Many skin issues begin with acidic conditions in which bacteria thrive. One of the strengths of some cancer therapies – such as intravenous baking soda – is that they are simple and alkalinize right at the source of the condition. With skin ailments related to bacteria a similar theory applies – that these systemic problems which are so hard to cure because the whole system has become off balance, can be helped much more by PH restoration than by drugs and antibiotics – is still a theory. But it’s gaining traction.

To treat MRSA topically with the common magnesium hydrochloride (milk of magnesia) first remove the cap overnight and even for several days and allow the solution to thicken into a paste. Once congealed, then lightly apply it coating well like white paint. It will naturally dry into a chalky but stuck on going nowhere application. Since it makes you look like thog the zombie it is recommended for application before bedtime and can be washed off when going out. It is painless although there is a slight burning and should not be used on open skin as it is not bacteria free (technically the stuff from the store but if it’s safe to drink it’s pretty close, boiling it is possible as well). Within three days not months you should see a dramatic improvement if you are responding.

I am writing now because I have finally found what works for me — plain old Milk of Magnesia!! topically applied.

First off, most everyone else seems to experience boils, which I do not. I have an eczema based form that was deep in my skin. It also took me a long time to stop picking at the lesions because it was the only way I got relief from the pain. You can see the full list of treatments I tried in the above link. I have finally hope again, even though it came from another forum. I could find no one who had it in eczema form, but this guy thought he had jock itch for 7 years. He tried OTC and alternatives but only resolved his problem with showering, dabbing Milk of Mag on the area, then washing it off in the AM. It only took 2 days for his skin to clear. I am just into my fourth day, but my lesions are now completely closed.

The magnesium hydroxide works because its pH of 10 is sufficient to kill bacteria, fungus, and viruses. Also, it is hydrophillic which means that it draws water and moisture to itself, depriving the MRSA of the water it needs for survival and growth. This is even working to dissolve the white bumps beneath an abnormal surface skin where I had cellulitis so it has the power to reach down beneath the skin. This is working the same way on the huge bumpy growths at the back of my outer ears that was feeding the surface of the front part of my outer ear.

I have hope again!! I don’t know whether or not the MRSA will reappear in the future, but I know what to do if it does — and be able to do it early on so that it never gets to point it did.

In the end, the simple application of a base to alkalinize and also perhaps to provide magnesium proves to be a solid treatment. After weeks of expensive herbal extracts, and frighteningly expensive solutions from the doctors that don’t work, we are often not very surprised when the solution turns out to be a simple chemicle found everywhere for three bucks. But isn’t it how it always is?

To fully cure your body you must switch to a alkalinizing DIET with just fresh juiced organic greens (Kale, Spinach, Apple, Carrot, Celery, Lemon) and fresh fruit (watermelon, lemon, melons are best). Cut out the fat and meat and cheese. Cut out all grains and grain product (no chips, popcorn, tortillas burritos). You body will heal after a year. It takes time to reverse a lifetime of bad eating.