If enough developers get together and plan it right, they should be able to carve out a large chunk of detroit and save some of the better buildings, and even get some parkland into the mix. The solution? ZERO outside access. Everything surrounded by 30′ concrete walls, or the first three floors of every building closed to the outside permanently. The only way in or out? From a central highrise tower – BLIMP SERVICE to a distant parking lot with armed guards. A city as an island in a city. Since most people would live and work within the island, it’s a workable idea. How to get in food, electricity, water would have to be worked out. Maybe have one express train line that enters from underground again with tight security on exits. Detroit is a bargain, just ride the Blimp!


Dan Gilbert Goes Wild, Buys Five Downtown Detroit Buildings

Including the Kresge Building, Dan Gilbert has now purchased FIVE more buildings downtown! Remember all of 24 hours ago, when we said that Dan Gilbert’s Holiday Shopping Spree was just warming up? We were spot on! Here are some pics to help you figure out what buildings these are, as there is a good chance anyone currently downtown is now standing in Gilbert Country. We’ll be up late figuring out what the story is with each of these addresses, but here are some basics according to the Quicken Loans press release.

About 8 months ago