We’ve seen two corrupt political parties. We’ve exhausted the political process. Let’s be frank and honest. They controlled the media, they controlled the sheeple, they controlled the voting machines, they counted the votes, and when all that didn’t work they just cheated. There can be no political solution to our problem. It’s over done! Don’t waste your energy thinking Gary Johnson. Don’t waste another cent on the political system run by the pirates. As G. Edward Griffin says, you can’t outvote the pirates when they control the votes, you can’t sue them when they run the courts. You can’t convert the brainwashed sheep they are not able to listen to facts. They need to die off. But we need to live in the meantime and not have our lives destroyed by their ignorance.

Step 1: We Need a Statement of Core Beliefs
These beliefs must address what has gone wrong with the pirate run current system. For a modest starting proposal please see this article on Texas Succession. We need an organization. The Pirates have many organizations – the CFR, the CIA, the Council of 300, the Fed Board of Governors, etc.

Step 2: We need a way to Separate from the Herd
We are fortunate that America provides a way. In the short term the policy of separation of church and state is the only way other than full state succession (unlikely) to remove ourselves. This has happened in small groups like the Amish. The Amish are the only people who do not have to pay social security taxes. We must found a church as our holding group in the short term. It enables us to obtain property and work outside of the tax system which is critical.

Step 3: We need a way to Separate Financially
Currently people who tried to use gold and silver as currency are either attacked as counterfeiting currency or not paying taxes on currency. But there is a way around that. The US already issues silver and gold currency coins with currency values listed. If we call the unit the “gold eagle” then we just have to look to its face which says $100 and we have the currency of a coin being equal to 100GE. Poof separate real currency. We need to immediately have our own banking system, to not pay federal tax, etc.

Step 4: We Need to Take Over An Acre of Land First
If we can’t take one acre of free land how can we take back a nation. Build self sustaining communities built with the best of self sustaining technologies – dome housing, earth sheltering, water collection on each house, solar and win generation, aquaponic farming. A community that pitches in to build the house for the next family in exchange for a capital buy into the community which will provide cash for more hard goods from the outside. As the entire system is barter based people are unofficially unemployed and would be eligible for welfare tanf benefits. The word would spread quickly what was going on and more would join and near or adjacent land would be bought.

Step 5: A Majority in a Town
Once the population is sufficient then have a majority in the main city council and sheriff positions of the town. This has advantages in that it provides still more revenue stream to increase the village and also it gives the villagers control over the police force. This can help prevent a Waco scenario. Control or major positions within the town control structure (we need the sheriff not to be police) will be key.

Step 6: We need to Take Over A City… then a State… Then a union of States (not all the united states, we must leave the rest for the old sheep to die out in

In the end the system simply needs to explain and advertise the credo – a tax free life, a holy spiritual life in the church community (non denominational), a life surrounded by good real neighbors who would help you, and more importantly, a wholely different world much better than what is offered by today’s America. Eventually the clan like the Mormans in Salt lake, would have their center and their main church, their dependent city. Only then push to take state control and then seccession. With advanced scientists and the brain trust who fled America, America’s army would be as old and outdated as if today’s army fought the savages in africa. They would come at us with tanks and we would vaporize them with our meta-rays. They would have no hope to take back the territory by force except at monstrous costs. And for this reason it is imperative that the entire effort remain low key as long as possible. It may sound far fetched but you have to remember that with the financial collapse will come a substantial brain drain. Complex Apache helicopters will begin to break down. People with the skills to maintain the complex military systems in a corrupt regime will become fewer and fewer. In the end it will all simply decay away. This might take two hundred years, but just look at Egypt. Does the new mixed race population still have the ability to build giant pyramids? Of course they don’t. They can barely make a flat road. And now that Egypt has fallen to radical Islam it will only get worse. Without OIL to sustain its purchases, it will eventually fall apart. What about Rome? After Rome pushed with debased currency and too many taxes, eventually when it was invaded the locals simply refused to fight back. I can see the hipster at the cafe responding to the red Chinese with a tank – “Get a clue dude my latte is getting cold”. In the end, all of this is inevitable now that the electoral process has been shut down and the educational system destroyed. It’s all just a matter of time.

In the end, it doesn’t matter how far this plan succeeds because at every stage it is a success and a successful environment for free people. The only threat is that at some point the government will show up and WACO it to the ground. Which is why a loosely distributed network of townships all following the same credo/religion would be best. You can’t squash the amish because they are in multiple countries. Even if they crushed them in America they would still be in south america. You can’t squash out an idea, a way of life, or a way of community. When the Mormans were threatened Romney’s grandfather went to Mexico.

Our strength is diluted because we have no clear purpose no clear agenda no clear set of goals and charter and we are spread too thin as 10% of the population that has woken up. The next step is to begin to concentrate our numbers. We must never confront the larger power directly for we will always lose. We must follow the teachings of Sun Tsu and be like elephants that never forget. Before long the word will get out, don’t mess with them it isn’t worth it. Our integrity in all things can be our biggest strength. The tyrannical evil in charge has never lost a battle or a person. They feel invincible. They just fake the next vote and get their way. And that’s fine we will let them do that we do not play in their system. We will make it clear to the local power brokers that we respect a system of reward and punishment. Those that make things easy for us will be rewarded. Those that dont…

The goal is to grow the numbers the same strategy the Muslim hordes are using. To win by attrition. But we don’t need to equal their population, we simply need to be sizable. We can outproduce their GDP with one tenth their population. We can have a society that actually turns a profit and returns it to the citizens each year like Singapore. As more and more of America’s best people flood into the parallel system, the tax base of America will collapse. The mass immigration and the gimme gimme gimme society will collapse them more quickly than any standing army could. When that happens, the long slow process of expanding southward and clearing out California and taking that precious land back will be the first task at hand.