Everyone has terrible ideas when it comes to healthcare. Obama’s brilliant idea – we can just FORCE them to buy corrupt healthcare from corrupt insurance companies and overpaid hospitals and doctors. Obama did nothing to manage cost his big grand vision is that if we force everyone into the corrupt system somehow things will get better. They wont.

As America browns the needy class will increase and more and more will demand free health care. Illegal Aliens will continue to pour in wanting free hospital visits and doctors will continue running ten tests on old people who don’t know whats going on and pocket the 20 grand. The truth is, once it’s other peoples money and not the patient, everyone reaches in with snow shovels and ploughs the dough into their pockets.

We can change this by making two simple changes. First, we have to make sure EVERYONE has skin in the game for lowering costs and only doing procedures when needed. There should be NO FREE healthcare for the poor, only reduced cost healthcare. So when the doctor orders that tenth blood test or that fifth opinion on a sonogram, the patient can go WAIT that’s costing me BUCKS. That is the split second INSTANT where costs get cut, not by government, not by doctors, not by the insurance companies, and not by the hospitals.

Another problem we have is the shortage of doctors. We know there’s a shortage because cardiologists and neural surgeons make $750,000 a year in America. So I propose the M-1B program, modeled on the highly successful H-1B program. The H-1B program brought in 4 million Indians with fake degrees who were terrible computer programers to replace expensive American programmers who went to the best American schools. We replaced 4 million of the 4.4 million technology jobs with these scabs and fraudsters and prices went down. Applying the same model for doctors, a Indian who receives his medical degree in two weeks in Mumbai can be practicing medicine here in America for just 20,000 a year, not 750,000. Sure quality will suffer, but we lived with Windows Vista didn’t we? Who cares if occasionally they take out the wrong kidney?

OK in a more serious vein, the big issue with doctors is they have a chip on their shoulders. They have this chip because we require them to go to so much school and then so much torture as a resident working 30 hour shifts. This is what needs to change to bring their salary expectations down to earth. One reason for the huge salary is the huge number of education years they have student loans for. Instead of four years of medical school AFTER university, we should allow high school juniors who want to be doctors to enter medical school directly. The first year can be all the core courses they require colleges to provide, and the next four a standard program, with some medical stuff covered from year one. When they get out, they go into two year residency programs like anyone else. Suddenly you have reduced four or five years of education costs out of becoming doctors. Even better, PAY for the cost of medical school and living expenses for those who can pass a qualifying test, in exchange for reduced salaries in government clinics. The US already does this with army docs, we could extend this to everyone easily. These clinics (search g clinic) can provide 90% of first care coverage for the poor and illegal aliens greatly cutting costs versus a hospital emergency room. More importantly, having RECEIVED from the state, the CHIP will be GONE and the notion that they DESERVE to rape insurance companies will also dissipate.

Medical costs are accelerating because inflation – true inflation – is accelerating and doctors will not budge on the fancy condos and porsche lifestyle. And after so many years of torture just to become one, who can really blame them. We need an easier path to doctorhood like exists in most other nations. In Germany doctors earn about 60,000 a year. But their medical costs are covered by the state. It’s a model America should embrace, at least as an option for americas industrious poor who want to make something of their lives. Instead we embrace the debt model, and that causes resentment and greed.