From the time of man early cheese has been two dollars a pound. From the time of our nations founding until the civel war beef was three cents a pound. Verily I tell you today that Cheese is two dollars a pound. What they have done is put us in a system that is ever changing in price so no one can make sense of it. But what they have really done is put elites into systems where their salaries INCREASE as the prices increase, but the regular working man’s do not.

If you go to the store and demand cheese for two dollars a pound – that is to say enough cheese to feed your family without going broke like in the old days – they will laugh at you. The cheapest cheese is five or six dollars a pound and the nicer cheese is fifteen dollars a pound. In your salary you cannot buy cheese for two dollars a pound because it has not changed. But in their salaries it is still two dollars a pound.

If you work as a CIA baddie you will earn over three hundred thousand dollars a year. In the fake “diversity coordinator” job they created for Michelle Obama (and terminated after she left) she received 335,000 a year. If you are michelle Obama’s chief of staff aka a glorified hair dresser you will receive 180,000 a year. If you are a doctor and cut open brains or hearts you will receive more than 600,000 a year. If you are a lowly anesthesiologist you will receive 250,000 a year. If you are a manager and work in OIL you will earn 400,000 a year. But if you are a manager in the real private sector it will be quite hard to earn more than 120,000.

The fake world and the slave world. They buy their cheese for two dollars a pound and you starve. It’s time for blood laddie. It’s time for blood.

If you are a black being bred to be the most savage of out of control beast to keep the white man under control, your cheese is two dollars a pound. For five babies they give you 1000 a month in free food on top of free luxury housing. If your children attack and kill whites the cops will look the other way and call them “youths” and if they scream kill whitey and kill the crackers and go out with big clubs screaming they won’t call it a hate crime. The most sick and violent of them will fill up the jails. Why? It’s all a deterrent for white people to tow the line tow the line. Be afraid be very afriad of jails of black savages who will outnumber you ten to one. And this is one more way they keep control and they know it. 200 blacks kill and gang rape young women step aside nothing to see. One white stands up to a black named Trayvon and thousands must fight for his death.

It’s time for blood laddie, six dollar a pound cheese is time for blood.

You sit and you take it and go to work ten hours a day fifty weeks a year until you get sick and broken and then when you lose your job you lose your health care the first time you really need it. washed up broken and thrown away to die. Thats the white mans lot in America. When you work they take 32% for the feds 15% for social security 2.3 percent for disability and unemployment ten percent for state taxes and another 10% for your 401k. That’s 70% of your paycheck gone. And they use it to pay for the free cheese for the dark people and free houses for the mexican invaders the ones the whole entire SENATE has just voted can come and be free citizens for breaking our laws no problem. Free cheese for them too. But six dollars a pound for you laddie. Six dollars a pound for you. And the blacks who have never worked claim to be “learning disabled” and get that disability money because it pays better than welfare and therea are no work requirements.

You try to buy a house but there is no free land anywhere. You end up with a house in a HOA track with rules and regulations and huge taxes. You have no water or sewer rights so the monopoly companies screw you over on that. They take 4% of the price of the house every year so that in ten they’ve been paid half the value of the house but we accept this as free land? Time for blood laddie. Time for blood. They charge us 1% of the price of the house for insurance and they make us buy insurance on our cars and soon they will make up pay insurance to pay those 600,000 dollar a year cardiologists with mansions by the sea. It’s time for blood laddie. It’s time for blood.

Cheese is two dollars a pound I can tell you in no more simple words. If you are paying more then every time you pay I want you to look at that pound of cheese and see all they are taking from you. Two dollars a pound is what you can feed a family for. But you buy the fake cheese or the cheap cheese made with oil that will rot your childrens hearts so you will need the heart surgeons and their 600,000 dollar a year salaries and your own heart will give out broken as a slave working sixty hour weeks with two weeks off a year. In europe they work 35 hours a week maximum by law in some countries and eight week minimum vacation paid each year. Two dollar pound of cheese laddie two dollar pound of cheese.

You will scream the myth that this is the land of the free and the home of the brave but if it is I ask you where is our cheese? It’s No braver than a scared hamster in a cage and they see all of you as scared caged animals to be grown and raped. No laddies it’s time for blood. It’s time for blood. Are you men or just rats in the cage to be grown abused and thrown out. Ground up into food for the next generation of rats born into slavery. Two dollar a pound cheese laddie it’s time for blood.

The Alex Jones the infowars the Ron Paul fake scam fraud electoral system. All of it devices to make it feel like you can be heard. The fake sports games devices to suck away your manhood and anger. All of it carefully designed. Have an infowar about your slavery all you want laddies no one is listening not those corrupt slugs who voted for the NDAA or the Patriot Act or Endless Wars or Free Citizenship for Invaders or Forced Obamacare with huge payments for whites and everythign free for blacks (up to 133% of the poverty line). Yes talk and blog and rant and rave and you know what, you are just part of the chains of slavery. Time for talking and pointing fingers and going can you believe what the criminals just did its unfuckingbelievable outrageous over and over and over and even when they fake the votes on GMO no one says a thing. No laddies. It’s time for blood. Two dollar a pound cheese. Every time you see a piece of cheese I want you to look at the price and remind yourself, it’s time for blood.