What’s next for Rachel Jeantel?

“My education is first. I am educated. Trust me, I have a 3.0 I’m good. I need to get my life straight because this situation got a whole lot of things in my mind so I want to clear it up.”

Jeantel has been offered multiple scholarship opportunities, including one from morning radio talk show host Tom Joyner, who has offered her a tutor to help her graduate and to prep for the SAT and four years of tuition to any Historically Black College or University.

It seems the big winner in all this is Rachel Jeantel. Next she will open her own line of Shrek hair pieces.

Why a historically black College? Why not a real top tier school where she can compete with regular students? Oh well that will never happen.

Historically black colleges are just places where students party and pretend to go to school while teachers pretend to teach. The kids get the degree and everyone nods and smiles. But it isn’t real.

Next Rachel Jeantel will be appointend director of the UC Berkeley’s Diversity program. Or some other made up job in a false economy for falsely educated people that the fact they have a high school 3.0 gpa should send shivers up your spine. Their grading plan? a 3.0 for Inhaling a 4.0 for exhaling? Are we wrong? Why doesn’t one of these talk show poofers quiz her and see what she actually knows. Oh and don’t give her the answers firs.