For many people the economic collapse in the US, spurned on by Bush and Obama’s Warmongering and Anti-Freedom Anti-Bill of Rights platforms along with no tarriffs for communist nations who peg their currencies too low and open borders and amnesty as well as an oppressive legal immigration system that has among other things brought into America in 2012 577,000 H-1B Indian workers with fake degrees to take the technology jobs away from our best and brightest, this economic recession is looking more and more like a failed state a collapsed run amok government and not a simple downturn.

First let’s state the obvious – This downturn has swallowed whole lives. For the college student who graduated in 2000 they have seen nothing but economic collapse. To the Mid 40s manager their entire life since they were 30 has been spent in economic collapse. For the person retiring today, the last 13 years when they hoped to add to their retirement has been impossible. A whole generation of America destroyed by the psychotic jew-neocon-bolsevich-marxist PURGE that is no different than the Cultural revolution under MAO or the Starving of the Ukraine under Stalin.

Is it Jewish? It isn’t SIMPLY jewish. It is an amalgam of insane interests working together.  The Jewish interest is hell over high water fighting to destroy America as a productive white christian nation. Why? Because that is their belief – that they can only be secured in destroyed states after the “Holocause (holohoax)”  So their platform – endless immigration, tax and other policies to destroy the middle class, and pro financial pro banker policies to let them get all the wealth – well it’s not far from a jewish platform. And it aligns with the Neocon Platform to rape the nation by endless war and the plump no-bid billion dollar halliburton contracts in the Middle East. The Neocons like the free money and the Jews like the war in the Middle East against Arab states.

The Marxists jump on board when they see how utterly destructive the Demo-Replubican platform really is. They see it as a way to utterly devastate our morality of hard work and protestant work ethic. Instead of engineers succeeding its “Education Majors” like Marilyn Stewart who made almost $212,000 in 2009, Doctors who earn over 600,000, Hedge Fund Managers who earn 2 Billion a year, and Bankers who earn even more. Yet for workers in the private sector they are told that somehow the salary they earned in 1990 is “just fine” and that there will be no pay increase for 30 years. They pretend that there isn’t 8% inflation a year and that somehow we are living in a steady state economy where taxes, rent, food and fuel never go up. but that’s a flat lie and just part of the insanity that the private middle class worker has been asked to swallow for over a decade.

Blacks and Hispanics are both being used as terror dogs. And both groups are too stupid to know they are being used. For the Hispanics God like status and then free citizenship after sneaking across the border is too great a prize to pluck. The Hispanics think they will get it but it will never happen. Blacks are being bred dysgenically until we get monster hippos who can’t read like in the Zimmerman trial. And they are being bread as a violent wing (See Dead City Stories)  which both utterly devastates our cities like Detroit as well as fills our jails with horrific violent monsters more befitting a horror movie on missing link primitives than a jail cell in a modern nation.

In the end, the political party have had to cheat and stuff the votes, deny Ron Paul’s formal nomination as if it never happened, and use bible thumpers and other low brained delusional people as the core of their party. But the people who think like AMERICANS have had just about enough. And this year the GOP will break in half and there will be a new challenge party although none of us know what that will be whether it will be the fraction of the Liberty part who was disenfranchised and a re-formed Palin initiative.

In the meantime, Bush and Obama have destroyed an entire Generation of America and half our cities are falling into Bankruptcy. All to please this Jew-Neocon-Bolshevick-Marxist-Banking Cabal which is making hundreds of billions of dollars if not trillions every year the game goes on literally a vacuum cleaner sucking our wealth dry.

Until the American Patriot finds his voice and returns to power, the jackals will feed. They all need to be rounded up and tried for treason and jailed for a long long time. In fact let’s bring our school children to visit their special prison in D.C. to see what Traitors look like. It will be like a new Holohoax memorial, except this time much more scary with bitter goblins aging away as loudspeakers declare their crimes and school children look on in horror that any such evil ever existed and ever had control over the nation. “Did Away With Posse Commitatus and Brought Russian Troops On Ameirican Soil” the loudspeaker will drone. “Destroyed the 1st, Second, Fourth, Fifth and Eight Amendments” the loudspeaker will entail. “Whatsa Commitatus?” a innocent child will ask. Around the corner an evil thuggee will sit behind thick bulletproof glass. “Destroyed Habeus Corpus. Approved assasination of Citizens without trial” the speakers will drone on. The children will shiver in terror. After they die we will stuff them with wax and keep them there ala Lenin.  Because this message – that we must never again let the jackals in power – must never be forgotten.

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