Jason Richwine is holding firm and not apologizing for telling the truth about low black and hispanic IQ. Shocking but not surprising, black IQ for many of the blacks in America would be classified formally as mentally retarded.


In his honor we post the collapse report IQ test:


IQ Test:

1) The HUD office closes at 4PM. What time does Jaquaneesha the crack head have to start getting ready to dress her twelve children in order to make it to the office on time
a) four hours
b) six hours
c) never, she will oversleep

2) Shajawonaha is a freshman in high school. She wants to be a welfare mom and get a free fancy house with a real yard and color tv. If you assume she just got pregnant on the first day of school, how many months after she gives birth does she have to get pregnant again before she has to get pregnant again in order to get her free house on graduation?
a) one month
b) two months
c) three months
d) six months

3) Simbob has been caught with a gram of cocaine and a gun while in a flash mob attacking white people in D.C. he is only 17 but is an ex felon. What is the best plea bargain he can hope for with the dA?
a) get off, hes still 17
b) go to juvi until hes 18
c) one year of hard time
d) two years of hard time

Correct Answer: You repeated “she has to get pregnant again” twice in the second question