To understand Christmas you must first understand the GrumbleMeister and his henchmen of evil bankers called the Grumblemkind. GrumbleMeisters hate to work. They really really hate to work. So instead they came up with a system of loaning to others invisible money. The money didn’t exist but they were liars and said it did. Other townsfolk would come with their “check” and say “Ok pay me” but the GrumbleMeister would fool them. He’d say “Well I COULD pay you right now, or, you can deposit that check BACK into my BANK and over time it will magically make more money.” The townspeople thought this was strong magic indeed so over time all the townspeople began to take the GrumbleMeisters check back to him and open accounts. Thinking that the people would grow suspicous, the GrumbleMeister used his secret staff of Madoff and created “interest” that is magical money that doesn’t exist. And then he wrote down letters to each person with an account and declared they had earned for doing nothing, the same sickness he had, free money.

“What’s money!” the townspeople cried out?

“Well”, said the GrumbleMeister, That check that Fred the baker gave you, its a receipt to come to my Bank for money right?”

“That’s Right” said the townsperson.

“Well instead of taking your money OUT of my bank, I will give you smaller checks in simple units of one, five, ten and twenty. A twenty will be one ounce of gold, a ten will be worth half an ounce of gold, a five a quarter ounce of gold and so on. A one coin will be worth an ounce of silver, A half coin will be worth half an ounce of silver, and a quarter coin will be worth a quarter ounce of silver. So you see, you never need the original check once you give it back to me, you can have these common notes.”

“What will we do with the common notes?” asked the townspeople.


“That’s the beautiful thing, you can trade it between yourselves!” said the GrumbleMeister. “I will keep all the real money safe for you.”

And so the townspeople were given the gift of money. Soon everyone was pricing their items not in gold and silver, but GrumbleNotes.

But the GrumbleMeister wanted more money. Since the Townspeople didn’t produce but a few loaves of bread a day, he wanted a way to take all their money for a lifetime. So he began to offer loans to the townspeople using money he didn’t have. He simply printed more notes as many as they wanted. Since few people came to him with real gold and silver anymore, all money was produced from these loans – debt, and the debt kept increasing year after year.

Still the GrumbleMeister wasn’t happy. So he and his family went to every country and set up more banks. And they began to loan money to kings to make beautiful palaces. The kings were low on gold and the people would revolt if he raised taxes, but once he switched them to money he could simply borrow what he needed.

Still the GrumbleMeister wanted more. So he told one king that the other king was plotting a war against him. Then he told the other king the same thing. The first king put troops on the border. Then the GrumbleMeister told the other king “see see… look at those troops, he is planning an invasion!” Once enough troops were on each side of the border, the GrumbleMeister sent dark hooded GrumblemKind to attack both sides then return to the center where they quietly slipped into the darkness. In the morning to his delight, both sides were fighting against each other. Soon they ran out of supplies and each king came to him and said “Oh GrumbleMeister, we are in a difficult war, can you loan us more money so we can win it? Surely if you loan us a billion dollars we will beat them” “Why of course I will” said the GrumbleMeister, knotting his boney fingers. The net day, the other king seeing the first kings new shiny weapons and armor came to their countries Grumble and said “The other king has vast resources, we cannot win without your help can you loan us ten billion dollars?” “Why but of course I will, I am your friend”

Can you guess what happened the third day? The first king came back in a panic! “Oh GrumbleMeister I was a fool even with your money the other side has ten times as many swords as we do. Can you loan us more money!” Why of course! the Grumblemeister replied. And on and on it went until nearly everyone was dead.

When each country was exhausted and out of gold the Grumblemeister along with a group of Grumblemkind would gather up suits and ties and briefcases and approach the kings. “Your lordship, your treasury is out of gold from the long wars. If you make US your bank for the whole nation and declare that everyone must use our money, we will loan you even more” The king was delighted at this turn of events. And soon the law was announced, only GrumbleNotes could be used and any other people who tried to use any other would be shot. Anyone who bought or sold gold or silver had to pay a TAX to the king. They had to pay the tax both when they bought the gold, and when they sold it. Although small – 15-20 percent, very soon people realized they would lose money if they tried to exchange gold instead of using grumblenotes. When people tried to set up communities which freely exchanged gold or silver the government called them counterfeiters and locked them up.

Since all the money was debt, and townspeople could only get it by borrowing and every king borrowed it, and each time you needed more to pay it off, the amount of debt kept increasing year after year until finally in order to allow the king to keep paying they had to lower the interest rate on the loans to near zero percent. Once this happened, the country was effectively bankrupt. And the Grumblemeister came back to talk to the king.

“You have so much debt, I no longer trust you to pay it. What do you give me as collateral?”

The king sighed. “But you already own everything? What can i possibly give you.”

“I want the blood of your people, a guarantee of all their earnings and their children’s earnings, for all time. Only then will I not collapse your country”

Sadly, the King was forced to sign the law, and in 1933 all children born were issued stock certificates on their birth and the numbers given to the Grumblemeister. Every person was given a number and on the back of their card with the number was their debt contract which stated the Grumblemeister deserved half their earnings for their entire life to secure the debt.

The people got poorer and poorer and more angry. When new people tried to be king and abolish the debt system they simply faked the elections and hired more soldiers. They gave them huge tanks and more guns than you can imagine. The townspeople soon had no way to fight back.

Then one year, SinterKlaus came. And into each of the children’s stockings which hung by the fire to dry he placed a small coin, one of silver and one of gold, depending on how naughty they were. Bad kids got lumps of coal. Sinterklaus sang a song as he did this “Silver and Gold, Silver and Gold, how can you measure it’s worth?” They called him Saint Clause because he insisted, there could be no real contract from the people without their signature, or SinterKlaus for short. In fact, the entire IOU was a fraud. The people had never agreed to it.

With silver and gold the townspeople began to exchange their services directly for the things they built. And soon there was some wealth again so they bought the children presents. And on the first Christmas all the children laughed and played for the first time in many years.

But once the Grumblekind found out about it, he banished Sinterklaus to the north pole in Switzerland, the only place left on earth where they still use silver and gold, a place high up in the mountains covered in snow. And he imprisoned him inside a massive fortress called the Bank of International Settlements, the biggest bank of all. But when Sinterklaus got there he was shocked, because within there vaults, there was no gold left at all, just pieces of paper and on each was written “I O U”. In their madness and greed the bankers had spent even all their own gold. There was nothing left at all which backed the “money” they had given the townsfolk and if the townsfolk ever knew about it they would revolt. Sinterklaus built a huge sleigh and trained a group of reindeer to fly so he could escape. He carefully collected all the silver and gold things which remained around the palaces and put them in a big sack and then flew back to town. The bankers screamed “We’ve been robbed We’ve been robbed!”

When Sinterklaus landed back in the town he told the people the sad truth. That there was no gold backing any of their money anymore it was all debt now. He handed out the gold and silver to the people so the smiths could beat them back into gold and silver coins. The people took the Grumblemkind bankers and threw them into the bog of endless inflation which swallowed them up and they drowned in the money which they had produced and sold to everyone. When the last Grumblemkind was thrown out of the town the people cheered and soon everyone had money again and the children got presents every year.

Now each December 25th we remember the spirit of Sinterklaus and cover our trees with silver tinsel and gold lights, and put silver ribbons on presents to teach our children about the importance of silver and gold. And Sinterklaus? Now he is called Saint Claus, or the saint of contracts. Rumor has it every December 25th he chases round and round the world, hunting the GrumbleMeister with his fierce pack of reindeer. The GrumbleMeister keeps running and getting ever more worn and tattered, and each town he goes to he asks them if they will let him set up a bank and give out his paper notes. But every town with smart children who like presents says no. Does your town use gold and silver, or does it say “Note” on your money? Look in your wallet and see if there will be a bright Christmas or if you live in a town that got greedy and gave in to the GrumbleMeister.

[ Please forgive me for straying for the articles which ACTUALLY discuss the truth of something, but it’s christmas and well this seemed more appropriate. For the real truth about Christmas it all comes down to the story of some brown skinned people who were so backward that they were going to sell their daughters into prostitution because they didn’t have money for a dowry. Can you imagine that outside of America women are seen as so useless that to marry them you actually have to pay off the men? Crazy I know. Well, Ol saint nick helped these ladies out by ponying up the money for their three dowries so they could be proper ladies. Makes me wonder if he didn’t have a hand in the goods in the first place. But the spirit of free giving, a EUROPANIC notion, was born. And no, that 1960s murderer who invented KWANZA just doesn’t compare to good ol santa. Community and goodness is a EUROPANIC custom and we developed it because we needed to bond together as a people to get through the scarcity of winter as the ice age receded. This is where our Christmas spirit comes from. But races which evolved in the tropics did not develop this, and instead often are more lose family and warlike at the community level. And from this, we get welfare babies without fathers and endless warlords in Africa today. I always feel that if you want to truly experience the christmas spirit, go to the northern European countries – Germany yes, but much better so in Copenhagen, Oslo, Stockholm, and Helsinki. The spirit of free giving helped our people survive and organize into nations, but now, that same genetic altruism is destroying us as we try to help brown and african peoples but instead they are having endless births and then fleeing their destroyed homelands and invading europe and the USA. China does not have this problem (ok technically there are a few tiny minorities but they are not being invaded on a large scale). The great horror is that the native people are taxed to death to pay for the invaders and deadbeats. It’s that simple. So its quite complex and challenging to find a solution to all this but the first step is raising awareness and the second is to throw the bums out of office. But America has cultivated so many dumb people who don’t have a clue what’s going on, the minority that does – the Ron Paul supporters – can’t win and overturn rigged elections. What’s next is state succession but I can tell you this. The first nation to recognize a homeland for bright hard working europanics and no one else will take off. And you can bet the jewish bankers will start a world war to make sure it isn’t allowed to exist just like they did to Hitler. Of course the Jews demand the right to an ethnically pure homeland, forbid jewish marriage to non-jews, etc. It is a bit ironic that israel is now flooded with the same African hoodlums that were taught by the jews to seeks handouts in better countries than the hell holes they tend to produce. If all this sounds a bit racist well ask yourself if the world does or does not have different races of people. If it’s an attribute that we can measure and classify, then why is it wrong to use that to understand what is going on in the world? They say that it is because skin color is skin deep but we know that is not the case at all genetics clearly impacts so much – althetic abilities, are you a sprinter or weight lifter, are you calm or violent, are you dull or smart, that it’s just foolish to consider all this and consider race just a color. Now racism, real racism, is prejudice based not on the facts. Whereas the scientific use of racial characteristics is not prejudice since it is always a discussion of true measures of the group expression. Science. What is observable. Facts. Testing Hypothesis. Why do we suddenly throw away everything man has learned to do when it comes to Race? Because the violent destructive races will become upset that their IQ doesn’t measure up, that’s such a powerful secret that we cannot tell them? But it’s ok for them to become our great basketball players and jazz musicians, but it’s not ok for europanics to be praised for great math and physics? And mixed martial arts? Sorry I don’t agree. If you understand that Africans evolved in a environment of abundance and did not develop the long term planning, altruism, or close knit families of the Europanics, then you can change social policies to HELP them more. We can stop dysgenic welfare policies that teaches 14 year old girls to start having babies so they will have enough of them to get free housing by the time they are 18. We can stop breeding the dumbest and worst of them and start giving out incentives for the jazz musicians, the greats spokesmen (I’m sorry no Europanic can do what Reverend Manning can!). It is our blindness to race that has wasted trillions on the great handout and education. Why don’t lower IQ children get schools that teach auto repair and other trades like they do in Germany? Forcing every kid to learn calculus only makes some fail and end up useless in society and lets face it every kid is not designed to be a rocket scientist! Why is being a jazz musician wrong or less noble? What’s wrong with being a great cook? Instead we create thousands of kids who fail and then think it’s racism that’s causing it – it can’t be IQ because that’s not allowed to be discussed – and turn to violence and hatred. In a way they are right it is racism, it’s the racism that denies reality and science and discussion of race. That is the true racism. Maybe this Christmas we should LOOK at each others race, realize what we do and don’t do well and move towards a better happier nation. This is a vision to bring people out of poverty and suffering, not the hatred and endless handouts that Africans and invaders would tell you, and that’s the true spirit of Christmas. As Manning says, keep the faith.]