Welcome To America We Shit on our Best and Brightest. That’s right, unlike other nations that want economic growth and progress we enjoy being in THE THIRTEENTH YEAR OF COLLAPSE and kicking our best and hardest working engineers in the teeth.

Jungda Got his fake degree in a curry den above a restaurant. It took them two weeks to coach him on basic words and phrases then he’s off to America to work for 20 bucks an hour and throw another American engineer into the street.

It’s a racket that’s been going on for twenty years, exposed four times by the GAO and countless other reports, and no one in government gives a crap or cares.

“We like destroying our best and brightest citizens” Said senator Lindsey Graham, “When they are all dead they will stop complaining wont they!”   Graham recently pushed to TRIPLE the number of engineers with fake degrees to allow in the country.

People think there’s no danger to software engineers being fake because it’s not like bridges collapse. But remember Software runs our ICBM nuclear defense grids, our airplane controls, and even the 787 dreamliner was delayed when control software from India was too buggy to use.

“It’s a murderous government turned against it’s own people for a quick buck” said Nick Harris, director of American Engineers First. “The reality is that software help from abroad are idiots the dumbest of the dumb and tend to destroy any project they are put on.”

The article below gets it wrong. 100% of all new IT jobs ALREADY go to foreign workers. If we let in 577,000 H-1Bs in 2012 and we created only 17,000 new jobs in professional services, then thats 50 foreigners moved into the country for every last job.

The chart below shows the old data series (which can still be found at the St. Louis Fed), and the new series, which can be extracted from the advance leaked press release. The cumulative difference is the black line. It needs no explanation.

What is also of note, is that had ADP used its revised methodology, it would have missed 5 out of the past 7 Wall Street consensus estimates.

As an added bonus, whereas according to the previous release, which we were lucky enough to tag here, the US generated +4,000 manufacturing jobs in September, the new release indicates that in the same month, the US actually lost -17,400 manufacturing jobs. Perhaps it is time to rerun the Ohio presidential speeches one more time…

Gang Bill Result: Half New Graduate IT Slots To “Guestworkers”?

By Patrick Cleburne on April 30, 2013 at 5:28pm


H/T One Old Vet

I know John Derbyshire has already blogged on the Economic Policy Institute’s devastating report Guestworkers in the high-skill U.S. labor market. But the sculptor’s eye displayed by the EPI’s Ross Eisenbrey in his brief blog on their website noting the report deserves saluting: Gang of 8 bill could give nearly half of new IT jobs requiring a college degree to guestworkers April 25, 2013

S. 744, the comprehensive immigration bill introduced by the Senate “Gang of Eight,” dramatically increases the number of skilled guestworker visas available to employers in information technology (IT) and other sectors…. if S.744 is enacted and the maximum number of H-1B workers were allowed to enter and work in the United States, nearly 220,000 new job openings in IT would be filled by guestworkers—almost half the annual total as of 2011.