A collapse of biblical proportions is about to hit America some are calling it the Barakalypse but it’s been fomenting since 1913 when the FED – a consortium of rich families in America and Europe – conspired to siphon off our tax dollars with interest payments on the issuance of currency. One hundred years later and these rich families have taken over four trillion and handed another twenty trillion to their friends. Economists may not understand when or know how, but they do agree on one thing – that total economic collapse is going to hit the nation within two years (by the end of 2014) and there is nothing – barring Ron Paul massive changes to our thoughts on the role of government – that can be done to prevent it. Both Romney and Obama have both stated they will continue policy as usual and see no need for cutbacks or addressing the deficit.

Store Shelves Empty Before Hurricane Sandy Hits

The payment on the interest on the deficit already is eating 25-30% of all tax revenues collected. A 3% rise in interest rates will bring that number to 50%. Can you imagine working, bringing home $2000 a month, and spending $1000 a month to pay the minimum payment on your credit cards. There is a lot of talk about a May 2013 trigger, when tax receipts are finally counted and come up hopelessly short. No matter how much the government says everyone is working, the tax receipts will not lie. This will cause the government to buy its own bonds and raise the debt ceiling at an unprecedented pace. No one really knows what will happen but it could start a panic. [Update! As of 9/14 this has happened. The US government is now buying 70-80% of all debt issued! How long before the burst! It’s like a balloon blown to twice its size, truly frightening! We now estimate that 20 trillion in debt which we will hit in 2016 will require printing dollars for 100% of the federal budget each year, it can’t be long after that!]

While preppers spend tens of thousands of dollars on huge vaults of weapons and ammo and expensive stored food, this is a more practical guide. The goal is to get you and your family ENOUGH to make it through five years of collapse and if necessary, have the strength and resources to get out of the country if you must. If you don’t have $2000 bucks for pre-made dehydrated meal store-able food, or that cesium-hydrogen power generation plant, there is still a lot you can do that will ensure your survival. Prepping doesn’t have to cost a fortune! The most important survival took is your brain. This book will cover some techniques for survival preparedness on the cheap. It will break it down step by step. Quick check lists will serve as a when things happen. Together, with a bit of help, we can all make it through if the worst happens. But more than just dollar collapse, the same survival techniques become life techniques when the unexpected happens – hurricanes, earthquakes, floods, or getting lost in the mountains. Being prepared is not a conspiracy theory, it’s common sense.

There will be many hidden dangers if we do collapse. If you would like a vision of what America would be like, take a look at this daytime riot in Oakland.

These are not criminals. Look at how quickly the situation degrades. Look how quickly hate and anger starts to fly. Watch the store windows break and the stores get cleaned out. I want you to picture an America where every store looks like one of these the day after the looting. There will be a shoelace on the floor but no shoes. There might be some cabbages, but no lobsters, canned food, water or beer. Let it sink in. People will not be going to work at all to rebuild the stores. They will simply close. Boards will be placed across the windows. Gone. Every way you normally lived your life will be gone. And things will change from normal to chaos in just a few hours. Once they do, they will never be the same.

The first to go will be the inner cities. The burbs will maintain a semblence of normalcy for months after with some functioning stores. But prices will rise as supply lines become more dangerous and fewer truckers show up to work. A box of cereal will cost thirty dollars. A can of tuna fish will be forty. Even if you have money it wont buy much. Of course all the money in the bank, that’s been “frozen” by presidential decree until further notice. You might be able to get a few hundred out of the ATM before they shut that off.

You look up. You’ve got 140 bucks. Your car has half a tank of gas. At this point most families that do not degrade to violence looting and guns will not survive. But yours will if you’ve gone through the STCCW500 plan.

STEP ONE: Situational Awareness

Is it really happening? How bad is it. The truth is it might come with a series of fits and hiccups or it might come all at once. Here are some signs to look for. ‘

Signs it is really happening:
[ ] Stock Market Crash
[ ] Stock Market Closed By Automatic Trading Shutdown Mechanism
[ ] Rioting In Inner City
[ ] Bank Holiday/National Bank Closing “temporary” or “indefinite”
[ ] A scheduled Presidential Emergency Addressing the Nation
[ ] TSA/Military in the Streets where never seen before
[ ] The Dollar/Gold exchange has gone off the charts in favor of gold

Deep breath. There are always options, always possibilities. A cool calm collected head that reasons will always prevail over panic.


The most important thing you can do early on is assess the situation. You want to avoid crowds of pushing people at all costs even if it seems you need supplies don’t do it. If the inner cities are already in a melee and you are there, your only goal is get out. Get away. Literally head for the hills. If you are home in the burbs and the first stock reports start to hit of the DOW crashing and inner cities rioting you MAY be able to make a grocery store/bank run before it hits in your area. Remember most white people will be orderly and wait in lines until they back up hopelessly. The first stop should be for GAS. Use those ATM and credit cards. Take containers with you if you have them (you do if you’ve read this book!). Take all your cars and fill them and fill up all your extra containers with gas, pick up four propane tanks as soon as possible.

Call your family to come home ASAP. Advise them to avoid all crowds. Only stop for gas if there are no long lines. Closer to home stop for groceries again only if there are no long lines. Instruct them to buy out the canned beans, meats, and long shelf stable instant meals (turkey dinner). Ask them to also pick up Iodine/Betadine, Gauze, Hydrogen Peroxide, Medical Tape. Boxes of Health Energy Bars (Cliff, Power) will be a great quick purchase and stave off needing to prepare meals as you get your house in order in the first 24 hours. if you do not already have a medical kit prepared. Tell them to be quick. If the area is already fomenting and this will be hard to gauge, skip all supply gathering it is already too late. In most collapses, if you stick to the local stores and are in the burbs or country you will be ok for the first six hours of the collapse. The second day will be a different story.

It is very important that you impress upon the family that if they encounter crowds at any point to just head straight home. Checkpoints may be going up on roads but at first they will not stop traffic.

Once gathered at home the first step is to gather candles and lighters. Prepare for electrical outages. Examine your long term water situation. Fill big soup pots with water from the tap. Do not bother filling the bath tub as usually it drains and isn’t sanitary. Use the internet and AM radio for news.

As the day progresses and other families are tuning to the radio, use those deep cemented in fence posts you’ve set in and roll out some wire around the eyelet loops your put into your posts. They sat their innocently but now they protect your suburban wide open front yard. It’s not a barrier to stop people, but it sets a distance. Solar powered flood lights on the fencing front and back. Let them know you are alert and awake. They will skip over you for the next house. Place a sign on the front door which states simply “If we do not know you, we will not open this door”

Medications. This can be quite difficult. Doctors like to keep people on a short leash and they can be expensive. Figure out what you really must have and if you can go to a reduced dose to make your supply last longer. Try to pick up refills on day one if you can. In the end, you will most likely end up learning that you can make do without much of it or on a reduced dose. Focus on your health and get the fat out of your diet.

Relax. Take a deep breath. Do not listen to the news constantly. You only need to check for updates each hour. Listening constantly will put you on edge and the news media will be out of touch anyways. Instead spend your time on your ready-ness checklists, coaching your family, calling friends (quick check in calls not long talks), and review your provisions and arms. You are already ahead of the game. The urge to grab a bug out bag and flee to the country will start to set in. Do not do this unless you have a country house waiting. The worst will not hit for two weeks. While the initial chaos will seem like the worst it will be a lot of mis-organized energy panic. Once armed and stable, go out in a group of three or two and knock on your adjacent neighbors houses and tell them to call first and announce their names loudly anytime they get near your house as you heard there was rioting and you will be protecting yourself.

Living off the land: There are more critters running around at night than you might imagine. This meat can supplement your food storage. The best approach is to bait 2 traps and also put food (like dry cat food) around to entice them. Typically you can expect to catch a few possums and rabbits in most suburban environments. Remember your food stores are there to cover you just in case. Always use what’s around you. Hunting trips into the woods can be dangerous in a collapse situation. Attracting a honey bee colony to your hive if you have sufficient land is another technique to get good calories. Other people swear by backyard chickens for eggs. Sprouting seeds with a home made misting system provides the hard to get green nutrients. Aquaponics is a great way to get sustainable fish and plants from sunshine. Search Youtube for videos on setups.

Lighting: While Kerosene lanterns are bright, they are also smelly and not usable indoors. Liquid spills are dangerous. A nicer homier solution is the triple candle candlelier lantern with three nine hour burning candles. Lots of usable light, and you can haul dozens of spare candles without a lot of muss or fuss. Getting them started and lit is much faster as well.

Having some Solar: A big solar installation is well beyond the reach of most people. But there’s no reason you can’t start small. Buy one 230 Watt panel, two car batteries, and a charge controller, along with a string of DC light bulbs can provide light each night. Cost to get started is about 400 bucks. Not a budget item but something to consider if you can. And remember it doesn’t need to be installed you can put it together in case of crisis. Just be sure to test it out and have it wired and ready to go. Over time, this can replace tons of candles and lantern fuel. Once a collapse hits, adding a second 230 watt panel to your system will get you a reserve to run computers. A few long screws and some 2x4s and you can set the panels into the garage roof. Don’t try to install it high up if you have a two story house the dangers of the fall isn’t worth it.

Solar Heat: If you are facing winter, make a solar air heater: Purchase ten eight foot 3″ steel ducting tubes. Link them together using PVC connectors so that air flows from a low 2″ outlet from the house, to the bottom, upwards through all the tubes, then high into the house. The natural rising of heat will cause airflow. Spray paint them black. Add lumber framing if needed.

Solar Oven: For Sunny places, a large sealed box with a glass top, aluminum foil lined, an inner black steel pot.

Home Made Alcohol Jet Stove: A great way to heat water and cook rice. The bread aisle may clear out, but the rice will be there for some time!

Brick Rocket Stove

Zeer Pot Refrigerator

Biolite stove provies a stove plus USB power from wood

woodgas camp stove

A Team with a Leader: Gather everyone and express your love and commitment to each other forgiving all past trespasses. You are now one unit. You must act like one. Everyone must hug. Then pray. From this day forward all your lives will change. As the leader remind everyone not to panic. You have a plan and remind everyone you are much more prepared than most people. Finally survival is not a democracy it requires a leader. If that is you make that clear.

Health & Nutrition: Changing how you eat for a low fat high nutrition diet focused on traditional and probiotic foods with living enzymes, rich life sustaining broths and soups, and practicing stress management (meditation, relaxation) will be key. You need to get as much as you can out of your food for the lowest cost. This again is where the pre-made meal dehydrated food storage falls flat. These are great for a indulgent traditional food that might be hard to come by (I recommend beef stew!) or expensive in the new economics, but returning how we eat to a simpler way is the key to long term health. Plant fruit and berry trees (chapter 5), get into Aquaponics (chapter 6), switch from wheat to fresh ground and fermented Farro breads (Einkorn) which has more nutrition than blueberries and minimal gluten reactions for the wheat sensitive, and return to eating basic DALs and long cooking stews. This morning I drank the broth from a corned beef stew that had simmered 20 hours and immediately I felt revived as the nutrition hit me in a powerful way. Raw food may have it’s points, but sometimes releasing nutrition through blending, soups, and broths can be very sustaining as well. The next chapter (Chapter 2) deals with how to set up the staples for your pantry and long term storage on a budget.

To Part 2

Checklists and Links

First Alert CheckList. The way home and the Gathering:
[ ] Gas
[ ] Cash In Hand
[ ] Gather the family.
[ ] Quick check for emergency Lighting
[ ] Emergency Water Reserves
[ ] Locate your Medical Kit
[ ] Strap On Weapons. No one travels Alone.
[ ] Sign on front door – We will Not Open for Strangers

Before the Crisis
[ ] Walter Filtration to Prevent Parasites: Katydyne Base Camp Water Filter Bag, LifeBottle, LifeStraw, Tabletop Gravity Fed Water Filter
[ ] Long Burning Candles and TeaLights
[ ] Emergency Radio
[ ] Guns and Ammo
[ ] Camping/Hunting: Tarps. Wool Blankets. Pocket Fisherman. Wounded Fish Lures (this plastic lures works the best!). Small Game Traps. Sterno and Sterno Camp Stoves (propane will run out fast). Kerosene and multi fuel lanterns.
[ ] Rainwater Storage Tanks
[ ] Medical Specialty Items
Forceps (clamping) and an Expander
SUTURE KIT (this has to be pre-ordered ahead of time and can be hard to find)
Sterile Scalpels (x-acto blade kit in a pinch, sterilized by flame)
Blood clotting pads
Codeine Cough Syrup
Herbal cures – Extracts of Elecampane (coughs, infection topically), Poke (serious infection/disease. Dilute in tea), Artemisin/Barberry (parasite)

Quick Shopping Trip Supplies:
[ ] Apples last and provide fresh fruit vitamins.
[ ] Berries, Bananas, Fresh Fruit. All of this will become scarce so grab some to have for a few days
[ ] Canned Black and Pinto beans. Add to rice. Spices. Instant meal.
[ ] Tomato Paste. Again you can add it, dilute it, and makes a nice meal out of many things
[ ] Oatmeal, Brown Rice. Only buy these in big bulk. When home, try to transfer to airtight containers or vacuum sealed.
[ ] Canned soups
[ ] deli meat sliced (to last the short term first three days. Easy no prep)
[ ] Long shelf stable instant meals (turkey dinner)
[ ] Boxes of Health Energy Bars (Cliff, Power) these are super high calorie but expensive.
[ ] Insect Repellant
[ ] Calamine Lotion
[ ] D Batteries for Flashlights
[ ] Alcohol for home made stoves and lamps
[ ] Maps that show local topology/elevation and terrain (these you might be best to special order)

[ ] Medical kit items
triple AntiBiotic Cream
Four Boxes of Gauze Pads
Four Rolls of Gauze Wrap
Four Quarts Hydrogen Peroxide
Four Rolls Medical Tape
Medical Scissors
Triangular Bandage
Tweezers of multiple Kinds
(stock up on any medical special needs items for specific medical conditions in your family. Elecampane is a potent antibiotic for infections which do not respond to triple antibiotic/iodine based but it is expensive by comparison. With a medical kit, too much is never enough. Pick up loads of extra sterile gauze, blood coagulant pads, medical tape, and wrapping gauze to hold things. Basic surgical needs (removing a splinter from a collapsed beam) will be more common and while you may not have the means to sew up fine structures, closing basic wounds will be key.
Note: This is a very good medical kit: http://www.uscav.com/productinfo.aspx?productid=20231&tabid=548&catid=2754 and blood clotting compound can save a life: http://www.amazon.com/Quikclot-Advanced-Clotting-Bleeding-Package/dp/B001BCNTHC/ref=pd_rhf_dp_s_cp_1

Remember infection and wounds as well as dehydration will be the biggest killers in a collapse situation. Small colds that spiral into pneumonia become much more serious without medical care. The ability to keep injuries clean will be critical to making it through.


The Trappers Guide

Ditch Medicine: Advanced Field Procedures

US Army Improvised Munitions Handbook

Aquaponic Gardening: Raising Plants and Fish Together

Emergency Food Storage and Survival Handbook

A Guide to Canning, Freezing, Curing & Smoking Meat, Fish & Game


DuraMax Flo N Go 14 Gallon Gastank with built in Pump