They have 1.6 Billion Rounds of Ammunition, Drones, Machines Guns, Tanks Nuclear Weapons. Takes real men to stand up to all that.

That’s the dream of New America. A consortium of three states – Washington, Oregon, and Texas. With Tier 2 states of Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota, Wyoming, and Utah to follow on. And eventually if necesary, a war to liberate California. A new western block of the nation. A free place.

The principles are simple. A land for Europanic America. Those of minor admixture can get approval by a board. A land that is free for the people. A land where the wealth goes to the people not the bankers.

There will be no property taxes, no income taxes, and no laws that restrict personal liberty.

Wearing firearms publically will be mandatory for citizens.

No immigration except by marriage

No trading with rogue communist or slave nations or nations that devalue their currency

Inheritance tax of 20% payable over 20 years by descendants.

Corporate taxation only for corporations with greater than 10 million in sales with a AMT tax of 1% of sales

Gold and Silver and Diamond backed currency

Barriers to offshoring intellectual property to foreign countries

All citizens must be willing to fight.

The practical:
No need to change the constitution or laws except that we go back to original laws not modern laws.

All political parties are outlawed

All voting will use publically visible and publically counted ballots. Inky Pinky and other 3rd world techniques to guarantee fairness, as well as ID required.

Term limits.

This movement will most likely result in a thuggish warlike response by the criminal powers. But in the swampy mountainous lands of the northwest tanks and big troop carriers will bog down. The race issue will be hotly debated many want freedom but to keep the for all races pledge of America. They do not understand the 40% taxation horror that paying for black America and black crime and the huge costs of mexican invasion and gangs has taken on America. We fully support homeland for these people but demand it for ourselves.

The movement has to start politically but at some point it will not be possible to issue an edict of freedom from within the existing thug-ocracy.

Ultimately it will only happen if there are thousands of people who believe enough in it to go to force and demand it.

The first step must be a gathering of leaders and a clear referendum for the ballot and specifying that the ballot must be counted in public with all citizens being IDd to vote. No more busses of illegal aliens driving from poll station to poll station to corrupt votes.

One of the biggest problem is the racial issue. Many people will want a race inclusive re-boot of america. They need to understand that it is the racial problem that has diluted our character to the point that evil people could govern us.