The Republican National Committee concedes in a sprawling report Monday that the GOP is seen as the party of “stuffy old men” and needs to change its ways.

Shockingly, their solution is to push for amnesty for illegal aliens and to modify the primary process so stuffed shirt candidates like Shit Romney can be pushed through with less argument from the grass roots.

The report said that the middle class is full of economic anxieties and the GOP is preparing a response to spend more money on war and big government as a way to allay those fears. Read the report here

Wait a second, wasn’t there SOMEBODY from 2012 who said that approach was all wrong? Oh yah, Ron Paul!

They go on: “We also recommend broadening the base of the party and inviting as many votes as possible into the Republican party by discouraging conventions and caucuses for the purpose of allocating delegates to the national convention.”

Gee ya think that could be a reference to those MILLIONS OF RON PAUL Supporters? YOU BETCHA!

Shut down the caucuses, move to primaries and make there less time for debate is the prescription to save the GoP. Memo to the Gop YOUR FINISHED NOTHING WILL SAVE YOU! YOU CHEATED and now your name is MUD. Got that? You are a bunch of CHEATERS and NEVER AGAIN will any libertarian participate in your nonsense.

They are also going to form a new group to meet with blacks and hispanics to hear about their issues. Since they ignore the white voters its quite easy for them to ignore blacks and hispanics as well I guess.

The cheating that went on to exclude the REAL winner – Ron Paul – (see Iowa Cheats Ron Paul and GOP Cheats Ron Paul make it clear there can be no doubt they cheated to steal the primary from Ron Paul. No who in their right mind wants to do business with that party. This isn’t about being for the criminal marxist Democrats either. It’s about recognizing that it’s time for a third party to represent patriots libertarians and constitutionalists to stand against the Marxists (aka democrats) and the Fascists (aka Rethugricans). Until that third part forms – and it should form out of a condensation of the existing alternate parties into one solid block – America is plunged into its doom.