Did Trayvon Martin steal jewelry and have them melted down to make his gold teeth? He had no job and no income to afford all that gold so where did it come from?


Zimmerman himself took to the stand in yet another day of shocking white racist remarks.

“So I was returning to my car and he jumped out from behind the bushes. Then he said “Do you have a problem you stinkin white cracker”

“And then what happened”

“Well I replied “No I was wondering what you were doing here going in between the houses””

“And what did Trayvon say”

“He said “I’m gonna mofo kill your white cracker ass cracker” and then he punched me and broke my nose”

“Did you use any racist body language that might have encouraged you to get hit? Were you using agressive posture?”

“Agressive posture?”

“Were you bowing to Trayvon or standing up strong”

“Well I guess I was standing up straight”

“And you didn’t think that would be a racist offense to a black man?”

“No why … what are you talking about he started hitting me over and over”

“And wasn’t he right to hit you since you were Doggin his ass?”

“I’m part of neighborhood watch I’m supposed to follow suspicious…”

“Aha! Just because he was black he is suspicious?”

“No well it was when he kept dodging in between houses and trying to pull windows open that I thought something…”

“And that’s when you used the N word wasn’t it?”

“No I never used the N word that was when he started slamming my head into the concrete. He said “I’m gonna enjoy killing a white mother F@#$%ker ass cracker”

“And did you resist and use racist tones at this point?”

“Well I screamed for help!”

“Aha you admit it. You didn’t accept your beat down?”

“But he was putting his hand over my mouth trying to smother me while slamming my head into concrete”

“And then you took out your gun and murdered innocent Trayvon in cold blood, an unarmed youth of just seventeen years of age”

“Well I shot just once then called the police. I mean I thought he was a robber”

“Because of your racist upbringing all men who are black are robbers and deserve to be shot? Did you try to avoid his punches also?”

“Why yes of course”

“Aha you admit being racist! Don’t you realize white people are supposed to curl up into a helpless ball when attacked by gangs of black youths you were trying to stand up for yourself?”

“I just didn’t want to die”

“And then you set the example that it’s ok for Whites to not die when being racists and attacking poor innocent blacks. Just how many punches to the face did you take before you started to struggle?”

“One, … no Two… wait this is crazy..”

“The only thing crazy Mr. Zimmerman is your fighting against the helpless Trayvon as he tried to connect his innocent fist with your racist face.”

“So I’m not supposed to fight back I was just supposed to die?”

“That’s the new America, that’s what the supreme court ruled when they gave all the power to the blacks and when the media stopped reporting all black crime. Just where have you been for the last 20 years Mr. Zimmerman!”

Judge – “The court orders a recess, we’ve heard enough!”

A lone sign sat outside impoloring everyone to “stop the killing”, presumably a call to stop the murder and beatings and rapes of tens of thousands of whites by blacks every year.