In a horrific scandal San Francisco ambulences stood down for more than HALF AN HOUR while people died on the tarmac for fears that the plane might explode. So much for valor and courage. What a bunch of pathetic wimps!

If you are in the emergency services you are not supposed to get a life free from risk. After a plane has crashed for 15 minutes and NOT exploded one would think that ambulance crews would be able to enter. But no. Still frightened little babies the ambulance crews stood off on the sidelines as people bled out and died.
The passengers called 911 and begged for help, saying ambulances hadn’t arrived more than 20 minutes after the crash and that they were doing their best to keep the critically injured alive, according to 911 calls that portray a scene of desperation.

“We’ve been on the ground, I don’t know, 20 minutes, a half hour,” one woman said in a 911 call released late Wednesday by the California Highway Patrol. “There are people laying on the tarmac with critical injuries, head injuries. We’re almost losing a woman here. We’re trying to keep her alive.”

Another called told a dispatcher: “There’s not enough medics out here. There is a woman out here on the street, on the runway, who is pretty much burned very severely on the head and we don’t know what to do.” Another disgrace. Everyone should know basic first aid. But our government has intentionally raised a nation of sheep that only knows how to dial 911 and beg for help. On a place that size at least twenty or more people should have been able to render first aid to the others. But not in fat dumbed down sheep America. Moreover you should be able to give CPR, mouth to mouth, basic first aid care, and know how to save someone whose drowning. If you don’t why aren’t you going out there and learning!

The dispatcher told the caller: “OK. We do have help started that way. You said that they’re there, but there’s not enough people, correct?”

“Yes, but they are just watching from the road” the caller said.

Another told 911 that people were dying and needed help but were ignored – “She is severely burned. She will probably die soon if we don’t get help.”

The dispatcher responded: “We are working on getting additional ambulances to you.” But they didn’t. No one came. They let them sit and sit all because the ambulance workers were too scared to enter the area.

San Francisco officials say ambulances could not come too close out of concern that the plane would explode. That’s ridiculous. When saving lives you take risks. That’s part of the job.