750,000 a year for a cardiologist
850,000 a year for a neurosurgeon
250,000 a year for a anesthesiologist

But now Obamacare is coming in and saying that doctors who for years have shunned treating the poor actually have to spend some of their business treating the poor.

“We can’t do it where will the mercedes and the mansions come from”

“I can barely afford alimony and three mistresses what will happen”

The sad fact is if you call a doctors office and ask for pro bono free health care, even for a check up they will suddenly give you the cold shoulder and not schedule you. If you ask how much for a cash visit they wont give you a number and say “400, 500 800 dollars it depends”

F#@$%#@ THEM! F#$%# THESE GREEDY ASSHOLES! Let’s all hope Obamacare teaches these pathetic greedy losers a thing or two about helping the poor and giving back, like Dr. Ron Paul did when HE was in practice.