A bipartisan Senate plan to dramatically expand a visa program for highly skilled foreign workers resembles a proposal unveiled by Microsoft last fall, but well exceeds the company’s own goals.

Led by Sen. Orrin Hatch, R-Utah, five Republicans and five Democrats rolled out the Immigration Innovation Act on Tuesday to lift the annual quota of H-1B visas for those workers from 65,000 to 115,000. That new cap would grow each year if demand outstrips supply, potentially up to 300,000 visas annually. In 2012 they approved 577,000 visas so the numbers and limits aren’t even followed anyways or companies simply declare themselves “exempt” from the limit even if by rights they aren’t. With the new limits we could be importing five million Indians each year for non-existant fraud jobs. They will get pimped out in the contract market and willing to work for ten dollars an hour.

“It’s very important that we starve all American engineers so that we convince our children the benefits of studying engineering.” said a drunken Hattch. “By allowing their wives to work, that doubles it to almost a million new jobs I’m creating” said a drunken senator.

More than 30,000 American engineers have taken their own lives after being thrown away by the cruelest nation on earth. “We just can’t figure out why our companies are making crappy products. We can’t even sell our junky cars in Europe.” When asked if it might be because we treat our engineers like shit and sentence them to death, Amy Jacobs responded “No we love engineers, we hired ten more from India just this week.”

In the 2010 elections, Microsoft’s PAC contributed $2.3 million to House and Senate candidates. The PAC has contributed the maximum $20,000 to each of Hatch’s last two campaigns.

Back before the antitrust case, Microsoft’s tiny lobbying contingent sat in the company’s local sales office in Chevy Chase. Since the Hatch hearings, Gates’ company has poured more than $100 million into K Street’s economy, hiring up members of congress and Capitol Hill staff, many of whom then became top fundraisers — such as Republican Jack Abramoff and Democrat Steve Elmendorf.

In addition, the bill calls for doing away with a separate cap of 20,000 visas for foreigners with graduate degrees from U.S. universities. It also would allow spouses of H-1B visa holders to hold jobs for the first time, and reserve unused green cards for permanent residency for foreigners with technology- and science-related skills. “Our wives are also the best and the brightest” smiled a Indian engineer with three wives.

The bill would charge employers an extra $1,000 for each visa and use the money to bolster so-called STEM education—science, technology, engineering and math—for American students. “I’ve got three degrees from MIT and am fluent in 20 computer programming languages. What good is a ‘this is called a mouse’ computer class for me? And how is studying sheet metal shop going to help me in the computer industry?” said James Larony a out of work engineer. In truth the money goes to train blacks and hispanics in inner cities the basics of computing or worse – food service, not to retrain engineers in skills like SAP and Data Warehousing which is in demand right now.

Taken together, the provisions largely mirror a blueprint laid out earlier by Microsoft. The Redmond company and others in the technology field seek to liberalize rules to import more workers to fill vacancies for which they say they lack qualified Americans. “We started to offer Americans $15 dollars an hour and still we were having trouble finding qualified engineers with masters degrees and ten years of experience. Thank goodness we have the Indians.” When asked if she was worried that so many companies which had thrown away their American engineers and gone Indian seemed to fail or at least stagger like Dell is now doing she replied “We are committed to hiring the best and the brightest, wherever they come from. Sure they cheat on their exams and throw explosives, but that’s just part of their culture.”

Rajneesh cheers up and down after completing his two week “masters program” above the smells of a curry restaurant – “I’m the best and the brightest I’m the best and the brightest” he cheers triumphantly, guaranteed a wife of his dreams, a luxury house in India when he returns, and all the jobs the American’s don’t seem to want very much in their twelfth year of economic collapse. At first he was worried that as a recent grad he might not get hired, but the placement agency simply handed him a resume with ten years of experience. “Learn these catch phrases” says the secretary. After two weeks of study Rajneesh is bound for America and his dreams.

An American worker writes of the Tragedy at Adobe:

I worked for Adobe Systems in San Jose, CA from Oct-Dec 2005 in a software engineering group as a contractor. Upon starting work I noticed that the company was jammed to the ceiling with foreign guest workers – mostly from India and China. In IT positions in the company there were barely 15% Americans overall. Our tiny group was mostly Americans because all worked on a niche computing platform that doesn’t focus on Windows. Most of my coworkers were Americans and my immediate boss was an American. However, his boss was from India and was apparently new to the company and had only been there about 5 months before I got there. In meetings I would notice that this senior Indian manager would constantly talk about “cross-training”. The company had rooms full of foreign guest workers doing nothing but sitting around learning new skills, not developing products. I would notice many of these foreign workers often going to the office of the technical lead in our group to ask him how things were done. The senior Indian manager himself didn’t really seem to know what he was doing as I would always hear him asking rudimentary development questions in the project manager’s office adjacent to mine. One time I even heard him asking the project manager where he got a prerelease installation CD for Microsoft’s upcoming operating system. The answer of course was “MSDN”. The project manager was an American also. One would think a highly skilled, highly educated senior IT manager from India would know such basic IT information, but apparently not.

There was also another engineering manager in another group who appeared to be from Viet Nam. She spoke broken English and was difficult to understand at times. I was tasked with writing some software for her group. Upon starting the project I asked her for a project GANTT chart for the tasks I was to work on. A GANTT chart is a standard project planning tool used on all properly run software projects. She didn’t even know what a GANTT chart was. Her idea of good software development practices was to send daily emails to developers saying “Oh and one more thing…”. She of course went home at 6 every night so she could watch TV while we had to stay until midnight to struggle with the ensuing chaos she created. She didn’t know the first thing about developing software. It does make one wonder why we are bringing these people into the country if they don’t already possess the skills claimed.

After about two months Adobe acquired Macromedia and it was announced a few weeks ahead of time that there would be layoffs as a result of the merger. I didn’t mind the layoffs so much as the way they happened and *who* was and was not laid off. I ended up getting laid off, as did my American boss, as did the American project manager in the office next to me. One other senior American Windows engineer in our group was laid off after being with Adobe 8 years. In a former life he had worked on the Xerox Star at PARC. Nope – no skills there! I guess he is one of the American workers who is not smart enough to work in American companies or one of the highly skilled American workers that companies claim they can’t “find”. In the end 5 people were laid off from our group. One was of Chinese descent but the other 4 were Americans – U.S. Citizens.

Two of the 4 laid off Americans in our group were REPLACED with two foreign Indian workers from within the company. One took my old manager’s job, and one took the Windows installer engineer’s job. The new Indian manager who replaced my boss came running around with a big smile on his face shaking everyone’s hand the next day with glee introducing himself and telling everyone he would be managing the group “going forward”. He could barely constrain his excitement. Both Indian workers were directly promoted to their new positions by the senior Indian manager in our group.

So in the end the senior Indian engineering manager took the merger and layoffs as a prime opportunity to slash Americans from the workforce, and to promote Indians into the same positions. I’ve seen this happen at nearly every company I’ve worked at. It’s an American worker replacement program. These people coming into the country possess little or zero of the skills claimed. The real goal is to get them into the country, TRANSFER the skills of existing American workers to them first, and then lay off the American workers. This has been the case at nearly every software company I have worked at in the past 8 years. It’s a mass skills transference plan on a national level. Of course, the CEOs and executives high up in these American companies are too ignorant and stupid to know that they are being conned, because all they see are the dollar signs from the money the Indians promise they will save. Of course in the end it never works because after 8 years of these shennanigans Silicon Valley is a wasteland of FOR LEASE signs.

None of these imported workers have delivered any of the economic benefits we were promised in 1998 when these programs were increased to mass levels. In fact, the opposite has happened. Instead of keeping the 90s booming economy going, these 3rd world workers have sucked it dry. Silicon Valley is dying and it is because these stupid companies are importing millions of fake workers under fraudulent pretenses and then the workers aren’t producing anything. All the 3rd world workers know is “IT is a good way to get rich”. So they come to Silicon Valley and the companies collapse. They move from company to company kicking out productive Americans, taking skills and money, and then not producing anything. When the company collapses they move on to the next one. One company after another goes under and the CEOs wonder why they can’t make this business model work anymore.

The Indian workers could care less about whether they destroy the companies or not. All they care about is taking. As one Indian worker said “We have to get our money before the Chinese do”. Yes, GET is their operative word. CREATE is not in their vocabulary. Meanwhile the very American workers who created the industry are deliberately being kept out of the workforce by managers like the senior Indian engineering manager at Adobe – so that unskilled Indian workers can have “jobs”. What is actually happening is that these imported workers are enjoying the benefits of the 20 million jobs Americans created in the 90s long before they got here. The imported workers are enjoying having those jobs now but they are not maintaining them nor are they creating new ones. They are getting a free ride coasting on jobs Americans created. Meanwhile the very American workers who GAVE them these jobs are being kicked out of their own job market by the imported workers themselves. That is the way 3rd world gratitude works I guess. This entire thing has been a fraudulent racket from day one.



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