Gov. Jerry Brown signed legislation Monday that dramatically changes the way California funds its public schools, including directing more money toward districts with a high proportion of students who are not proficient in English. At a news conference after the signing, Brown was asked to comment about the state’s shifting money from white schools to Hispanic schools.

“That’s part of the dynamism of California,” he said. “It’s a great opportunity, and this bill, by directing more money toward Hispanic families, families where English is not spoken, will respond to the various challenges.” The biggest challenge being that those school districts have few if any taxpayers as most mexican women are on welfare and collecting payments for their children and free section 8 housing while undeclared husbands mow lawns or work construction sites under the table. It’s not a recipe to pay for all their children’s education so the new bill will help white families to pay more to cover their new and growing Mexhican neighbors.

In the new year, California is expected to become the second state, behind New Mexico, in which Latinos are the largest racial or ethnic group.

Brown hoped that whites understood that as a minority they will be forced to pay more money for the ever growing Hispanic overlords, both in education, crime, and housing costs.

“It’s an opportunity for whites in the community to pitch in” said Reina Moralez “and these new transfer programs are just the first step in our vision for a new Hispanic California.”

The pain is being felt in new property tax add-ons and proposed state sales taxes. “Si es hispanic puedes obtener la tajeta” says the tv commercial – “If you are hispanic you get the voucher” freeing hispanic households from paying any of the new taxes.