The pact was simple. The people will vote their representatives to Washington D.C. to govern. The majority of people would win the vote and then via the electoral college, vote in the president.

Around 2004 all that changed. Republicans engaged in dirty tactics to remove veterans from the voter rolls. By mailing them requests to confirm cards knowing they were overseas and wouldnt reply, they stifled their vote.

A similar game was played with black voters who were disenfranchised by being removed for committing a felony.

Democrats began to load the country up with illegal aliens to vote for them. Using the old voters act states that had high levels of slavery could not demand identification to vote. Many illegals voted hundreds of time simply giving different names until one matched.

All of this was accepted as what happens in a free democracy as part of the general graft in the system. Then we got to 2008.  The entire mainstream media system used every dirty trick in the book to demonize Ron Paul. Mostly they refused to grant him any coverage despite crowds of thousands. When results came in and Paul would place second they would skip over him as if he were a ghost. All paid for by the federal reserve, a cartel of rich zionist and european bankers who control America like a cash cow. Networks would be paid hundreds of millions of dollars in hush money often directly to prominent newscasters wallets. Other millions came in the form of military ads.

In 2011 the plan was simple, Ron Pauls people had such huge overwhelming numbers they simply could not be silenced. Or so they thought. For example in Louisiana the powers that be simply ignored all the calls for votes and proceeded like 90% of the people there didn’t even exit. The people then, practically the whole room, turned their chairs around in disgust and started their own convention facing the opposite wall. The GOP sent in goons to break arms and hips and throw people to the ground. In other conventions when the Federal Reserves Minions started to lose, they simply turned off the lights and canceled the convention.  At one, when a Ron Paul person was elected Convention chair, the acting convention chair called them a terrorist and refused to recognize them.

Despite all of the Ron Paul was winning. Getting crowds of 10,000 people at most speaking events. Mitt Romney paid a few hundred people to hold signs, a few hundred others plus a hoarde of staffers showed up to most of his meetings he barely broke 1000 people at most of them. Somehow we were supposed to believe the lie that this was the people’s choice?

Ballot fraud was outrageous with votes being taken away and counted in secret, especially in critical Iowa.

The entire delegation of Maine which was for Ron Paul, was simply thrown out. Then they voted in new laws so that the people could never be heard ever ever again. But even for this they couldnt get passed normally so they simply kidnapped the long time republican who was to oppose them and submit a rare counter brief at the rules meeting.

In spite of all this, Paul still had five states place him in nomination. Ha said the republicans, we require all of this notarized and certified. You’ll never finish the paper work on time. But sure enough, an hour before the convention reopened, the secretary of the republican party was given full certified and legal paperwork to place Ron Paul into nomination. And what did she do? She ignored it.

In spite of all the cheating, broken bones, canceled conventions, and cheating ballot boxes, when Ron Paul was still to be in the nomination they refused it.

Why? Well they are a private club you see. A private club that gets 180 million dollars from the taxpayers. Well that doesn’t fly.

That day that Reince Preibus refused to acknowledge Ron Paul for the nomination was a pivatol moment in American history, for that day my friends, was the day that THE NATION DIED. FREEDOM DIED. And at that day, it became time to pick up arms against a unjust government, a false government, a lie government.

President Obama is a false president. He has no more legitimacy than if he got his votes out of a cracker jack box. And yet, we go on and on as if all this is normal. Well it isn’t.

Any man who stands against these terrorists in power are patriots. And yet they would call them terrorists.

Well I will stand beside the patriot, and defend him, and any action he takes to get this country back to the rule of law. Sic Semper Tyranis.  There is no expiration on the crimes they have committed. None.  There is a reason they just bought 1,700,000,000 bullets. They are worried. Worried that the first person to say the emperor has no clothes will be enjoined by the thousands and millions who say enough.

You are a fraud and a lie Mr. President. Because the whole election was a utter sham and the whole world is watching.  For now we use just words. Words are feeling not up to the task not in the slightest. This is not a democrat vs. republican thing. This is not a left vs. right, conservative vs. liberal, white vs. black. Although they desperately try to make it so.

Let me be clear. Our democracy has been stolen and the people in charge are traitors. The case of Ron Paul cannot be misconstrued. There is no way in hell the republican GOP is legitimate. There is no way in hell Mitt Romney was a legitimate candidate. And there is no way in hell we will forget that. The entire government is illegitimate, a farce, and a lie. Damn you all to hell.

“”God forbid we should ever be twenty years without such a rebellion…. And what country can preserve its liberties, if its rulers are not warned from time to time, that this people preserve the spirit of resistance? Let them take arms…. The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants.”  — Thomas Jefferson,  in letter to William S. Smith, 1787

A good rule of thumb is that you know you’re at a Ron Paul rally if you can’t possibly fit all the people in your photograph

This is the first time in American History that ten thousand have gathered to hear a candidate speak. Across the country Romney was in Bromall PA speaking to a crowd of… fifty? One Hundred? There are no videos and the only picture one can find looks like he asked everyone to crowd in closer for the tight aspect photo. Why would they take a picture like that? Maybe because no one else is there.

When we look at earlier Romney crowds we see the same pattern. Empty stadiums and mostly empty rooms. In this photo the photographer has made a mistake. He forgot to take only the tight crop picture, and zooming out we see that in fact the crowd is tiny, perhaps just 100 people at best.

And again.