chloe kardashian

A new website – – has been busy documenting all the “whites are idiots blacks are geniuses and if you are a white woman you should want to have sex with black men immediately” kinds of jabs and digs that litter mainstream media from the Kardashian negro worship to the steamy Sci Fi show where the small white woman ends up in bed with the big black man. They especially show how rampant and in your face it is in TV commercials.

Now there’s a place to go to show your friends that no we haven’t been making it up, this really has become rampant and in your face now as the brain washing is going full force.

Just take a look at some of their gems:

Of course the NBA wouldn’t make basketball complete without two teams of all black thugs beating up the sole white player on the court blatantly punching him in the face:

Somehow I worry the “cream” in this Phili cream cheese ad that they are referring to spread a little love, doesn’t come from a cow:

But you’d have to sink to hell to do worse than a line of white women asking for a “long black” as they lust over the black barrista:

And of course FIAT has a message for you, that pretty white women need to sleep and get impregnated by blacks:

And strong black men humiliating wimpy helpless white men is par for the course:

Pause this starbucks commercial at 21 seconds in…

And again here…