sex trade

Open borders means that millions of young men pour into America. They labor on the fields, in shops, and in horrific gangs like MS-13.

But in the end, they are single. Many will send word to Mexico to bring a 14 year old north to be their wife. These often 40 year old men do not officially marry the women who have multiple children then go on welfare and get free housing which the men then use. It’s a win win. Except when the women end up as sex slaves.

Instead of a marriage with screaming children, they find themselves forced to have sex with up to fifty men a day. They are to be raped, abused, then thrown away and left for dead. America is doing little to stop it. Closing the borders would be a logical first step but sting operations and shutting down the trafficers needs to go into full force. Shift from the drug war to the sex war.

Young women from across Mexico are duped into becoming sex slaves by wealthy men living in grand homes, offering them work or even marriage. Needing money for their families, the women discover too late they’re being sold into prostitution, often in the US. One Mexican charity estimates there are 1,000 traffickers in Tenancingo, out of a total population of 10,000.

But there is another problem. After a recent raid when a dozen slime ball Mexican men were busted for a prostitution ring, the penalty they were given? They were sent home to Mexico. What the government doesn’t realize is this is actually the business plan. All these men deposit money back into Mexican accounts and then when deported buy huge houses and live a life of luxury. It’s a deal that’s almost impossible to lose. Being deported saves them the cost of a plane ticket. That’s about it.

The pimps all come from Tenancingo,” said Cohen. “It’s multi-generational. You have families where the grandfather, father and son are all engaged in trafficking. They pass down the tricks of the trade.”

Officials said each prostitute they bring to New York — where they service up to 35 johns a day — nets the traffickers about $100,000 a year. The money is wired back to Tenancingo, Mexico, where the pastel fortresses grow ever larger. Being sent home is like being sent on vacation to a luxury villa.

Instead they should be sentenced to ten years hard labor in prisons where HUGE black homosexual prisoners are brought in daily to rape them. Then after they have been raped thousands of times the videos of them being raped should be sent to their home towns as a lesson what happens to those who do this to women. Finally with their Anus broken and no longer able to hold feces, they should be returned to their home city as a cripple and only after ensuring they are penniless. And across their heads tattoo “I was a Sex Slaver

One of Tenancingo’s most notorious families — Los Carretos — was busted by ICE after a tip to the U.S. Embassy in Mexico City.

The Carreto brothers got 50 years in prison in 2004 after admitting they forced at least eight women, once wooed with chocolates and teddy bears, into prostitution in Queens.

New legislation with harsher sentencing guidelines for judges should be enacted immediately. And deportation should never happen for these criminals. Never. Depriving them of going home to their mansions IS the key sentence that will break them.

Instead the U.S. government gives them a free ride home where they will spend their days with more prostitutes in big houses with big swimming pools. Wake up America. The justice department likes the story of the big arrest but unless they get deeper into what is going on they are a disgrace.