The Chinese have China
The Japanese have Japan
The Blacks have multiple countries in Africa
The Middle Easterners have Saudi Arabia, Libya, Iran, Iraq
The Jews have Israel
And The Europanics have nowhere

Nowhere. No place to be home and unmolested by negroid raping savagery and abuse and pestsilence. Why? How can this be possible? Because the negroid and middle eastern and asian races flood illegally any successful community that whites build.

Cities like Rochester New York used to be 10% negroid in the 1980s. Now they are 55% negroid and collapsed with crime. Look at Baltimore, home of Johns Hopkins medical center. Yep it’s also majority Negroid now. So is Atlanta. And Los Angeles. And San Diego. How long before theres no nation left?

What to do what to do? One key principle is you cannot pay taxes to the federal government supporting negroid bailouts of failed cities (Detroits will run into the 100s of billions) and worse you cannot participate in the money system at all because in their Fiscal Stimula packages they gave hundreds of billions to california to bail out their support for illegal aliens. So you cannot even participate in the same monetary system.

No, the only strategy is to find a areable piece of land big enough for millions and have a wealthy benefactor buy it up, establish a church, and establish the new rules. Perhaps this can start on a small scale with a few hundred. Target a general area like the souther oregon coast that is already all white. Set up guard gates and road checks. Set up neighborhood walking guard to lock up and then expel those in violation. To become a country in a country. And what happens if the federal government pulls a WACO and rolls in tanks? Do you not need adequate weapons to stop tanks and airplanes? What then if the outside government says those weapons are illegal? Do you have to develop your own super weapons that arent classified yet like microwave and pulse ion cannons? Probably. So a large part of the community would be a weapons research center.

Polygamy might get the ire of the outside government but perhaps a notion that all families should strive for eight children minimum. Ten thousand founders become 160,000 in 50 years at that rate. And a million people in 70 years. That’s not counting continued immigration from the smart hard working whites who’ve had enough of 78% taxation and no private property.

So how does the place get funded? Probably a minimum flat income tax of 10% would be sufficient. And for all companies of such a size a 5% tax on gross sales. But no propety taxes at all. All schooling is private and paid for in contracts between those with kids. Home schooling would abound. No one could EVER EVER lose their land. NEVER EVER. No estate death taxes either. Rules would exist for division of estates upon family deaths to try to keep houses and land together. forced buyout contracts and the like.

A basic charter should be worked out and these idea typed up. Communities which are formed off of mostly similar charters can easily merge. One big new idea is self sufficiency, moving to the new in place modern food production techniques like local organic farming, aquaponics and hydroponics, solar powered houses, dome house construction that is easy for a single person to construct their own basic home, etc. A new direction rather than a lifetime of debt and poverty to a mortgage. There should be principles of buy in for a homestead piece of land and also a minimum required to invest in a house so that there is not blights and shacks. And there will be a community! Musicians coming out to the town squares NO LONGER LIVING IN FEAR and everyone socializing and talking into the wee hours.

How about a revolution in medicine away from the allopaths. Sure our docs can learn how to mend broken arms, but also which herbs are as effective as antibiotics and get out of the insane medical system altogether. No chemotherapy and radiation for cancer instead b17 and green juices.

The communities would KEEP their inventions and never sell them to outsiders. Secrecy and privacy will abound. Our cars will be solar powered and light with full ring bumpers to prevent damage in collision. Or people will opt for the two person hydrogen dirigibles to travel to town and pedal the propellers to get there. How about a maglev line to transport heavy goods? How about integrated housing instead of suburban sprawl? Let people live in and shop close to the town centers while still having farm land further out.

It wont take long before other europanics get wind of this new way of living and go HEY I’m a SUCKER I’m tired of being a slave and petition to come in. And we can have standards like a WORKABLE TRADE (not college marxist professors who studied LABOR at Berkeley) and expulsion from the community for criminals. We would have somewhat more severe ID checks by the police force, but they would quickly learn their local neighborhood so this security wouldnt be so bad. And they would be warm and polite and respectful like police officers used to be before the neroidization of America.

No we are not sheep and we need to get started on a new plan. To hell with the refuse and invaders its time to take what’s our our gifts our labor our brains and start over.