It’s a difficult question. The supreme court has declared that ID is not required to vote.  So what’s stopping us from all going down to the US Congress building the next time they hold a vote and print out that order and cast our votes? I may not pass as Harry Reid but neither does Lope Garcia pass as Steven Johnson but he votes anyways. It’s time to take back this country.


Can you even FATHOM what it means that Juanita Hernendez from Mexico City gets to vote in our presidential election 20 times (YES! because there is no ID requirement) and multiply that by 30 million mexican invaders? Can you really fathom what that means?


It means our entire electoral system IS A FRAUD a LIE a SHAM and a JOKE


Pathetic traitors on the supreme court need to be arrested themselves and tried for TREASON. Nothing less. TREASON. Got that? TREASON. But then again so does most of the congress and the senate. We are living in days when the ENTIRE GOVERNMENT is a CORRUPT ANTI-CITI(ZEN MOB FORCE HELL BENT ON DESTROYING THIS NATION AND RAPING IT OF ANY WEALTH.


This is no longer a country. This is just a MOB WAR ZONE. Screw America and all it’s lofty ideals America is fucking dead dead dead.