Palin & Paul to take it all 2016.

Palin suggested she is open to the idea or running as a third party and said that if the GOP continues to abandon its conservative principles, other would follow suit.

“I love the name of that party — the ‘Freedom Party,’” Palin said. “And if the GOP continues to back away from the planks in our platform, from the principles that built this party of Lincoln and Reagan, then yeah, more and more of us are going to start saying, ‘You know, what’s wrong with being independent,’ kind of with that libertarian streak that much of us have. In other words, we want government to back off and not infringe upon our rights. I think there will be a lot of us who start saying ‘GOP, if you abandon us, we have nowhere else to go except to become more independent and not enlisted in a one or the other private majority parties that rule in our nation, either a Democrat or a Republican.’ Remember these are private parties, and you know, no one forces us to be enlisted in either party.”

The big problem is Palin has to leave her war-mongering at home and Paul has to abandon his anti-tariff policy with china and also abandon his pro immigration policies. We don’t just need a bill of rights we need a functioning economy. And we will never get that without stopping 1) welfare and disability program abuse 2) not segregrating our students by ability and agression into different physical schools 3) not imposing tariffs on countries who illegally “PEG” their currencies so as to be undervalued 4) a target population of 250 million americans by 2050. That means ending nearly all immigration, stopping the HORRIFIC H-1B program that let in 577,000 indians with fake degrees to take away our technology jobs in fact all immigration EXCEPT FOR MARRIAGE should be stopped. Think they can handle REALITY? I dont think so. But it is time to reject the republicans because even handed FORMAL PAPERS of nomination for Ron Paul they just laughed and threw them away. At that time they became a cabal of criminals and no one ever again can take the republicans seriously. Worse with their rule changes you can forget about any kind of grass roots movement there.

Time for a Real Third Party: Introducing the American Party

It is Time.

We have been disenfranchised.

The Campaign for Liberty lot are boot licking toadies.

The Republicans are Goons and Warmongers.

The Democrats are Marxists and Welfare Queens.

Both support runaway illegal immigration.

We hereby today begin the American First Party.

We follow in the footsteps of the Know Nothings who fought against immigration and put America first.

Our Party Plank is Simple:

1) We support the Bill of Rights and Constitution above all else

2) We do not support endless wars of agression or empire. We do support a moderate presence in the middle east and asia. Withdrawl of troops from Europe, South Korea, Afghanistan, Iraq, and Japan should occur immediately.

3) We support the repeal of all income tax on individuals making less than 1 million dollars a year. We support a flat 15% income tax on those making over 1 million dollars a year.

4) We support a flat 10% tax on corporations and corporate dividends with a AMT of 1% on gross sales if they have sales over ten million. Which ever is greater. This will prevent GE from having 150 billion in sales and paying no taxes. Instead they would pay a minimum of 1% of 150 billion or 1.5 billion.

5) We support a tax on trading securities and derivatives of 1%. This will prevent high frequency trading and return the markets to normalcy.

6) A complete repeal of open immigration policies. No more visa lottery. No more granting of asylum cases. Move to a point system of immigration favoring education and work experience in NEEDED professions. A special protection for computer engineers will be enacted as they have been raped by our society for 20 years now with the H-1B visa and its time to protect them. No 14th amendment anchor babies. Strict ID requirements and strict rules for granting drivers licenses to stop illegals from getting them. No recognition of Matricula Consular. Any bank which allows accounts to be open with these IDs will have their charter revoked. 30% taxation on wire transfers to third world countries. In short make the lives of illegals very very hard if they try to stay. Return to real tests for citizenship requiring full knowledge of our principles and government in english given as an oral exam. Immigration via Marriage to a Citizen will be one of the only ways to immigrate to America. The goal is 250 million Americans by 2050 and that means a whole lot of illegals need to pack up and leave!

7) A complete repeal of welfare. All Americans earning less than 150,000 a year are entitled to 1000 a month. That’s it. No hud, no section 8 (see societal minimum), no food stamps. No bureaucratic overhead and thousands in agencies. Those earning 150-200k receive 500 a month if they elect it.

8) All social security receipts are put into a seperate accounting system and managed totally seperatly from the main budget. There is plenty of money for social security with a minor percentage tweek in contributions. Instead it has been a cash cow to rape. All disability claims will be fiercely investigated and double reviewed with BONUSES for finding fraud.

9) A Societal Minimum for Housing and Health Care. Not socialism. Establish a network of low cost health clinics staffed by doctors who got free medical school at government associated medical universities (but not government run). After 5 years working in the clinics they can open private practice. Build large rapidly economically produced simple concrete housing with one 5′x10′ room, a simple shower. Each family will receive one. They should be spartan and durable and indestructible. Any CITIZEN who wish may request such housing and if it is not available the city must BUILD IT within one year. Socialism is giving out of control families with 20 children the finest houses in the suburbs. This no longer will be acceptable. Being poor should be dignified, but not luxurious and certainly not based on having 200 dollar running shoes.

10) Shift from Taxation of citizens to Tariffs. Tariffs will balance our trade dollars such that there is a net zero movement of money outside the country.

11) Abolish the federal reserve corporation and place the national bank under the Treasury. Establish “New Dollars” which are issued debt free. While today much of the issued currency starts off as bonds and investments and war profits, a percentage of new dollars should be directly issued to councils which fund entrepreneurs for new business enterprises.

12) Return to Glass Stegall. Banks can only make money by selling and holding mortgages themselves, repeal the illegal MERS system. Mortgages can no longer be traded. Banks can only make money by loaning to businesses. Change the capital requirements ration from 22 to 1 to 4 to 1. A bank with one million in assets can only make four million in loans not thirty or fifty.

13) Health Care. Repeal Obama Care. Set up a legal structure of physician networks where individuals can buy into a care plan without a for profit insurance company in the middle. Think of it as a larger form of HMO like Kaiser. We will call these direct care groups DCGs and all must be run not for profit. Additionally physicians will be protected from excessive law suits but also have stricter review requirements and a new probation standard for doctors who make mistakes. Currently doctors simply hide their errors and are supported by the AMA

14) A repeal of all pension plans for all government individuals. Place them on 401ks like the rest of us

15) A repeal of all property taxes/cap all taxation at 0.5% maximum. This is the system they use in Europe and its enough to fund their local governments. A repeal of pension plans for teachers they also need to move to 401ks.

16) Energy: Rather than focus exclusively on energy production, also focus on energy communities and building. We need solar powered cars for short hops to the store. We need Earth sheltered homes in Texas not air conditioning. We need to change the thinking of electricity as the solution to all our problems. We need to rebuild our office centers with higher standards for electrical efficiency and self contained solar units. Building by Building we will solve our Energy needs. Announce an X Prize for the best 100 MPG car which seats 2 and holds 4 bags of groceries and meets crash protections. The winner gets it mass produced. Best can include design and comfort features and it must support air conditioning and go zero to sixty within 8 seconds.

17) Food: Integrate Aquaponic designs into all our new buildings. Food production should be integrated into our cities further reducing gas to transport it and providing fresher food to our citizens.

18) Population and Dysgenics. No longer can we tolerate a society where the worst of us produce 20 children and our smartest are taxed to death and cant afford kids. We need to have a set target of an American population of 250 million by 2050. That’s a reduction in 50 million. currently we are on target to reach 500 million by 2050. This means massive change in immigration and high birth rate minorities. It also means we need to expel 40 million illegal alien invaders and any anchor babies under the age of 10 on Jan 1 2013. Those over 10 are not legal citizens but it would be cruel to expel them who have gotten so invested in the American system to they and their 2 parents may remain and will be given green card status flagged as resident aliens. Their children will be granted US citizenship unlike illegals.

19) Shift back to small companies and manufacturing: A Tax Moratorium on all business with less than one million in sales

20) Repeal the ridiculous IRS laws preventing computer engineers from representing themselves as consultants. This is the only place in IRS tax code where a single profession is singled out for punishment. It is an abomination and it will be abolished.

A better America, a healthier society, a Pro-Business platform. This is a good deal for everyone. For all our citizens. And it is a return to the core that makes America great.

Do not run for the presidency (Unless we get the big names of Palin and Paul). Instead put all the efforts into getting 1/3 of the Congress. This will force the Democrats and Republicans to negotiate. If we obtain even more the better. Only THEN does it make sense to field a presidential candidate. This is why all the other 3rd parties, the greens, the libertarian party all have got it wrong. You do not start out by vying for the presidency until you have established your voting block in congress.

However, if we DO get Sarah Palin and Rand Paul running as a combined liberty ticket, we might be surprised what would happen. Or Sarah Palin / Jesse Ventura.

Which Internet Billionaire wants to get behind this and save America? Building floating islands is one thing but how about saving America first? Because it isn’t going to happen with republicans or democrats! Please contact me by email at giavellireport at gmail dot com.