Baltimore. Home to Prestigious Johns Hopkins University. And the Ace of Cakes. And 64.3 % black.

The relative size of the city’s black population grew from 23.8% in 1950 to 46.4% in 1970. The Baltimore riot of 1968 occurred following the assassination of Martin Luther King, Jr. in Memphis, Tennessee on April 4, 1968. Coinciding with riots in other cities, public order was not restored until April 12, 1968. The Baltimore riot cost the city of Baltimore an estimated $10 million (US$ 63 million in 2011)

In a story five months after the riot, David Moore told the Plain Dealer: “What was once a pleasant event has now become a pitched battle at the west end of the show. The point is that the 2012 fireworks were a disaster, and we can’t do much more to enhance security.”

Bedford and Shaker Heights were not the first cities in Ohio to cancel their fireworks because of racial violence. Just the latest. Prior to this year, Euclid and Warrensville Heights also canceled their celebrations after extended experiences with violence.

Shaker Heights had enough. This year they said no more.

So did the residents of the Minneapolis suburb of Richfield.

As these and other cities canceled their fireworks and surrounding parties, other cities such as Baltimore are gearing up to prepare for the annual violence.

The Baltimore Inner Harbor has been the site of black mob violence during the holiday for years. State legislator Pat McDonough called on the governor last year to declare the upscale Inner Harbor a “No-Go Zone” because of black mob violence.

This year, the city is in the midst of a record-breaking crime wave, and the police are promising a “dramatic increase” in presence through July 4, said the Baltimore Sun.

Ditto at Fort Lauderdale: The city experienced unprecedented black mob violence at the boardwalk over the Memorial Day weekend, and now the city has “tripled the number of officers normally assigned to the beach,” said city commissioner Dean Trantalis. “Be assured: The city is ready for the Fourth of July.”

If you are white and in one of these cities you need to be armed with a gun before going to these events.

Black violence is spreading as city after city falls. Once quaint backwater towns they now resemble south africa slums.  When do we as a nation stand up and say ENOUGH!

The surge in violence continues in Baltimore as the police report more shootings, the last of which happened late Saturday in Northeast Baltimore.

At least 40 shootings have happened in the last 10 days and 16 of them were deadly.

Police have stepped up their presence on the streets in response to a surge in violence that included 11 fatal shootings in the span of a week. Commissioner Anthony Batts has said nearly three times the usual number of officers would be on the streets this weekend.

City clergy are now asking residents to step up and end this violent trend.

City clergy and members of 120 churches are rallying and praying this weekend for peace.

Even a 21-car motorcade drives through the city showing just how deadly this violent trend is becoming.

“If you put a police officer in every block, you still could not solve the problem when the problem is inside of the individual, ” said Bishop Angel L. Nunez of Bilingual Christian Church.

This recent surge in shootings highlights the city’s problem with gun violence and homicide rate. So far this year, there have been around 117 homicides, the highest in six years.

With the violence spotlighting Baltimore, the mayor said the solution starts with us.

“When we have a spike, we have cameras from all over the city, outside of the city, national reporters. I welcome them back for the miracle. I know that as you are standing here, you are not going to tolerate it,” said Rawlings-Blake.