Lindzee Folgate, a physician’s assistant who treated had treated Zimmerman previously, said she noted on the intake forms that Zimmerman’s race was “White”. “White” repeated the prosecutor.

Establishing Zimmerman as “White” and not Hispanic which is his nationality is very important for a trial is about race. For a white person to dare to stand up to black “Thugg-ism” and 10 on one black on white beat downs is an outrage. For a lone white to dare kill a black (something blacks do to whites hundreds of times a week without notice) is an outrage resulting in riots and Al Sharpton marches.

Today CNN devoted the whole day to non stop coverage of the trial which consisted of the most boring testimony on earth “subject did not display nausea” “could you explain nausea” “subject did not display dizzyness” “can you explain dizzyness”

But one has to ask. For four months where was CNN in covering the Knoxville horror?

On January 7 2007, Channon Christian, 21, and Christopher Newsom were violently tortured, raped, dismembered, and set on fire by a group of black thugs. They took knives and cut off Christian’s breasts and then cut her into pieces while she was still alive. It did not get reported on CNN. Their only crime? Their car being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Newsom was anally gang-raped, and then murdered several hours after being kidnapped; Christian was vaginally, orally, and anally gang-raped, and murdered approximately 24 hours after the couple was kidnapped. At one point, one or more of the defendants allegedly also poured cleaning fluid down the presumably then still living Christian’s throat.

George Geovonni Thomas, 24, is charged with having shot Newsom to death and set his corpse on fire. Christian may have been strangled.

And as reported on February 1 by Knoxville’s WATE 6 News, at least one of the killers dismembered Christian, placing her body parts in five separate garbage bags and putting the bags in a garbage can in the kitchen of the apartment of defendant-brothers Letalvis Darnell
Cobbins, 24, and Lemaricus Devall Davidson, 25, where police found the bags.

So proving that Zimmerman is “white” is very important to this case in fact it may be the key bit of evidence from the prosecution. For shame CNN for shame. When will the epidemic of black on white crime get reported in this country?