One of the shocking things about Obama is that many of his decisions seem to make no sense. In fact, what the whole congress and senate are up to makes no sense either. There is a secret agenda behind what they are doing and it is to force an American cultural revolution.

The plan is simple – to utterly destroy all careers and intelligentsia in society. And bring about an American dark age. Why? Because as the shift to China accelerates their stocks will boom and huge wealth is/will be created. Just as huge wealth was created in the rise of America over Britain. They care not a whit what it will do to this nation – that is send us all back to the stone age. Or worse, a quasi-communist state with no factory production like Great Britain.

It is a macro-strategy, an epi strategy that emerges. Now many say the Cloward-Piven strategy of simply overwhelming the welfare system is afoot. Maybe. That’s certainly part of it. But that is not all of it by a long shot. You cann’t dump a nation simply by blasting it’s welfare system and overspending. You have to disgrace the intelligent and productive workers. And that is Obama’s real plan.

Engineers: There are 4.5 million software engineers in America. Obama and Bush brought in 4 million foreigners to take those jobs. Most have fake degrees and fake resumes and are barely literate in the field. Doesn’t matter, they cost ten bucks an hour. In 2012 in the height of the grest depression (that’s the new abbreviation for greatest depression) they approved 577,000 applications. What sane nation does this? Ok Engineers are toast and no one with a brain will ever study engineering again. Check.

Low Wage Workers / Laborers: Obama’s Amnesty (and bush’s) which they call comprehensive immigration reform which is short for “you’re screwed we’ve let the Mexicans in” is not really so much designed to take away low labor jobs as it is a boon to big business which hires them. But the real reason behind it is that with America’s arcane voting laws which don’t require identification at the voting booth it’s a way to have a fifth column of voters who mostly will vote Marxist and AGAINST the interest of Americans in elections. Obama was the first WINNER of that prize and without these votes he never would have made it into office. With the passage of this act, 33 million new communist voters will become legal and all hope for sane elections which do not divert money to communist handouts and try instead to rebuild industry and balance the budget will never occur ever again. With the passage of this single bill the entire population of America from a voting standpoint will be null and void. That’s the true power scam that’s going on. Oh yah, and they screw construction workers, laborers, cooks, and all the other jobs that these invaders take.

Doctors: Obviously we cannot live without doctors nor can we import slop from India (we do, but not that many) so the plan for Doctors is simply to bring them under total bureaucratic control ala ObamaScare.

Truckers: Ah trucking. The personification of the American ideal, your own boss on the open road in a big rig. In the 1980s they had TV shows about it – BJ and the Bear comes to mind. Nope you’re screwed under Obama as he’s allowed Mexican trucks to come right into America faulty brakes the loose steering columns and all.

Longshore Dock Workers: One of the last safe unions in America. They’ve built a huge deep port in Mexico, expanded I35 through Texas and are planning on a massive land side distribution center. They haven’t gotten it yet, but the whole point of all these billions in spending and constant pushing? It’s to destroy this union of dock workers who unload all the ships from China. No job for you!

Small Business: No you’re screwed under Obama. His Obamacare has get out of OC free cards for all the big boys and none for small business. And it’s like that with taxes also of which GE paid none last year and Google paid 6%. But if you are a small business you’ve got no exotic loopholes and will pay the 36% tax rate and like it and also have to employ endless lawyers for all the regulations they write.

Factory Workers: This is the big one. Even as early as 2000 we had 11% manufacturing base now it’s down to just 6%. 52,000 factories closed since 2000 when they began the plan. But they are struggling. Seems now that so many are out of work it’s actually cheaper to manufacture here in America than in China. To counter this China is offering FREE ELECTRICITY and Zero Taxes for life. But China always has an evil catch – every company there must be 51% Chinese owned. Which means the Chinese steal every patent every production secret and within two years they go off and build it themselves sans Americanos. The latest grift? The Hybrid engine that GM developed. Thank god it’s crap.

Defending from the OCR:

Technology is making production possible at home. 3-d printers now print metal parts. Cad CNC systems and loft style builder consortiums are popping up. Seems that Americans just have a zest and vim to create things big factories be damned. Obama’s taxes will crush most of their dreams but they still are a threat. Hell they shot down the plastic gun in 24 hours.

China’s starting to wobble: Their average age is increasing and population growth is decreasing. Their vast building projects sit empty. They are an empty economy unable to keep up with their population. And they have no water which is why they are stealing it from the great lakes. America can pass ONE LAW – to REFUSE THE EXPORT OF WATER – and China would crumble. Unrest and revolution would no longer make China a good offshore destination and people would shift to Malaysia or the Phillipines.

Obama’s Secret Plan:

The real plan of Obama using these policies is to cause America to wither on the vine. People will slowly go destitute. By 2016 the interest on the debt will exceed 50% of tax revenue. About that time it will be game over. Which shows how perilously close things are to blowing up.

The other side of Obama’s insane strategy is to seize the middle east before America collapses. To do that they must topple Syria to get to Iran. The thinking is that since oil is essentially money it gives us unlimited money ala Saudi Arabia. Actually, it’s a fairly brilliant plan if it didn’t have a 90% chance of starting world war 3. Iran is supplied by Russia. They have the best ship killing missles and tactical nukes. We could take Iran but it would be left a radioactive hole in the ground. World oil supplies would crumble throwing the whole world into a panic and America would be the big loser since we still import much of our oil.

What you can do:

1) Get out of the banking systems 90%. Find ways to pay with Bitcoin or metals or barter. Do not adopt the retirement plans unless manadatory. Find low tax property and keep your public exposed incomes to a minimum. Plant fruit trees. Live off the land or have a city domicile and a chunk of land not far away to go to for food / restock as things get worse.

2) Find employment in something that feeds the despot economy – Government, Prisons, Doctors, Undertakers, Gun Dealers, etc.

3) Form Neighborhood WTSHTF support groups and plan together.

4) Start local barter saturdays or silver paid markets. Take those FRNs and dump them in the trash where they belong.

5) Dump your mortgage and buy tax free land. Live in a small apartment in the city and weekend on your land until it’s livable. Invite others to form communities. You’ll always need capital so sell them a building plot with a 100 year lease for 20 grand. Poof now you have the money for those solar panels. And centralized steam heat for all the buildings. Now set up a trading day with the other off-grid communities that will sprout up (see step 4)

The move to parallel systems will be a jolt to the Gubs and their loss of tax revenue will accelerate Bernake to print even more dollars making the collapse happen faster. The faster we get to the other side to a free America the better.