More and more evidence is coming to light about 911 that is incontrovertible. One recent study looks at the odd and apparent too big SIZE of the plane that hit the twin towers on 911. The plane that hit the tower was a 767-222 with a wingspan of 156 feet. But every time you look at pictures using the width of the tower – 208 feet – as a guide, the plane simply comes out as too big. In fact the width of the plane comes out to closer to 170 feet. One 767 does have a wingspan that is larger and is 170 feet – the 767-400. And it is this type of plane that is fitted with an additional equipment cone underneath it when used by the military as a remote drone. Would someone in the military not know the difference in size between the two 767 models – quite likely. If the image of the plane is an utter fake, getting the correct relative SIZE would have been one of the things a graphic designer could have messed up on. It’s hard to blend two images and know as that plane approaches exactly how big it’s supposed to be. So it could be simply a over imposed image that got made too large. But it any case it isn’t real, it can’t be the plane that is supposed to have hit the building.

Some might argue that this is a difference of DISTANCE the plane being closer. But even on impact the wingspan can clearly be seen as large when hitting the building. There can be no mistaking it.

911 plane

Also the 767 has engines which extend slightly UNDER the wings. The underside of the plane showed engines that looked more like the 777 style engines which do not extend under the wings.

911 plane

Another goof was in the engine parts found in NYC presumably from an airplane that crashed into the tower. The ports do not match the right airplane.

Look at the above photo of the size of the  JT9D-xx engine of a  767. It’s huge. Now look below. This engine isn’t even close to as big, even stripping away the fan blade assembly.  From 4 feet wide to just 2 feet wide. It doesn’t match.


In this image we look at the width of the two engines, from the narrowest part of the black and white engine compared to the one at the scene of 911. First lets get the two people to be at about the same size. In fact let’s make the black person smaller than they would actually be in real life which makes the engine seem bigger. Even with that, there is no way this engine has the width of an actual 767 engine.

Look at the exhibit of 911 wreckage they displayed again pay attention to the size of the engine:

Let’s as the more specific question – What is the name of the engineer who has VERIFIED that that engine came from the plane they say it does. Never been released. Because there isn’t one.

Still there is much evidence which shows that at least SOME of the videos showing planes were clearly faked. In this one video, the plane image is shown going IN FRONT of the cranes cables, when clearly it should have gone behind it (too hard to do with the fine cable line?)

911 planes

No there can be no other conclusion other than our government or elements associated within it colluded and succeeded in murdering three thousand American citizens to take us into a police state hell of endless war and terror. Damn them all.