Oh Government. We’ve got a great big big old Government

Sorry folks, Dr. Evil has won again. Effectively immediatly there will be more welfare handouts, another item from the bill of rights is canceled, and everyone in government gets a million dollar bonus

Oh Government. We luv luv luv our government. …

Hey Johnnny which candidate did you vote for?

Me? I voted for Ron Paul.

I voted for Ron Paul also. I can’t see how anyone would vote for that warmongering anti-constitutionalist Dr. Evil

I know! He’s pure evil.

Government Worker: “Hey guys, it’s four more years of Dr. Evil! Oh Government… we’ve got a great big big old government”

Don’t you think he should have focused on cutting spending not expanding wars?

Government Worker: “That was YOUR platform. Ours is simpler. “YES WE CAN YES WE CAN”

What does that even mean?

Government Worker: “Yes we can spend the taxpayers money! Ha thats a joke! All I know is I just got a big ass raise

How can there POSSIBLY be so many people who vote for Dr. Evil.

Government Worker: “Oh there never is. We just take the ballot box behind that big curtain and do the ol switcherooo. Then we win every time”


The new passed Texas voter ID laws are being called inhumane by the democrats who use truckloads of illegal aliens and operatives to multi-vote. But in truth they are just a tiny first step in fair elections. Most third world countries use the inky pinky to prevent multiple voting but its never been done in the US. During the presidential elections they always simply fake the votes in the primary races. So they don’t have to bother at the national level. First they moved many of the early republican primaries to have the votes counted in secret. Then when Ron Paul still was getting enough of the votes to get on the ballot they simply ignored his formal submission to be put forward. He had won five states. No one cared. What??? Where is the lawsuit the fighting? Perhaps by that point Ron Paul had had enough.

The next time you wonder why Dr. Evil wins again and again remember its a rigged game. Until we have transparency in WHO gets to vote and counting those votes in public it’s all just theater. A mmillion dollars a year MORE for government workers! They will keep voting more and more for themselves and the gimme classses every year while the working class Americans just stare into space going Where are the candidates who represent us?