began to gather them for resettlement. Even defeated, the Zionists fell into endless demands as to how much they should be paid and where to resettle the jews. Had Hitler kept with his plan of Madagascar a lot would not have died.

In the end America is the jews revenge on hitler. They see all non-jewish states as targets and that’s entirely the problem. By destroying America they have in proxy destroyed Germany. But the truth is now that Germany is rid of it’s jewish horror they have prospered. Besides a slight trial of turkish immigration, the borders have remained mostly closed. They are a unified people. While Muslims from Algeria tear across France raping and pillaging, Germans are peaceful and able to produce great products the world wants. While America throws its engineers into the streets and imports fake ones from China and India by the millions, Germany gives their engineers nice houses and cars. In the end it was being a non-english speaking country that saved them. I know many who believe in the Holocaust will find any critique of the jews overwhelming and I do apologize for the truth. I can promise you if you spend just one year investigating using real science and facts and reason you will find a lot of truth available for you. In the end it is not the common jewish person who is a problem – great commedians and actors abound. But this ingrained feeling of being a victim under constant threat always pushes their leadership to try to destroy their host nation. Much of our pro-immigration policies come directly from jewish leadership. And really the left liberal policies of the Democrats are basically the jewish leadership on one side, and the warmongering policies of the right are the Neocon and jewish interests pushing the other. And sadly, in America, they have succeeded. The dumb violent raping third worlders don’t pay enough in taxes to cover the police and prisons to contain them or pay for the cities they make crumble. Our welfare policies encourage black ghetto women to have 20 children and scream “Someone has got to take responsibility for these children” when in fact that someone … should be her. Is this all really bad jewish leadership at work? Well study the jewish leadership since the 1920s they have strongly pushed for these policies. Now that Muslims are flooding in they are starting to have second thoughts. Remember the Jews were the backbone of the Communist party and of Russia and were in fact a small insurgency that took over. Their first act was to slaughter thirty million christians. And you expect their takeover of America to be less bloody?

This weakness from immigration legal and illegal, and a rampant welfare class, merely weakened America, opened up a crack, for the truly evil opportunists to come in and rape the money piles. Twenty six trillion dollars was handed to corrupt bankers another trillion to corrupt corporations. Let’s put this in perspective. the Iraq war will have cost about $4 trillion. The Vietnam war cost $686 billion in inflation-adjusted dollars; World War II cost $4 trillion. Iraq, Afghanistan, other war mongering, and the free money have cost us 30 trillion dollars at the same time their policies have destroyed most Americans livelihoods and cities. And you wonder IF our currency will collapse?

No it’s the Paul Ryan plan to save us, our government will stop overspending in exactly fifty years, when the dollar can’t buy a stick of gum.

The short term result of their policies other than world war will be clear. A staggering rise at the gas pump and with food prices. These will be excluded from the inflation index so they can report a clear “2 percent” yearly when the price of a frozen pizza hits twenty bucks. Emasculated, weak and hungry, the populace will only be able to get jobs in the military, the police, and the prisons, a clear sign of a police state and thats already happening. Everyone mooching off the government with fat pensions and the indirect recipients of it all – healthcare workers, teachers, county officials – will all go whaaa whaa everythings fine as the fat dribbles down their chins. Show me one engineer who creates things and gets a pension in America.

The revolt has already started. It’s just a question of how when and where at this point. And the bigger question we should all be asking, just where exactly will the US get a million new troops to face down Russia, Iran, and China when all of ours are exhausted and missing limbs?