The marriage strike is a media term for the recently acknowledged sociological mass action social phenomenon of men choosing to avoid legal marriage. The marriage strike refers to a behavioral trend, usually of men, living within the Western world. Media commentators examining the marriage strike believe that after a considered cost-benefit analysis, the legal contract that is modern marriage no longer represents an attractive option for men living in the changed legal, economic, sociological, cultural, and demographic environment.

In Britain, the number of weddings in 2006 was the fewest since 1895, with the proportion of people getting married falling to the lowest level since 1862, when marriage records began.

Appearance in the Media
In 2002, ‘National Marriage Project’, published their annual report on the state of marriage in the United States, The State of /Our Unions. The 2002 report was subtitled: Why Men Won’t Commit – Exploring Young Men’s Attitudes About Sex, Dating and Marriage. This study broke new ground in investigating men’s role in the equation of contemporary marriage.

The report found that young men were reluctant to marry. Ten main reasons for their reluctance to marry were cited. The first 3 reasons were:
* ‘They can get sex without marriage’.
* They can enjoy “a wife” through cohabitation’.
* ‘They want to avoid divorce and its financial risks’.

‘Marriage Strike’
After the publication of the Rutgers report, columnist and radio broadcaster Glenn Sacks, and Dianna Thompson, the executive director of the American Coalition of Fathers and Children, published a July 5, 2002 article in the Philadelphia Enquirer, titled Have Anti-Father Family Court Policies Led to a Men’s Marriage Strike?.Versions of this original article were then disseminated widely.

An excerpt from the Dianna Thompson and Glenn Sacks article:

‘Kathleen is attractive, successful, witty, and educated. She also can’t find a husband. Why? Because most of the men this thirty-something software analyst dates do not want to get married. These men have Peter Pan Syndrome–they refuse to commit, refuse to settle down, and refuse to “grow up”‘.

‘However, given the family court policies and divorce trends of today, Peter Pan is no naive boy, but instead a wise man.
“Why should I get married and have kids when I could lose those kids and most of what I’ve worked for at a moment’s notice?” asks Dan, a 31 year-old power plant technician who says he will never marry. “I’ve seen it happen to many of my friends. I know guys who came home one day to an empty house or apartment–wife gone, kids gone. They never saw it coming. Some of them were never able to see their kids regularly again”‘.

‘The US marriage rate has dipped 40% over the past four decades, to its lowest point ever. There are many plausible explanations for this trend, but one of the least mentioned is that American men, in the face of a family court system which is hopelessly stacked against them, have subconsciously launched a “marriage strike”‘.

‘”It’s a shame,” Dan says. “I always wanted to be a father and have a family. But unless the laws change and give fathers the same right to be a part of their children’s lives as mothers have, it just isn’t worth the risk”‘.

The reality is that most women are still in traditional female lower income jobs. There’s not many female Lawyers, female Chartered Accountants, female computer scientists or female engineers – therefore unless you luck out and meet one of those women, chances are as a man you’ll be marrying a low income woman like those pictured above. Heck I would be fine with meeting a female Plumber or an Electrician but they barely exist. Every women I meet my age is a friggin’ cashier or an entry level office worker, samething I have heard talking to men who are 30, 35 and 40.

It requires two (real) incomes these days to raise a family and to afford children. Many women out there don’t seem to have real jobs (they don’t want to work stressful and/or dangerous jobs to provide themselves a living). And while more women goto University, women are more likely to graduate with faux degrees (Feminist Literature, English Literature, Sociology) than men (who graduate in Engineering, Computer Science, et cetera) and men who don’t go to University go to Trade / Technical School, while women become Hairdressers (which is another low income job).

Women slack when it comes to making money and therefore expect the man to make up for the lost income, but since women entered workforce most men’s income has correspondingly decreased as a result. Sure – I can afford a roof over my head and maybe a live-in girlfriend, but if said girlfriend is making minimum wage then it’s out of the question for me to be able to afford more than one child.

I have begged ex’s and girlfriends to stop working an office job and their entry medical job. Begged them to become a Nurse. Begged them to become a Tradesmen (my girlfriends have always been tall girls, 5″8 to 6″0 – so they can physically do it) – but so many women out there just want it easy. They all say / think that they deserve to be a Princess. The only problem for that is for them to be a Princess, for a middle class male professional, results in me being a slave who must work 16 hours a day if I am to afford a roof over my head, pay for my children’s educations and living expenses, et cetera – and to add on top of this all, if “Cupcake” doesn’t get her way then I’ll lose half my assets and then I’ll probably get some crooked Jew-Judge forcing me to pay 40% of my income in Child Support.

Rutger’s 2004 Marriage Report

In a 14 July 2004 article for Intellectual Conservative, retired professor of psychology and commentator Carey Roberts wrote a follow up article, this time on the findings of Rutgers University’s 2004 The State of Our Unions report.

In his 2004 article, Carey Roberts stated:

‘When almost one-quarter of single men in their prime courting years — that’s two million potential husbands — declare a Marriage Strike, we’re facing an unprecedented social crisis’.

‘News of the Marriage Strike first began to settle into our national consciousness in 2002. That year, Barbara Dafoe Whitehead and David Popenoe of Rutgers University interviewed sixty men to probe their attitudes about marriage. And to their surprise, they discovered that some of these men were flat-out opposed to tying the knot. So this year, the Rutgers researchers decided to launch a full-scale national survey of single heterosexual men, ages 25-34. These men represent almost 10 million of the nation’s most eligible bachelors. The report was just released last month’.

‘Among those men, 53% said they were not interested in getting married anytime soon — the marriage delayers. That figure alone is cause for concern. But this is the statistic that every American who wants to strengthen and protect marriage should be worried about: 22% of the men said they had absolutely no interest in finding their Truly Beloved. The report described these guys as “hardcore marriage avoiders.”

‘Why are these men refusing to marry? Some of their reasons are spelled out in the 2002 report: “Some men express resentment towards a legal system that grants women the unilateral right to decide to terminate a pregnancy…There is also a mistrust of women who may ‘trap’ men into fathering a child by claiming to be sterilized, infertile or on the pill. Many men also fear the financial consequences of divorce…They fear that an ex-wife will ‘take you for all you’ve got’ and that ‘men have more to lose financially than women’ from a divorce.”

‘Four decades ago, radical feminists, taking their cue from Marxist-Leninist theory, decreed that marriage was nothing more than gender slavery. Claiming to speak on behalf of American women, feminists set out to radically rework — or even do away with — the age-old social contract of marriage. And women, mesmerized by the ephemeral promise of liberation and empowerment, opted to go along for the ride’.

‘Now, feminists are succeeding beyond their wildest dreams. And women are left to wonder why their Prince Charming is nowhere to be found’.

*The Marriage Strike is not ‘organised’. It does not have ‘leaders’. The marriage strike is a sociological example of . Mass action refers to situations where large numbers of otherwise isolated individuals independently come to similar conclusions, at the same time, and then act simultaneously on those conclusions in a seemingly coordinated action. A bank run is another example of mass action at work.

*The marriage strike also differs in how individual men prefer to apply their individual strike against their legal system.
**A man may continue a day-to-day marriage like relationship with a partner, and choose to simply forgo the legal contract aspect.
**A man may choose to completely disengage from all relationships.
**Taking advantage of a globalized world, a Western man may decide to pursue marriage and long-term relationships, but overseas, within a different legal jurisdiction, and a different cultural climate.

Key Elements
*Observers of the marriage strike hold that the combination of no-fault divorce, and prevailing prejudices within Western family law applied in divorce courts that are substantially more likely to favor the wife over the husband. This disadvantage extends to rulings over primary child custody, child visitation rights, ownership of the family residence and other shared property, child support, and alimony.

*It has been observed that this situation enables a woman to unilaterally divorce her husband, financially pauperize him, while simultaneously depriving him of the right to see his offspring.

*Observations have been made that since the divorce rate is high, and that women are more likely than men to seek no-fault divorce, then such divorce scenarios are a likely outcome of marriage, and therefore, men cannot be blamed for choosing to side-step a marriage contract. Many women with financial assets or with high paying salaries are also avoiding legal marriage.

*There have also been numerous studies showing that approximately 76% percent of no-fault divorces in the United States were initiated by women — usually against a man who works a blue-collar job, and for subjective grounds such as “emotional unfulfillment”, rather than any actual wrongful conduct of the man himself.

*Divorce is a $28 billion-a-year industry with an average individual case-load cost of about $20,000. Furthermore, it is an unquestionable fact that those men most unable to afford adequate legal representation, are most likely to financially suffer the greatest in resulting judgments and settlements.

*Such evidence gives rise to allegations that many women are unfairly reaping a financial windfall through divorce at their ex-husband’s expense, and therefore, men should simply avoid this risk through avoiding marriage altogether.

*Commentators have conjectured that marriage poses absolutely no utility to a man whatsoever, in that traditional positive benefits of consortium, financial security, and child custody have been entirely revamped and eclipsed by reforms to original marriage laws.

*Likewise, external commentators have observed that other social changes, such as the opportunities presented by the advent of and the sexual revolution now represent equal or greater benefits to the lifestyles of non-married persons.

*Commentators hold that changes in family law have created a one-sided situation that unfairly benefits women in both marriage and divorce, to the man’s detriment.

Legal Causations of Emerging Western Marriage Strike
The Financial Penalty of Divorce
*Marriage, while being publicly understood as a union between man and woman, is also a legal contract. Divorce then is considered a legal contract that is broken, and legal consequences come into play. There is a division of the previously shared financial assets of the married couple. Assets are divided for distribution to both parties by a court order. Typically, a woman will receive 50% ownership of the couple’s assets on the divorce decree. These assets include property, housing, vehicles, savings, and investments.

No-fault Divorce
*No-fault divorce is divorce in which the dissolution of a marriage does not require fault of either party to be shown, or, indeed, any evidentiary proceedings at all. It occurs on petition to the court, typically a family court by either party, without the requirement that the petitioner show fault on the part of the other party. Either party may request, and receive, the dissolution of the marriage, despite the objections of the other party.

Father’s Limited Access to Children After Divorce
*In the Western world, family law is structurally more likely to award primary child custody to a child’s mother in the case of divorce. This legal situation results in fathers often having very limited access to their children after divorce. In an attempt to balance the rights and needs of the mother, father, and children, courts may award a couple joint custody of their children after divorce.

Alternatives to Traditional Marriage
Cohabitation Without Marriage
*Strong evidence suggests that Western men are choosing to cohabit, and not actually marry. Living with a partner presents a legally safer alternative, with marriage’s benefits to both parties, a reduction in the penalties found within marriage, and without the hostility of divorce.

De-facto Law/Common Law:

*However, it should be noted that family law can also be applied in some nations (eg, Australia and Brazil) to de-facto relationships, also called common law marriages. After a certain length of time, the breakup of a non-marriage, live-in relationship can legally result in a man losing his assets to his ‘de-facto wife’, as considered by the law.

Prenuptial Agreement
*A prenuptial agreement, commonly abbreviated to ‘prenup’, is a contract entered into by two people prior to marriage. The content of a prenuptial agreement can vary widely, but commonly includes provisions for the division of property should the couple divorce and any rights to spousal support during or after the dissolution of marriage.

*All marriage dissolutions (divorces) have property distribution plans, either decided by the married parties, or decided by a divorce judge using guidelines written by state law. So technically speaking, all marriages have either a “prenup” decided by the marriage partners, or a “postnup” decided by a judge.

*Prenuptial agreements are rarely recognized by law in case of divorce. Prenuptial agreements are, at best, a partial solution to obviating some of the risks of marital property disputes in times of divorce. They are not the final word.

*Prenuptial agreements cannot specify zero amounts, can expire after time depending on state law (examples include Donald Trump divorcing Marla Maples before five years expiration, Tom Cruise divorcing Nicole Kidman before ten years expiration), and must be written properly to withstand court challenges.

*Prenuptial agreements are frequently challenged in court. For example, film mogul Steven Spielberg and actress Amy Irving had a prenup, written on a restaurant napkin, that was thrown out by the divorce judge, and Amy was awarded $100 million. Fashion models Christie Brinkley and Peter Cook had a prenup that was written so well Mr. Cook commented later that he would use Christie’s prenup in his future marriage, as Peter was only awarded $2 million.

Consequences of the Marriage Strike
*Men’s marriage strike is contributing to profound social changes in the West, increasing the pressure upon policy-makers to protect men’s human rights in the equation of marriage & family. In mid-2008, the 2006 statistics on British births and marriages were released: ‘Since 2006 the proportion of children born to married British parents is thought to have dropped below 50 per cent for the first time. They are being outweighed by those who are part of cohabiting couples or single-parent families. It comes as data from the Office for National Statistics show that women are having more children than at any time since the 1970s’.

*The same day, the Daily Mail also reported on the latest set of numbers: ‘Official figures indicate that only a minority of children of long-standing British parents will grow up with a married mother and father. Most will be part of cohabiting or single-parent families. In contrast, only one in 50 children of mothers who were born in India before they came here had unmarried parents.’

*On the issue of less children being born into two-parent marriages, in 2006, Ann Widdecombe, a former Tory Home Office minister, said: ‘After the death of the extended family, we are now seeing the death of the nuclear family. “The long-term consequences are bad for everyone. A well-ordered society is based on the bedrock of marriage, otherwise we will have increasing social disruption.’

Part Two:

I was listening to Alex Jones when he had some crackpot population nutcase on. Because Alex Jones refuses to ever discuss Race the entire conversation took on a very nutty tone. “These are facts FACTS!” Jones screamed. The fact that populations are declining. He cited the fact that population grows for a while then declines. Where did this fact come from? Out of thin air. It is made up in a . computer model it has no basis in reality.

If you look at Africa or India which are all negroid countries you will find their populations going through the roof unabated. In china, an asian country, their population is still soaring despite draconian measures but at least there seems some hope of curtailing their explosion.

The problem begins when you look at Europanic Italy. They are having few babies. You see, part of our ice age heritage is that we bred to recognize STRESS and LACK OF RESOURCES. Under these conditions, women do not reproduce. Europanic women that is. Islamic women, african women, and even most asian women will still reproduce under these conditions. African women will reproduce exponentially even under the barest of resources.

Now look at america. Europanic reproduction is BELOW replacement rate or just barely replacement rate. Now look at the influx of immigration of third worlders mexicans and africans. All are reproducing at huge rates. None respond to lack of resources to withhold pregnancy. Look at welfare blacks their population has exploded.  So what happens when you channel resources from Europanics to take care of third world and african peoples? Europanics stop reproducing while the others explode.

Well if that’s the case, then the population of 90% Europanic American in the 1960s would be radically changed in America. Well that’s exactly what has happened. In California Europanics are now the minority. Will they get affirmitive action and free entrance into university above the majority black-brown-mestizo-asian hoardes? nope. Not likely.

So what we are seeing is in fact the DANGER of stressed out low reproducing europanics from having an infection of non-europanic breeders and how destructive this can be.

Programs like Obamacare and the 100 billion dollar Pigford handouts to non-farmers who just lie, the child tax credit, handing out billions to illegals who just lie, none of this system is designed for third worlders and africans. None of it.

Alex Jones claims that the US does not have a population explosion problem. Yet we are on schedule to reach 500,000,000 americans by 2050. How is that not a problem. While he can argue on and on that there is plenty of oil for everyone any resource production graph of oil shows it has been flat since 2000. Where will the doubling of oil come from?

Facts screams Jones. Facts. When in fact he hasn’t looked at the facts at all. Worse because he is blind to race and reproduction he has utterly lost all common sense. If  Europanic Americans have 1.6 births per family and Blacks Mexicans and Indians have 3.5 how long before the high IQ population that made America a successful country are wiped out or overtaxed to pay for the hoardes of low IQ violent agressive babies? Answer: it has already happened. And the depression we are in is the EXACT RESULT OF THIS.

Moreover, ask yourself if our population is expected to GROW to DOUBLE IN SIZE in thirty years, HOW CAN SOCIAL SECURITY, a ponzi scheme, RUN OUT OF MONEY? HOW CAN THAT BE POSSIBLE!

Answer: Because the new population of BROWNS and BLACKS are a violent drag on society a non productive people who only destroy and never add to wealth. That sounds harsh but it, looking at general trends, is the truth. It is in fact, indisputable.  Social security should be FLUSH with EXTRA FUNDS from the huge influx of workers.

Look at real numbers. In 1950 80% of american males worked. Today it is only 60%.  The 20% who didn’t work in the 1950s were generally old people or disabled. Today, it is the young and healthy. Please explain to me how that works as a society?

Why is this happening. Why? Because our whole government is illigitimate, our entire election stolen and fake, all our “representatives” paid off. All in control by the federal reserve and charter banks. That is the reality. And they want a dumbed down flooded with illegals black welfare violent outsourced nation because that is easy for them to control as they suck the life out of us. It’s not a conspiracy theory its reality. It’s what is really going on. And it’s the one thing they will never discuss on CNN. Or Alex Jones for that matter.

Part Three: America Headed to 400 Million

amaerica overpopulation

America is on a population time bomb. While some people like to dismiss it as hype facts are facts – we are on target to double in size again by 2050, reaching 400-500 million people. While not quite as gigantic as India or China, our roads are already clogged with traffic jams, lake mead is already drying up from lack of water, California gets constant tug of wars for its water between farmers and people, and our energy sources can barely sustain us at 300 million.

As the chart shows, third world countries like Nigeria have staggering population growth. Fed by free food from America, they reproduce endlessly with no slowing down due to dire poverty. Western nations are the opposite, the native populations will hold off on children until they can afford them, and this is the fundamental problem because eventually the native population gets overrun with those who want to live just on welfare and handouts – the gimme generation. Ultimately the entire society will self destruct as is happening in America today. Without this massive third world immmigration and even with out 10% black population, America’s population would self stabilize around 200 million people, an amount we have the energy and water and infrastructure to support. If you truly believe America can support a billion people then you haven’t visited India or Mexico City recently.

[Lake Mead is looking Dangerously Low Lately]

What’s more amazing is to realize that the native population is not growing. But as conditions worsen, the native productive population is actually shrinking. This is exactly why funding social security is suddenly an issue.

Estimates of carrying capacity put America around 200 million so this would have been a good number. Instead, we have left our borders open while flooding the nation with immigrants. The birth rates for blacks, hispanics, africans, muslims is astronomical compared to our native population. And as the taxes go up on the working Europanic Americans and they are forced to work longer and longer hours, their birth rates decline ever more. As more houses shut to foreclosure, they still raise taxes on the few working houses that remain. In the end the working person in America becomes a John Galt character, fed up and looking for a new country.

This is the true reason why Medicare and Medicaid are in crisis, why Social Security is running out of money. Think about it, in a hugely growing population Social Security should actually be flooded with money. It’s running out because now there are more takers – people faking disability – and fewer earners.

It’s the same thing with housing. As fewer working whites were able to afford the rising housing prices, eventually the whole system came crumbling down. Births by non-whites now are the MAJORITY in this country. And a browning America cannot pay its bills, support the welfare state, or our huge military adventures. Older Americans grew up in a safe America that was 90% Europanic. Today’s American faces a 60% Europanic nation that is high crime high rape and high ghetto.

Lets talk about oil. While we may develop more coal, solar, and nuclear to augment oil, and while we are developing more natural gas, oil is the big driver of our energy supplies. But oil production has been flat for nearly a decade. Where will we get TWICE as much oil from by 2050?

Is the population crisis real? You bet it is. The solution? We don’t have to murder people, we simply have to switch the incentive structure. Come here illegally? Spend a year in jail then a slow boat ride home to the south of Mexico (not a cushy plane flight). Want Europanic Americans to have more kids? Let the mother and father both take six months off at full pay like they do in Europe, then give them tax rebates of 20,000 a kid. And set welfare to a fixed amount, with no additional money if there are kids. Also no first in line policies for families with kids. A kid blind welfare policy will stop queens from popping out 3 babies by the time they are 18 as a life strategy. Or worse 15 like on our “Sumbuhdys Gotta Take REsponsibility For My Babies” article. When I was in India a crowd of people pulled down their pants then shit in the streets. Why? There are no public toilets. There is no money for it. Is this the future we want? Look at Sweden:

Look at what’s happening in Britain:

And still you can’t see what is happening in America with your own eyes?

The population crisis is fixable but time is running out. We have less than five years to make a change or demographically this time bomb will explode. Unless our goal is a third world high crime nation of low IQ gangsters, it’s time to change course.

When people claim that overpopulation is a myth because “industrialized nations” have declining birth rates, they are failing to recognize the difference in RACE and BIRTH RATE. American blacks and Hispanics have many children while Europanic Americans have less than replacement rate. The same is true across Europe, the native population has less than replacement rate births but imported Africans are exploding like the above graph of Nigeria. By importing tens of millions of brown people from Africa and Mexico, our population is booming not decling, but it’s even worse than that it’s booming in low productivity low IQ blacks and browns while the hard working productive Europanic Americans decline

If you don’t believe that just look to social security. Our population is booming. Any ponzi scheme like social security should thrive when there are more people entering the system each year. In fact just the opposite is happening, people have to pay in higher and higher percentages of their incomes (currently it is at 15%) to support the system because more and more of the brown/black/immigrant class is not working but instead a consumer of benefits.

This chart shows that asian nations (white) are being responsible with population like China’s one child policy, while brown nations like India are reproducing endlessly. This pattern repeats itself over and over

“All these guys are advocating population reduction but no one is volunteering” This statement is ridiculous. All America needs to do is control our immigration and return to our native Europanic majority and our population will stabilize, no one has to be shot. And when PRI says in their video that the population of the earth will peak and then level out by 2040… what data is that statement based on? None.

The forecast on oil looks horrible. Maybe thing’s aren’t so dire. But certainly oil production isn’t DOUBLING in 30 years.

What that means is that prices will skyrocket for all of us. And that things like access to energy will become an upper class thing. Heating your house for the poor will be done by foraging for scraps to burn like Victorian England.

It’s pure conjecture. The only data we can look at is our current rates of growth which in America are STAGGERING and will cause us to double every 40 years. Picture that clogged highway with twice as many cars. Now double the number of cars again. Is that the nation you want to live in. It’s not so simple as just building more roads already roads take up a tremendous amount of space! What about water? Lake Mead is drying up. What about Oil we already import 45% of our oil and all known oil reserves are dwindling. Unless we discover fusion energy where is the energy going to come from for twice as many people? The answer is simple – it wont come from anywhere. We will fall into a society that is more primitive and struggling. What about crime and the 22 times higher crime rates of these blacks and brown people we import? Blacks rape 37,000 white women every year according to DOJ crime statistics. Whites rape zero black women by the way. Can we support a society where blacks rape 100,000 white women every year? Is that what we want? Sweden recently released a shocking report that showed 100% of rapes in the past decade were commited by foreign africans and middle eastern men. 100%. Go to South Africa it’s already happening there. Read the news headlines from South Africa and ask yourself if that’s the kind of society we want.

More importantly, look to history. How many Europanic societies of culture and learning fell when they became to africanized? Look at the lesson of India, Egypt, Rome. If the last outposts fall I ask you where will our great people who have come up with all the great achievements of mankind come from in the future? Will it be from India’s space program? Or maybe it will come from Africa’s new nuclear reactor design. Perhaps the new solar furnace is coming from Egypt? Sounds laughable? Of course it’s laughable. But it wasn’t always the case that these nations were collapsed backwaters. Egypt had a booming white society of inventors and thinkers. Now it has slums and overpopulation. India had a great white race who built the taj mahal. Now they build shit pancakes to heat their huts with. Rome eventually recovered when they stopped importing slaves and letting third worlders invade the city and the lesson of their butt kicking by the Germans taught them to wise up. But even today southern Italy is much more poor than northern. Are we really so stupid that we cannot heed the lessons of history?

Overpopulation is about many things. It’s about resources, water, oil, how many roads we must have, how fragile our supply lines become, how many end up living in poverty, how brown and black the nation becomes and how much crime and welfarism that leads to. But in the end, take a visit to India or Mexico City. Visit a place that shows us today what overpopulation looks like. Then decide if its worth flooding America with another 200 million immigrants by 2050. As Europanics decline, the world will descend into horror.

Key Steps:

  • Hire 1000 Detectives and give them a $1000 bounty for each illegal apprehended
  • Punishment for being in the country illegally is 1 year in prison then a slow awful boat ride home like we did in the 1950s. And not just a trip to the border either. The second time it’s 5 years in prison
  • An Executive Order Abolishing the Mis-Interpretation of the 14th Amendment. Children born to Illegals are NOT AMERICANS
  • Rescind citizenship to all children born in the past 5 years to illegal aliens
  • Make it a crime punishable by years in jail for anyone who assists illegal aliens to receive government benefits
  • Get rid of priority section 8 housing for those with the most children. Our Veterans should not sit in the streets while Shequanah with 20 children lives in a mansion. Abolish Section 8 Housing altogether.
  • We MUST STOP shipping all food, water, and energy resources out of the nation IMMEDIATELY

Finally we must separate geographically. We must drive the invaders out totally. We must separate the races completely if we are to survive. There is no other answer. Blacks are the cuckoos egg. They will always outbreed a native population. A small group of Europanics must break off and establish a well guarded homeland. Otherwise all human history will stop. A great dark age (literally dark) will descend. Warlike savagery and slums will be the norm.

Our Future Awaits:

Now, the FUEL for this huge MUSLIM/BLAcK/BROWN explosion is FOOD and WELFARE. We do NOT need to be wiped off the earth. All we have to do is end shipments of food and water outside of America. All European and American states MUST END ALL WELFARE to these rapidly birthing populations because their strategy is to suck on the welfare teet and birth birth birth endlessly. There can be no other solution. You have no concept how dangerous this is we are talking about the death and murder and rape of 500 million europanic people. This is no joke.

Part Four: Who is Behind This Madness???
Figuring out who is driving this mad policy is not that hard. Fueled by billions if not trillions of dollars in profits the jewish central bankers including the private federal reserve bank incorporated are funding bribes and organizations to push for endless africanization of once successful countries. Our very money itself is paying to destroy us.

From Brother Nathaniel:

In a Presidential Memorandum to the US State Department dated 8 October 2010, Obama announced that he will import an additional 80,000 immigrants — mostly from Islamic countries — to resettle in the US next year.

Refugee Resettlement Watch and many other Anti-Immigration organizations, (black-listed by the Jewish-run SPLC), have expressed grave concerns that Obama is allowing so many immigrants into the country while so many Americans are out of work.

The US State Department, with its Jew-intensive Senior Staff (Deputy Secretary: James Steinberg; Managing Secretary: Jacob Lew; Arms Control Secretary: Ellen Tauscher) is among the chief promoters of massive immigration into America.

The Assistant Secretary of State for Population and Migration just happens to be a another Jew, one Eric Schwartz, who recently announced a doubling of the funds designated for immigration resettlement in the US.

Various Christian leaders contend that along with Muslim resettlement comes their mosques, and with their mosques comes a blight on the American landscape with its traditional Christian Churches dotted throughout the nation. And this is exactly what American Jewry is striving for.

Prior to his appointment to the State Department, Schwartz was an active participant of George Soros’ (Jew) Tides Foundation, (Bronfman family involved as well), an advocacy conglomerate agitating for both legal and illegal immigration.

FRESH FROM VOTING for the 2006 ‘Kennedy Immigration Acceleration Act’, House Judiciary Committee members, Jewish Senators Herb Kohl and Russ Feingold of Wisconsin, defended the Bill before their White constituents.

Kohl told his people that he is “fighting for families.” (The question is, “which families Herb?” Somalian families? Pakistani families? — but not White American families.

the Hebrew Immigrant Aid Agency congratulated Senator Kohl and his co-religionist, Senator Al Franken of Minnesota, for introducing a Bill that protects 5 million children and their illegal immigrant parents from being deported so as not to “separate the family.” (Many argue that both the children and their illegal parents should be deported.)

With its “Welcome The Stranger” program, the Hebrew Immigration Aid Agency in concert with The National Council of Jewish Women, boasts that it has brought “300,000 foreigners of all backgrounds” to “emigrate and integrate into American communities.”

Historically it has been the Jewish Leadership that is pushing for the Africanization and Muslimization of America. Why? They believe that without a white majority the crimes of WWII which never really happened like the gas chambers will not happen again. So the entire destruction of our nation is based on a myth.

If we want our nation back, we need to take back our money system from the jewish bankers and stop sending billions to Israel. Only then will our political system shift to a semblance of normalcy. We also need to OUTLAW any religious related political donations to stop organizations like AIPAC from controlling our elections. Religion and Politics do not mix and they never have, so why do we allow it in our election systems?

It sounds like a long shot today, but when people come to realize that The reason why they are so broke is because of the jewish money interests pushing for multiculturalism they will begin to wake up and hopefully change things.

And while our tax system rapes our working white families making it so tough to raise children (In Russia you get paid 9000 dollars and get 40% of pay for a year to have a child) we must change this as well. We must encourage the FULL QUIVER program and white americans need to start having ten, even twenty children to re-fuel our nation as we drive invaders out. All of this is possible it is simply a choice of which future we want – horrific slums and rapes – or a shining city on a hill?

And finally, while driving all jews from the land might be a bit much, they must be held accountable and imprisoned for their treason and acts against our nation. No Dual Citizenship, no allegiance to Israel. Is it even possible to find jewish men who will put their faith and allegiance first to America or does the teachings of their religion, like that of muslims, doom them with an incompatible world view that makes them destructive to any nation. I don’t think it is that bad neither are all bankers and evil politicians jews or zionists. But the DESTRUCTIVE people who have twisted media to an agenda and the destructive banking houses which enslave our nation ARE mostly jewish zionists. If we can remove the banking slavery, end the federal reserve, throw out congressmen who can’t balance a budget, throw out the illegal aliens and disavow birthright citizenship, re-teach blacks to be productive and cancel free housing for the ones with the most babies, maybe it can turn. But I don’t think so. I think instead it will all just collapse into a south african hell hole because no one has the courage to act and the system is just too big and powerful.

We need one nation to stand up and offer a home for the Europanic peoples. One. One scrap of land to show the world how it’s done. The rest can be damned to hell of their own making. Which country on earth will wake up from this madness and grant us what we need? None. Like everything the only change happens at the end of a barrel of a gun.