On purposely making his life more difficult: “I’m not comfortable with comfort,” he said. “I’m only comfortable when I’m in a place where I’m constantly learning and growing.”

On his narcissism: “On one end, I try to scale it back,” he said. “Because I don’t want to close any of the doors needed to create the best product possible. But my ego is my drug.”

On why he wrote a track on “Yeezus” called “I Am a God,” which coincidentally came to fruition because he wasn’t allowed to attend a fashion show: “I made that song because I am a god,” he laughed. “I don’t think there’s much more explanation. I’m not going to sit here and defend…. That … is rock ‘n’ roll, man. That … is rap music. I am a god. Now what?”

His new #1 album “Yeesus” aka Jesus has sold 320,000 albums.

As the US government pours billions even trillions of dollars into RAP music and to promote TV shows of white girls dating black men life gets so easy for rappers like Kanye West that he does indeed seem like a god. “We have three new TV shows of teen girls who like black negros. It’s going to be everywhere.” said a station representative. “It’s the Israeli thing, to help Americans learn how great sex with Negros is and how wonderful their simply talking music is”

Music is no longer about music or album sales its about fame and by having a child with a white miscegenist who has a current hit TV show Kanye’s fame can only go up. That means money for public appearances and shows. And that’s the big money he’s after.

“But honestly at this point when I listen to radio, that ain’t where I want to be no more. Honestly at this point, I could give a f**k about selling a million records as long as I put out an album for the summer that y’all can rock to for all f**kin’ summer… At this point I don’t really give a f**k about outside opinion (sic).”

Kanye West rose to fame after interrupting Taylor Swift’s Video Music Award acceptance speech. He was never censored or banned from any award show afterward. Perhaps this tactic should be used by all aspiring rappers.


I had a dream I could buy my way to heaven When I awoke I spent that on a necklace I told God I’d be back in a second Man, it’s so hard not to act reckless
To whom much is given much is tested Get arrested guess until he get the message I feel the pressure, under more scrutiny And what I do? Act more stupidly
Bought more jewelry, more Louis V My momma couldn’t get through to me The drama, people suing me I’m on TV talkin’ like it’s just you and me
I’m just saying how I feel, man I ain’t one of the Cosby’s, I ain’t go to Hill, man I guess the money should have changed him I guess I should have forgot where I came from