Trayvon Martin gets to stay in the lush digs of a suburban white community and thinks one thing – this is a great time to score me a new stereo and video game. Even though it’s raining he starts meandering in between houses looking at windows and pushing on doors. A thief a thief and a thief. No other explanation possible.

defense attorney Mark O’Mara cross-examined Wendy Dorival, who served as volunteer program coordinator for the Sanford Police Department. Dorival stated that neighborhood watch volunteers were not supposed to follow suspects, but added that she thought Zimmerman was a professional person, and had tried to recruit him to a citizens patrol program. She said that it was suspicious that a person – Trayvon Martin – was walking in the rain between houses without a particular purpose.

No one walks in the rain between houses. Because it’s raining you go to where you are going and fast. No the only explanation is that our little thuggee Trayvon Martin was growing up fast and looking for his first score, which also explains why Martin was so ferociously mad at Zimmerman for calling him out on his thug ways.

Jeantel made it clear how Mad Martin was that his burgulery attempt was being thwarted “Damn this crazy white cracker keeps doggin me” “can’t you shake him” “No he wont let me break into any of these houses”