Before – 100% Whole Grain Oats

There are just a few grains that are still GMO and hybridization (to the max) safe in America and those are rice, barley, and oats. The rest you are pretty much riding the death train.

I recently got a box of chocolate Lucky Charms. Lucky Charms is a whole grain oat cereal, pretty good, and not wheat which is harder and harder to find in cereals. And also not gmo corn which now cuts most cereals out of safe edibility. They used to say “Made with 100% whole grain Oats” but now they say “Made with 100% whole grain first ingredient”. Well you can imagine my shock as i took my first bite that THESE WERE NOT LUCKY CHARMS! WHAT THE HELL!!!!

Something had gone horribly wrong on the road to chocolate infusion. No rather than simply chocolate-a-fying the existing recipe they changed them from oats to GMO Corn. Of course as Americans where they simply FAKE the vote to label GMO we never get to know that these are GMO. Yet now we have Europe and Japan boycotting our grains, our meats, and soon our vegetables as they become franken food and more dangerous than life promoting. Rats fed GMO products became sterile by the third generation is that what you want for your kids?

One has to laugh at the play on words “Whole Grain First Ingredient” as it’s so bad and clumsy that General Mills had to stoop to such chicanery to try to fool us. No biatch that’s GMO CORN and while I may be dumb enough to get it at the register I’m not dumb enough to put it in my mouth. But they are counting on most Americans being so stupid. I guess in a way they are right.