Two cops from Crown Point shot a families two husky dogs claiming that they were “wolves”. The police officers in question recently got pardoned by Obama’s Dream announcement and were from Mexico where such large dogs are not common. “Todos estamos triste” said one officer. The new goal of hiring a police force willing to enforce such the new police state means often that officers are low IQ dim witted or foreign nationals, all brought here to enforce a set of laws and hierarchy that allows among other things illegal aliens to go free from their crimes while citizens get the book thrown at them for any infraction. The shooting of the innocent dogs is just one more symptom of a nation state run amok. Written qualification tests to become a police officer have been either removed or dumbed down so much that a rock could pass them. And this results in police officers so stupid they think common dogs are wolves.

The same thing has happened with the armed forces as more and more illegal aliens from Mexico compromise the ground forces. Combined with Russian or Chinese forces in the event of Martial law, it wont even look like America. Obama has already approved joint exercises on American soil with Russian troops.

The new tyranny requires a new tyranny force, and that means dogs and innocent people will continue to die, be harrassed, and humiliated. It’s the new America, and it’s evil.