I set up my shabbly tent. The ground is hard. A rock hits me in the back. I open a can of beans and cook it slowly on the fire. It’s not much but its nature.

But contrast that to the gourmet camping experience our wars give our soldiers all over the world. Gourmet cooks preparing ten course meals in huge tents, thousands of contractors all out to ensure that “their” camping experience is as gourmet as possible, with the best pheasant, turkey, ribs, and chicken that money can muster.

“Grrr the Bernaise sauce is over whipped” says the Captain, picking on a caviar topped crumpet.

“It’s a dreadful state of affairs” says the Major, picking apart the cranberry marmalade pheasant. All in another days work serving the nation.

Look, men fed too much meat will always go off camping, err I mean to war. Who wouldnt? But I do have a suggestion. One way to end the wars fast.

From now on all food for the war is just one compressed brick of food. Dehydrated Pea Soup or Tofu Chunk Salisberry Steak. Those are the two options to niblle when you are cold and pearing through your gung ho periscopes. Suddeny the men will be all to eager to return home from some real mashed potatos and gravy. And somehow someway, war will find a way to stop.