The big lie is that being an American is somehow a good thing because our average GDP is the highest among nations. Actually it’s a death sentence.

#1:  Get Sick Just Once And Be Homeless

If you ever EVER get sick before you turn 65 you will be charged $200,000 dollars per emergency room visit and many millions of dollar for anything at all. Everything you ever worked for will be gone in an instant. NO OTHER CIVILIZED NATION DOES THIS TO ITS CITIZENS.

In 2007, nearly two-thirds of all bankruptcies in the U.S. were tied to medical debt , and nearly 80 percent of those who filed for protection were insured at onset of illness, according to a June study in the American Journal of Medicine.

#2: You are taxed on WORLDWIDE income. NO OTHER CIVILIZED NATION DOES THIS TO ITS CITIZENS (except Canada to prevent Americans from going to Canada to escape it)

#3: Europeans, Asians are all allowed to come to America to work, but as an American you aren’t going anywhere. Even in Switzerland where EVERY OTHER EU CITIZEN REQUIRES A WORK PERMIT they will NOT FILE IT for Americans.

#4: Everyone else got their education up to PHD level for free (or nearly free). Doctors in Germany earn only 60,000 a year so many simply come here and earn the $250,000 a year average.

#5: You will have to compete with third world refuse with fake degrees driving your earnings to crap. Last year in 2012 the US approved 577, 298 H-1B visas to destroy American engineers.  Many of your doctors will be from INDIA for gods sake. They set tires on fire and kill people in India when not allowed to cheat on their exams.

#6:  You will pay the second highest taxes in earth (second only to France) and get NOTHING for it. Not free health care, nor free education, nor protection from disability, nothing.

#7:  The World Standard is 35 hour work weeks, Fridays OFF, and JULY AND AUGUST OFF. Try that in America. Ha!

#8: You are forced to live with a low IQ Goon Force at every turn whether police, TSA, or government.

#9: You are forced to live with a population that has been severely IQ manipulated through government schools, fluoride, and prescription drugs, and fed a steady diet of Houswives of LA and Kardashians. This will make it nearly impossible to find a mate. If you DO (and are a male) they can divororce you take the kids and half your income for life even if they were the one cheating on you. Some deal. If you have kids don’t expect any free child care, that’s reserved for welfare blacks and hispanics with the head start program, not you. Also don’t expect six months off with pay like they get in Europe. Fat chance.

#10: You will become destitute as the entire wealth of the nation is siphoned off and handed to corrupt banks, often receiving as much as 50 billion dollars a year EACH FREE MONEY. Not just American banks, but you also get the privelege of paying for the rich EUROPEAN BANKERS as well. Enjoy those high food prices baby, cause that’s the extra dollars that they sent to the bankers.