blackwifemurder.pngEven if people don’t like hearing the message about the networks pushing black on white racial incest. Doctor Who, the incredibly popular Brit Sci Fi show, in the first 60 seconds of season one episode one has the lead female cutie Billie Piper kissing a black man. Sherlock Holmes, another British show (sorry I rarely watch American TV it’s too dim witted for me to stomach) and a lead character has a black girlfriend. Of course the Kardashians are ground zero in this horror with young Kim Kardashian rising to fame for a sex tape of her riding a black rapper. Most families would retreat embarrassed but I bet the networks saw something they could use to destroy the nation with. Why did they push to get such shows on the air? Societal control. Brain washing. Were there payoffs? I want to know.

Today 54% of births (or 45% depends on who you chose to read) are to Europanic Americans. They tell us demographic change is inevitable. It’s no big deal to go from 90% white to 40% white in 50 years. The only reason one could possibly complain is if one is a racist and evil and low. I don’t buy that argument. This policy is causing economic harm and physical harm to millions of Europanic Americans. I speak out for that reason not because of some deep seated hatred of black people. In fact it’s just the opposite I want them nothing but success, but in their own countries where they wont do harm to my kindred peoples.

Breeding dysgenic low class blacks in welfare hovels and encouraging them to have as many children as possible while telling our Europanic children to work insane hours in difficult college programs and then in industry during their primary breeding years is a recipe for national collapse. We do not have to round up and murder people or go the route of forced sterilization, we simply have to nudge our policies in the other direction. How about giving cash incentives to college students who have kids, the more money to the more elite the college. Do we want a nation of harvard mit and yale, or gummy’s crips and cracks? It’s that simple really. How about a welfare policy that says “20k a year to anyone who is a citizen who claims it. period.” no bureaucracy. Take those 50,000 gov jobs and put it back into money for the handout. No advantage to having kids. none. No section 8 housing which tracks to real inflation. This stuff is the most evil program every designed to remove lands from white productive people. Read the articles about Detroit suburbs being bled dry by these types. Crime rape and horror – that’s section 8 housing. Whites fled to the burbs now I guess we all have to flee to an island off the coast of Alaska. Where does it stop? The average handout all totaled for a gimme gimme person in this country is $60,000 a year. And the number of people on fake disability claims has soared to 30% of the nation. What do we do now? Let inflation gobble up government hand outs as the government lies and says we have only 3% inflation a year not 10%. Why do they say that? Because we only have 3% GDP growth a year. If you admit that we have 10% inflation then we have been in a death spiral since 2000. Can’t tell the masses that truth can we?

A lot of talk on secession and the fiscal cliff. There wont be secession. Americans are pussies. Let’s goddamn admit it. Instead it will be financial collapse and ruin. Thank you zionist banker run nation. Who did this to us? Read the article on “The Vulcans” for a good guess. When Rabbi’s run the nation, it’s time to convert to judaism I always say.

This nation is now divided into two sets of people. The luddites who believe the crap government story about 9-11 and those with a real brain who know we’ve been murdered by our own government. I wish I were stupid because knowing the truth sucks.

Can’t tell the masses that we’ve spent all their social security money, and an extra 100 trillion on endless wars, not taxing the rich (there is no AMT for corporations with huge profits and sales or rich citizens with offshore accounts). Romney was the poster child for these shenanigans thats why he couldnt get elected. And of course the raping of Ron Paul. The republican party has a choice to make. Either get real or get the fuck out. It’s that simple. No more games, no more Reince Priebus laughing at libertarians. Laugh all the way to the losing block you pond scum filth dog. They either should DISSOLVE as a party, or get real. It’s that simple. No more being run by evil psychopathic born again christian nut wingers. These are the real crazies. How do they pretend that the libertarians are the wack jobs? These people OVERSPENT 100 trillion dollars. They expanded the military to a trillion bucks a year we dont have on wars we dont care about all to enslave the american people, and we are the crazy ones? I dont think so.

How about the fact that the dems and crips both want endless immigration. Why? Flood the nation with needy low IQ people. Flood the jails with browns and blacks. It’s all a control grid to take away voting power from the white people. And now its gone critical. What happens to a nation when the invaders vote themselves endless benefits like they have already done in LA? What happens when the jobs stimulus bill is actually 40 billion to pay for the invaders perks and for corporations to ship factories overseas?

Look the real reason that not one other news site will talk about (no not even prisonplanet or theblaze) as to why we are in a economic death spiral is quite simple. White societies are efficient and productive and Brown societies are not. When we were a 90% white society, there was no issue with funding social security or jails or schools. The percentage of policemen, jails, and crimes to the population was small. If the governmetn tried to go to war like in vietnam there was huge rebellion and screaming in the streets. We are now in our twelfth year of war. Where’s the screaming?

You can prove that this thesis is correct by looking at the microcosms that exist in America. Bar Harbor Maine – 94% white. Do they have a budget problem ? How many police? How many in jail. Compare that to Los Angeles. Or a similar sized city like Stockton which is now bankrupt. It’s an easy thesis to argue becuase the facts are overwhelming. Do it again on a country by country basis and compare Zimbabwe to Sweden. Again it’s pretty clear the difference in wealth. So why is it any surprise that flooding the nation with non Europanic races causes economic depression? The American people didn’t want this they opposed this at every turn. So who’s pushing for it? Again look to “The Vulcans” and the rabbi’s who are behind the scenes, it has long been a jewish goal to topple white societies because they see jewish people threatened by them. It’s really that simple folks.

Let’s talk china. They call a dollar ten cents. I say thats wrong. I produce a hamburger for 3 dollars they produce it for 30 cents. same burger. That money should float internationally and get revalued but it doesn’t. It’s a simple principle. Now when they ship that burger to me, and go 30 cents, I’m gonna slap a 2.70 cent tariff on it. More cause they are bastards. And use that money to fund the government not taxes. Such a simple principle but for some reason both political parties insist that murdering our nation is the better way to go. Why? Big ass corporate profits at the top. That pond scum ceo guy at “burger house” sells that thirty cent burger for three dollars to us and puts the 2.70 in his pocket. It’s that simple. Every big company you see that does this, its a pond scum board of people at the top fucking over america just cause they can. Levis jeans moved the last plant overseas years ago. It isn’t that it isn’t profitable to make stuff in America. Its that their greed for their huge salaries requires them to use slave labor from china. That CEO of CostCo, he only earns 500k a year. It’s enough for a nice life in the burbs with new caddilacs and one mistress. And his company makes money. That CEO from FuckemYoung? He demands 100 million a year. Well there’s not enough profit to do that if he makes stuff in America and not in slave countries like China. He buys 3 jets, 20 whores, and shits on gold plated toilets in the Caymans and drives 20 ferraris. It’s that simple folks.

So to sum up, The principle problem facing America is the delusion that we were attacked on 9-11 by radical muslim extremists led by Bin Laden from Afghanistan and Iraq. The second principal delusion is that all races produces the same societies and that black and brown races fail because of racism and not something intrinsic to their current genetic evolution. And finally the third and most important delusion – that economically we can afford a kind and just society with welfarism and emergency support networks while we foster a browning society endless immigration and warfareism. The converse principle – that our society will flourish by ending warfareism, outrageous immigration, and dysgenic breeding programs that foster huge growth in populations that are the least productive and diminish growth from the population that is most productive. But such thoughts are taboo in our society. Look only to Germany, a society with significantly less diversity than America.

German citizens = 73.62 million (90% of total population)
German citizens of no migrant background: 65.44 million (80% of total population)
German citizens of immigrant background (including people of partial immigrant background): 8.18 million (10%)
“Foreigners” (persons without German citizenship): (8%)

So while having some immigration, principally in western Germany and mostly a wave of Turks who were brought in in the 1970s (and who make an amazing sandwich I might add, something you cannot get in America), Germany remains still close to its original population and although it suffers a low birth rate it’s population still enjoys the riches of monoculturism such as eight week vacations, 35 hour work weeks (although the push to 40 in factories has occurred). Germany’s universal health care system dates back to 1883 and covers everything from prescription drugs to prevention holidays, or trips to German resort towns on the government’s dime. Employment benefits are also generous, including one year of full unemployment insurance (at 100% of prior wage, not 15% like in America), followed by a staggered subsidy if work cannot be found within the first year of losing a job. Housing allowances are also provided to unemployed workers.

DM70 a month was paid for the first child, DM130 for the second, DM220 for the third, and DM240 for the fourth and subsequent children. Upper-income parents receive smaller amounts. Child benefits are tax exempt. Taxpayers also have an annual income tax exemption of DM4,104 for each dependent child. Since 1986 payments for child rearing have also been made to parents who are either unemployed or working only up to nineteen hours per week. In 1994 these payments amounted to DM600 a month per child for the first six months of the child’s life.

Germany’s policies actively encourage their native population to reproduce. America’s discourage it. Which nation is doing better? Surely Germany must be swimming in debt compared to America to offer such lavish benefits. In fact Germany’s debt as a percentage of GDP is 80%, and America’s is 110%. Switzerland and Sweden’s debt to gdp is only 38% and they both offer even more lavish benefits than Germany. Switzerland is 94% Europanic by the way and Sweden is 86% Europanic. If you plot these debt to foreign born population figures you will see it is a straight line of doom. The more foreign peoples who are from black or brown skinned nations the worse the country does. Asians foreign population does not seem to impact a nation’s economic prosperity in the same negative way. And asian kids school scores bear this as as most do very well in math and science, only slightly poorer in verbal tests, and are somewhat less gifted in the creative side. Again with so much evidence from every angle, why is America pursuing policies that will lead to economic armageddon? Because it is politically incorrect to discuss such things. And they wont, as every last American starves in the streets. I say it is politically correct to want to save millions from crime and poverty.

There are four stages of multicultural collapse.

Stage One: The Invasion
In this stage the elites have taken control behind the scenes and while the public political figures talk about vague terms for immigration and population control with phrases like “Comprehensive Immigration Reform” they behind the scenes are doing everything they can to bring in hoardes of third world peoples while growing the third world races within the borders. During this stage massive debts and borrowing are used to keep taxes low and convince the general population that the huge increased costs of invasion “are just fine” Tony Blair in the UK is infamous for falsifying immigration numbers as London more and more resembled a third world city with whole neighborhoods adopting sharia law.

Stage Two: Zero Point
The costs in terms of jails, police, crime, education, abuse of welfare and disability rolls has now reached a point that the borrowing has been so extreme that municipalities begin to fail. Huge cities cannot continue without federal bailouts and federal money printing cannot be sustained except by reducing borrowing costs to zero. This zero interest rate now destroys capital growth, investment, and erodes any possibility of middle class savings. The net has been cast and the fish has now been snared. While the fish will struggle and put up a might fight, from this point on there is nothing they can do within the existing system to escape.

Stage Three: Austerity and Currency Erosion
As year after year of zero point wares on, the currency will begin to degrade due to ever increasing money printing. The revenues will continue to decline in face of ever costlier interest payments. At this stage amnesties for third world peoples will be announced and wholesale giveaways of cash (money for black and hispanic farmers who never farmed) to the third world races will accelerate. In this culture of rampant looting and abuse banks themselves will begin to loot and the real economy will degrade. A soviet police state will begin to emerge and control not prosperity will be the new word of the day

Stave Four: Post Middle
Once the middle class has been decimated to less than 25% of the population and the native Europanic race reaches 40% or less of the population, the handouts will accelerate as the money devaluation accelerates. The rich class now with no middle class to oppose them will demand ever bigger crony capitalist handouts in the trillions. All of this further debases the currency and the widespread poverty and need forces a new soviet style command central economy to take foot while most jobs are only available in the army, secret torture squads, the thugforce, or government itself. No fly lists will become no leave lists and torture will be the name of the day. Anyone who speaks out will disappear and gulag prisons will flourish. The jewish leadership will now be free to incite world war with no opposition.

Think this scenario can’t happen in America? It’s already happened. We just crossed over to stage three and this will only last for two, four years at the longest.