Despite the twelfth year of the economic depression and replacing 4 million of the 4.21 million technology workers in America with foreign workers with fake degrees and fake resumes, the senate decided to increase the numbers.

“Four MILLION dead American software engineers is not enough” screamed Orrin Hatch (whoring hatch) “I will not rest until no American ever studies science ever again!”

When asked why he was sentencing the remaining few thousand American software workers to death and why to need to increase the flood of America with crap foreign labor Hatch replied “Because I hate America I hate the whole motherf-in nation and I will do everything I can to destroy it with bills like this”

More than any other group, the high-tech industry got big wins in an immigration bill approved by the Senate Judiciary Committee last week, thanks to a concerted lobbying effort, an ideally positioned Senate ally and relatively weak opposition.

The result amounted to a bonanza for the industry: unlimited green cards for foreigners with certain advanced U.S. degrees and a huge increase in visas for highly skilled foreign workers.

In 2012 they approved 577,000 visas for foreign tech workers on the H-1b program, while only 20,000 new jobs were created. That means they sent another 550,000 American engineers to the streets.

Senator Durbin protested “Sir we need at least TEN American engineers left or this country will fall, can we not have some protections in the bill” but he was shot down and laughed at as senators screamed “Kill the Engineers” and “Let them All Die!”

Durbin aruged that engineers create jobs and will lead us out of recession so why were we destroying them by replacing them with fake engineers from foreign countries who have only studied engineering for a few days if at all. Hatch again screamed and became violent declaring “I will not rest until every American software engineer is dead”

“Americans would be shocked to know that these H-1Bs are not going to Microsoft,” Durbin said, directing his comment to Microsoft General Counsel Brad Smith. “They’re going to these firms, largely in India, who are finding workers, engineers, who will work at low wages in the U.S. for three years and pay a fee to Infosys or these companies. I think that is an abuse of what we are trying to achieve here.”

And thanks to the intervention of Sen. Orrin Hatch, R-Utah, the industry succeeded in greatly curtailing controls sought by Sen. Dick Durbin, D-Ill., aimed at protecting U.S. workers – A requirement to try to hire an American Engineer first. “Were not going to try to hire an American, not now not ever!” laughed industry spokesperson Anjnesha Anil. Durbin demanded that companies try to hire American engineers first but Hatch and the other traitors refused – “We will not NOW OR EVER AGAIN hire American engineers!” screamed minions in the senate.

In exchange, Hatch voted for the bill when it passed the committee, helping boost its bipartisan momentum as it heads to the Senate floor next month. For Durbin and his allies in organized labor, winning Hatch’s support was a bitter victory.

“There was an agreement with the tech industry and Sen. Hatch said he wanted more, and that was what it took to get his vote,” Durbin said in an interview. “I’m NOT a gay boy and they bankers don’t control me with naughty pictures with broomsticks up my butt” Orrin Hatch screamed as the rest of the senate floor heckled him as “broomstick” and “broom boy hatch” many were looking at pictures that had been passed around.

But the increase in H-1B visas was accompanied by new requirements aimed at ensuring American workers get the first shot at jobs. High-tech industry leaders say they never agreed to those provisions; Durbin insists they did.

The tech industry “really used Senator Hatch’s vote to improve their position in the bill. I understand that,” Durbin said. “But I think in fairness now, I hope the industry is satisfied and they will not push this any further.”

Not push further than full death for American software engineers? Yep why would they need to push further?

Hatch countered: “Look, these are companies looking to contribute to the American economy in a way that benefits American workers and American-trained foreign workers.”

“How does it benefit American technology workers to be unemployed and dead?” replied a frantic Durbin not believing what he was hearing. But the other senators just laughed and passed the bill screaming and scowling “kill the american engineers” “dont stop until they are all dead and gone forever”

Even before the Judiciary Committee took up the bill, industry had seen key pieces of its wish list granted. The legislation written by four Democratic and four Republican senators awards a permanent resident green card to any foreigner with a job offer in the U.S. and an advanced degree in science, technology, engineering or math from a U.S. school. It also raised the limit on the H-1B visas that go to highly skilled immigrants from 65,000 a year to as many as 180,000. Since in 2012 they approved 577,000 visas on the 65,000 cap, that means that with a 180,000 limit they can bring in five million engineers each year. “let’s see Americans try to survive that onslaught!” laughed a demonic Orrin Hatch, “all the filthy American engineers will die die die ha ha ha ha” he laughed a demonic laugh.

Durbin didn’t understand the fact that there are FOUR MILLION American engineers waiting for a job that have been displaced. “I think this notion of more homegrown American talent is something we all should applaud, and if that means charging a higher fee to bring in a foreign H-1B worker so we can create scholarship opportunities for American students to become tomorrow’s engineers, I think that’s what America want us to do,” Durbin said. Yet current fees from H-1b which go to training go to “nurses” and “how to bend metal” classes not classes on oracle internals or SAP or JEE architecture. So its all a joke and a flat lie how can Durbin be so stupid!

Microsoft expanded its use of the H-1B after losing the permatemp lawsuit. They wanted cheap, indentured workers who could be repatriated if they complained about entry-level wages, lack of overtime pay, lack of company benefits, low-grade work or immigration violations.

They set up an offshore division just across the border in Canada to serve as a reverse underground railroad shipping indentured workers *into* America under H-1B and L1, just before laying off 5000 Americans as soon as they had enough foreign workers to replace them. The director of this offshore division is quoted as saying they were performing “low-grade testing” and “it’s the guys without the turbans who are the standouts”

One of the workers they shipped to the US reported them to the government, who ruled they had violated H-1B laws refusing to pay their workers for months:

This illustrates why the Indian body shops are a blight but not the real problem. Few Americans want to work for a body shop. The reason they face unemployment is that corporations are hiring H-1Bs not to bring “innovators” with PhDs, but indentured workers on entry-level salaries who can’t quit their job. To sweatshops like Microsoft, a foreigner who will drop dead at their desk debugging code if you threaten them with repatriation regularly is more attractive than an American who can quit their job to spend more time with their family or work for Google.

Americans are leaving STEM careers in droves, wages are falling, careers are truncated by the mid-forties and STEM enrollment declining due to poor prospects. And you would be hard pressed to find any field where age discrimination is more rampant – careers are over by the mid-forties. Additionally our universities can tell you there are plenty of graduates for meeting the nation’s needs.

This is about unequivocally about corporate GREED. GREED that is destroying our nation’s base of engineers, scientists and technology workers. Three independent GAO studies found massive fraud – they have FAKE DEGREES and FAKE RESUMES. They are not the best and the brightest they are the squishiest and stinkiest pieces of poo.

The H-1B visa program only serves corporate and foreign profits while trampling on the interests of both our nation and
its citizens. This program must be ABOLISHED .

It time for the US Congress put the interests of our nation and citizens above profits and foreigners with cash in hand.

Fast forward to 12:00 in this video to see Michael Coleman, washington editor for the Albuquerque journal (gee thats prestigious!) parrot the IMBECILE LIES such as:

1) They are educated
2) They are smart
3) Companies cant find americans in the 12th year of economic depression
4) they are entrepreneurs

THEY ARE DUMB POND SCUM WITH FAKE DEGREES AND FAKE RESUMES and dumber than the dumbest most pathetic American Engineer. Got that! DUMB. They ARE DUMB! We are flooding America with DUMB HORRIBLE FAKE ENGINEERS with FAKE DEGREES FROM INDIA and ABROAD.

OK I can’t watch this IMBECILE Michael Coleman who puts dumb idiots like this ON TV!!!