I am Black. My ancestors have been in America for seven genertions. We have NEVER been on welfare. Last generation, of 10 children, 8 were educators. Our current generation boasts five MD’s, one PhD, and innumeral undergraduate degrees. Of 19 cousins, none have been in the penal system, and one temporarily on welfare for one year during the seventies. I am not clear about the race you are speaking of where everyone is the same! Usually the assumption that, like you, everyone in a racial group is alike is a sign of complete stupidity and ignorance, like floride poisoning…Stop drinking the water, your ignorance and stupidity is showing…and do us a favor, don’t breed!!!
P.S., Just to help you along, it’s spelled “BLACK” not “BLAK”. There, progress already. Didn’t hurt a bit!
Many of the higher achieving harder working blacks which have a 50% white admixture to their dna and these whole family structures extend to a group of all successful functional blacks. That is still not to say that they do not have the traits that the black race group exhibits which is so destructive to white society – quick to reproduce and multiply reproduce, quick to be violent, lack of community values and community respect (none banded together in Katrina whites literally had to feed them then whipe their asses then pick up their trash). None of this explains away their prevelance towards rape especially of white women. None of this takes away from “the cuckoos egg” nature of mixing blacks in white society as they mature two years younger, get picked for sports scholarships, yet never achieve the mental (some claim even the physical levels) of whites because the slower maturation produces a more gifted result.

This isn’t just a tirade against blacks. The races have differences which ARE more than skin deep. Asians tend to be strong in math but weak in creativity and also prone to homogenized obeying societies – hence COMMUNISM in much of asia. Asians are slightly slower than whites to reproduce. Have stronger family values than whites. Whites have a bit more fronteir spirit and breaking down barriers. Whites are more charitable and giving than asians hence the reason for the racial mess that the USA is in to begin with. Whites have a lot MORE thugs and dumb than asians who tend to be a lot more average. But the brilliant whites are UNMATCHED by any race. These brilliant whites are DESTROYED by race mixing. And this is one of the reasons why so very much we push for a white homeland. Even the smallest black or asian admixture to the genetics and the supply of 140+ individuals, the ones who invent and drive society forward, fails.

Ok Look I’m tough on blacks. I think our welfare programs have produced 15 million dumb apes. basically. But I can look back to the 1930s or even the 1960s and WHOA blacks were able to speak intelligently. Some today still can. Are blacks on average EVER going to be a match for whites. no. But can we LIFT THEM BACK UP to where they should be with EUGENICS and allowing only the bright hard working ones to breed and the others to leave america or get sterilized. Yes. The shift would happen in just 50 years. Just like this shift to dumbness has happened in only 50 years. This extreme brain damaged black is dysgenics in action, what the American welfare system that REQUIRES dumb black women to have 4 children by the time they turn 18 to get free LUXURY housing and LIFESTYLE. Personally I’d love a return to brilliant jazz musicians and singers and all black neighborhoods with black business people running the shops. That’s a model that WAS working in neighborhoods like Harlem and the Fillmore. Look at old movie reels blacks were a little poorer than whites but HAPPY to have COMMUNITY. The fillmore was bulldozed to destroy this. Harlem still has a chance but it’s soul-less today. – collapse report editor