All these have one thing in common, you are listening to the voices of dependency and neglect of people with little self respect. People having six children but don’t work, another mom with 18 asking who will take responsibility for her children, a mom waves a bag filled with pills and asks who will pay for all her happy pills? These are the faces of the new 47%, the throw away Americans who have thrown away their lives.

As more and more blacks move to social security disability to game the system, avoid work requirements, avoid any limits on it, and use simple to fudge issues like being “learning disabled” they also get programs like the free phone meant for disabled people. But the social security disability program is bankrupt now.

Worse, hucksters are promising free Obama phone money cards in order to get peoples identification and then filing false IRS tax returns to get free child tax credit money – a refund you get even if you pay zero in taxes! People are collecting millions from the gullible poor.

The Obama Phone lady strikes a chord with those paying the bills – the hopelessly overtaxed middle class, many of whom would get a better deal in communist Russia (13% taxes) than America (70% taxes). America was the socialist country which provided nothing for the middle class – rather than socialism and free education, housing, and health care – America instead has a bifurcated system where the poor get lavished with middle class housing and better than middle class housing for free while the middle class gets nothing their dollars have been double spent on endless wars and endless welfare handouts to an ungrateful dependent class who demand it as a right. How much more of this do we take before we throw our hands up and move to Russia? America used to be the land of the free, and the land of opportunity, but now that two administrations have squandered our wealth on endless wars and endless handouts, America is land of the losers, the too stupid to leave. The one thing, the only thing that was the mere morsel that the middle class was willing to accept as payment was their right to live in a free and opportunity society – has now been stolen from them as well as Obama pushes the TSA police state and the 1.4 billion bullets purchased this year and the NDAA allowing him to murder American citizens without trial and god knows what horrors are being covered up with the label “top secret”. As the 47% becomes the 51% and as the racial makeup of the nation browns throwing in an admixture of low IQ violent people at a certain point there will NOT be money for the lavish programs these people depend on, the police forces, or the jails.

America is becoming a third world country and the rest of us want to ask the liberals why they have done this to us why they have destroyed this once great nation. They flood America with third worlders just like Europe is being flooded with them, they push a policy which rewards ghetto moms for having 18 children with free houses yet abandon the 80 hour work week middle class. The government class has piled all the goodies on their own plate and tossed the crumbs to the welfare class. It’s the middle class that has been starved and that’s why it is half the size it was just twenty years ago. Democracies do not flourish without a middle class it is a pre-requisite. So while on the surface some decry these issues as “racism” the reality is the very future of our entire nation is at stake.

It isn’t that blacks do not have the potential to be great IQ numbers not withstanding. Many of our greatest jazz musicians are black. In the Fillmore District a neighborhood filled with barber shops, nightclubs, hat stores and a similar pattern repeated itself in Harlem. The problem is that the handouts just got too damn good and the blacks got lazy. Inflation – real inflation of 8-10% not the CPI lie, and about to hit 25% a year, may actually be the salvation of this nation because although painful for social security recipients it is very much a leveling force for all welfare programs except section 8 housing. But we must always be aware that each race has it’s own proclivities and for blacks that is irresponsible breeding and irresponsible men as well as rape and violence. We need to set our laws appropriately to throw the hammer down on all of this including fathers being tracked down in our DNA age to pay child support as much as we need to throw Europanic but mostly Jewish bankers in jail for fraud starting with Jon Corzine.

“Under George Bush the Debt has gone up 4 trillion dollars” [yah obama, but under you it has gone up SIX TRILLION dollars!]