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A team of workers poops into the river used for drinking water. They are told to poop on the train tracks like everyone else does. Several Indian trains have derailed recently, going off the tracks because of increased amounts of poop on the tracks. Another bogs down and can’t make it through. The pile of sticky dirt that’s blocked it? Well, it ain’t dirt.

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Children are taught to poop on the train tracks and in drinking water canals

All across the country more than half of all indians are pooping on railroad tracks rather than in toilets. They consider indoor toilets “unclean” and instead prefer the jungles. But the large numbers of mosquitos force them now to use the railroad tracks. Every morning thousands gather and poop on the tracks in a daily ritual. Riding the trains in India has become not only increadibly smelly, but dangerous too.

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Pooping right into the streets is normal in India

Even when there are toilets the practices are abominable. One open jug of water is used by every person to wash the poop off their behinds and then sometimes they will wash their hands again. Each person shares the same poop filled water often thousands before the water is changed. It is not only unsanitary but it is disgusting.

The banks of the ganges are covered in POOP!

This is the same river most Indians bathe in, get drinking water from
This is the same river most Indians bathe in, get drinking water from