genital mutilation

It’s America’s dirty little secret and great shame. We strap happy newborn infants to boards, velcro their arms and legs back, then without anesthetic take a pair of pliers and rip the skin off their genitals, mutilating them for life.

The children have no say. Their first experience in life is one of horror, attack, and inconceivable pain.

Unlike historical circumcision by the jews, a procedure by which the jewish king identified his property, in which just the overhanging tip was cut off, in American Circumcision the entire penile covering is removed including damaging the nerve attachments at the frenum, the most sensitive part of the penis.

On an infant the skin is attached and they must rip it off with pliers ripping out small chunks of flesh from the head of the penis, one of the most sensitive parts of the body. It will be forever scarred.


The result is either “rough” sex or anorgasmia – the inability to enjoy gods greatest gift. A new study by the Krepheimer Institute has found that this directly translates into unsatisfied couples and high rates of divorce for those with mutilated genitals. The problem is for the women as well who facing an anorgasmic spouse never feel they truly satisfy or are good enough. Husbands become unfaithful and continually seek a mate who might finally be able to give them the pleasure that was removed from them at birth.


In the 1960s the government paid for circumcisions even for poor children citing horrific health concerns if the procedure was not done. All of these concerns turned out to be false and based on witchcraft and not science. Very quickly the damage was done and America is in the grip of a generation of men who have been mutilated. The sexual union which makes marriage work has been thrown out. Others turn to gay sex since their pleasure center in their penis has been destroyed they seek it in their rectums.

This practice is barbaric and must be stopped. If a 18 year old boy wishes to remove part of his body then let him decide to do it as an adult, stop mutilating helpless babies and leaving them screaming into the night.