You can get stressed out about it or you can start loving it. The end of private property, freedom of speech, peace and prosperity. Yah it all sucks. But what ya gonna do about it? For me, I make sure I get the best grope down I can at the airport. “Just a little higher, yah thats the spot” and if they do it right it saves me a visit to the chiropractor. Worried about all that internet PRISM spying on every email? THink of it as one big backup plan for your data. Tired of the corporations failing and the only jobs being as part of the thug force or prison guards? I say look at the great pensions! Besides being a thug is fun theres nothing more rewarding than getting a granny to swallow her dentures from a well place boot on her neck.

No the prison state as enslavement for all is nothing to be feared. Embrace it like a loving blanket Obama has. Endless war means endless employment! Go into the bomb making business they are always using them up.

Foreclosures? No problem where’s my 6×6 cube no bigger than the prisoners I enslave. Hey that’s democracy! Fake unemployment numbers? Just set them to Zero. Why worry! The debt? How about we mow down your ass if you try and collect it? Yah right. Take that debt! And by the way we’d like a zero interest rate on that if you please.

Unlike normal mobsters we don’t get reserved seats at italian restaurants, but we DO get quick placement in FEMA camps if there ever is an emergency. And soylent green really is more tasty than we’ve been told so don’t worry. Having trouble finding bullets at the gun shop? Just sign up for tyranny these guy have two billion of them!

Worried about letting in forty million illegal mexicans with comprehensive immigration reform? Don’t be those will be your minions and curriors for your drug trades. Someone has to sell all that opium our troops have been growing in Afghanistan for gods sake!

No, all you tea partiers have it all wrong it’s not loss of liberty its gaining of tyranny think of the tyrants McCain Pelosi and Obama as the bullies you never had in your high school. You just have to find littler people to beat up. Thats the new game.

As far as studying math and science and trying to work hard don’t be ridiculous! In a police state? Come on. That’s for chumps. Are you seriously going to try to compete with a curry munching third worlder? And with China setting its currency to one third it’s real value there’s no way you can make anything cheaper. No give in and buy the lead painted toys and drink the Melamine infant formula. Alone they may be dangerous but combined with the GMOs and Potassium Bromated wheat that’s only legal in America and the brain destroying Fluoride in the water they combine to form some kind of bizarre mutant protective shield I promise!

No it’s time to love the new system and get what you can while you can. As for me I’m first in line for a baton and a electroshock stick. Now who wants to bend over for me!