We’ve seen it a million times. Wolf Blitzer comes on and talks about the “slow recovery” with the unemployment rate “dropping” from 8% to 7.8%.  Sounds pretty good. Except that another million workers have killed themselves or taken up refuge under highway grates. The media has now been lying about unemployment rates since the Clinton era made it OK to not count the throw aways. But they have a problem. The workforce participation rate has dropped precipitously. “Many moms are choosing to stay home and raise families” says CBS correspondent Katie Couric. Except just the opposite is happening, all the “guy” jobs are dissapearing and if anyone is working its women in their more service oriented positions as Nurses, hairdressers, waitresses. Long gone is manufacturing, innovation, production, construction – stuff guys go.

The jalapeno in chief just got elected to four more years after rigging the election to block Ron Paul. That’s a conspiracy theory by the way, and racist. Yep. The problem we face is that while before we really didn’t care that Kerry lost, this time it really mattered and we do really care. The truth of the matter is that Ron Paul in any legitimate race would have not only WON but he would have smoked them.

I mean counting the ballot boxes in SECRET in Iowa and New Hampshire? Come on! It’s too easy. We don’t pass muster that even any third world election puts on.

So you put on your cap and you go home and you go “gee I guess people really like Romney” it seems. But then you watch and you see Ron Paul with crowds of six, seven, even TEN THOUSAND at each rally well after he’s clearly lost. Something in the script isn’t playing out. Romney is lucky if he can gin up 200 hobos to attend and they admit when drunk enough they are being paid to hold the signs.

Eventually they have to resort to KIDNAPPING and BROKEN BONES to squash the Paul movement. Something wasn’t playing according to the script.

My democratic friend razzes me – Your guy lost. But Romney was never our guy, he was the guy of the REince Preibus – caught lying on camera about the petition to place Ron Paul into contention.

You see even after all the dirty tricks, Ron Paul still got five states to nominate him, got all the paperwork signed in triplicate, and notarized as was the new rules. And they presented them to the Republican secretary within the time limit as well. And they ignored him, were like “uhhh this isn’t supposed to happen so we will ignore it” and at the convention when they finished speaking they would BLAST music to overcome screams of horror and discontent.

The problem is this isn’t just sour grapes. Kerry was sour grapes. This is the fabric of our democracy being stolen in a rigged game that placed a operative hell bent on continuing our destructive course in action. But they should be open about it – “Today unemployment hit 23% for the fifth straight year making this the NEW greatest depression! And we gave all your money to evil banks who refuse to loan it out and instead gave themselves huge bonuses with it and continue betting on derivitives or earning free cash by parking it at the federal reserve”

But now a new demon is at our shores. China is sitting on two trillion in our cash. “I”M HERE TO BUY.. DERRRR” says China like a drunk Cartman playing a retard. OIL. Ports. Airports. America is selling Texas Oil Rights to China now. The port at Long Beach. They will be our new invisible masters. Why are we forced to import middle east oil? Could it be that none of our Alaskan Oil and Gas makes it to the American market? And now Gulf oil is going to China as well? And it gets worse. The Chinese have set up pumping stations on our great lakes and every days tanker fulls of our fresh water is shipped away. It’s all perfectly legal. They call it free trade.

Obama’s response – that’s just fine. Hey can I borrow another trillion I’ve decided to give away another 100 billion to hispanic farmers who’ve never famed a day in their life and fight five new wars. I keep raising taxes but I seem to keep getting less and less money in. China says “SURRREEE , DERRRR, JUS LEMME SHOP SOME MORE” and obama nods.  They make moves to sign up our natural gas companies. The timber from the forrests. Our steel Ore (not our steel). It’s all flying to China. The big car dealers had Obama put Delco out of business… all the parts for cars now come from China. But they can say Made in America, just slap the stuff together here.

Go alone, nod and bobble your head, unemployment is only 6% pay no attention to all the empty homes and businesses. Another man screams and leaps to his death. A family shivers under a bridge. Pay no attention, move along, listen to the fuzzy man on TV. The recovery is improving, things are getting better just give us all your guns and do not panic, the blacks and hispanic invaders need your money so don’t be stingy give more and more taxes and let’s increase your property taxes one more time so there will be more foreclosures we need to pay for 20 more police officers and their million dollar retirement plans but oh you in the private sector get nothing cause you went to college and worked harder than the police guy who partied and drank beer and flunked out of high school. Nope. They get the nice warm houses you get to rot without healthcare under a bridge. Yep. Just wear a big sign that says “I’m not unemployed I’m not homeless” so people driving by don’t worry about things. Oh america imported another 577,000 Indians in 2012. They make such lovely workers. Dont’ worry move along step aside. Oh the cops just punched a dozen 12 year old girls in their faces and sprayed them with prison cans of pepper spay. Move along doesn’t matter. Step aside. Oh the election was stolen and is an utter fraud. Move along keep on moving. Oh 911 .. that engine laying their, it’s fuel exhaust ports is the wrong part to be from the plane they said it was. Conspiracy theory nut move along step aside. Oh there’s no video of Adam Lanza entering the school despite the new 300,000 dollar security system at the door. Move along step aside.

I refuse to move.

Here’s the deal. A nation that rewards birth in its welfare ranks and allows invasion by foreign mexicans and welcomes third worlders as a way to dillute the native vote so they can bring in tyranny and totalitarianism and marxism, fake the votes with no one protesting, control the news channels with handouts of hundreds of billions a year, while the ZIRP zero interest rate mean the government has hit debt saturation with no ability to repay or raise the interest rates which mean the people cannot get return on savings and grow capital neither can they get earnings from investment in their primary home. So the nation is raped of capital and the only employer becomes the government. This is the road to marxism.

Protesting in the streets does not work only closing the streets. The system itself has to be shut down by the masses. It has to be clogged up by people in great numbers. No dozen hippies in a drum circle celebrating their unwashed-ness is going to change things. Protesting in downtown parks will not change things only encircling the banks and investment megoliths, taking it to the streets not to the parks.