Moments ago, an unlikely grouping between a 33-year old Republican, Rep-Justin Amash, and an 84-year old Democrat, Rep-John Conyers, resulted in a House vote, that if passed, would have suspended the NSA’s “indiscriminate collection of phone records” and effectively ended the program’s statutory authority. Yet despite significant lobbying by the White House, security experts and representative on both sides of the aisle, the vote came within a startlingly close 12 votes of passage. A majority of Democrats, 111, voted for Amash’s amendment despite the full court press while 83 Democrats voted no. The GOP vote was 94-134. That the vote did not pass is not surprising. However, that it came to just 12 votes of passage is the stunning development and shows a sea change of how Congress approaches both personal privacy and the broader implications of the Patriot Act. All of it thanks to the action of one man who at last check was still stuck in the transit terminal in Moscow.

Obama has done away with the right of Americans to a fair and free trial, habeus corpus, and the right not to be put to death by government without a trial. Obama has done away with the right to be free from spying. And he grows more confident every day. Soon a full on war against the American people will take place. War against China or Iran might not be far behind. Yet with every foot forward the nation gets more and more broke due to reckless spending. There is a time limit on this and in just a few years the whole thing whill explode.